Why do brands need to pack their candles elegantly (Title)

Top-notch and attention-grabbing candle packaging ideas

Why do brands need to pack their candles elegantly?

Candles illuminate the overall decoration of any event and occasion. In addition to this, candles are also used as gift commodities. There are a number of people who give candles on special occasions to their loved ones and family. So, the candle is one of the important products in everyone’s life. Its huge demand makes it one of the most famous products in the market. And there are a number of brands that sell the candles for various purposes. However, candles are also used in the spas to create a relaxed environment. And that is the reason the brands need to pack their candles in custom candle packaging. In order to create boxes of candles that are as alluring as brands need, we discuss amazing candle packaging ideas. These ideas can easily annex a touch of luxury and charm to the packaging and make it your customer favorite. 

Designing features of custom packaging that attract viewers at once

All and one knows this fact the first priority of every brand is to get the customer’s attention. When the brands are deciding the designing elements of their product packaging then it is required to know about all available options. So, the following facts let the brands know about all the possible custom options that are available at “The Product Boxes” for making an out-of-crowd packaging design.

Designing features of custom packaging that attract viewers at once

1. Use hand-drawn artwork

Drawings and hand-drawn designs look impressive when printed on the candle boxes. However, it also attracts the aesthetics of customers and makes your products look more impressive. When you draw illuminated candles and other design patterns on candle packaging boxes, it really looks out of the crowd and elegant. So, it is one of the best ideas to add hand-drawn illustrations to the design of the candle packaging. 

2. Print signatures of celebrity

It is also observed that brands print the signatures of celebrities and famous personalities to attract their audience to buy. 

So, this is also one of the good candle packaging Ideas. If you print your candle boxes with the signature of such a celebrity who rarely gives autographs then your candle sales would escalate. The reason is customers need to have such signatures in their collectibles.

3. Go for a themed packaging design

When the brands follow a specific theme for their products, then it looks very impressive. So, the brands need to be more creative. They can also use themed packaging designs for their candles that are based on special occasions and events. The brands that use themed designs for custom wax melt packaging would easily grab customer attention. Different themes look elegant and attention-grabber, so it is recommended that brands go for the best themes with attractive color combinations. 

4. Be simple and sophisticated

Simplicity is always a graceful element that uplifts the overall appeal of any product. So, the brands need to add simple yet sophisticated design features to the design of their candle packaging boxes. Moreover, white and brown themes also look elegant with hand-drawn illustrations. So, if you want to attract your target audience with simplicity then you should go for simple design elements. 

5. Print the floral and earthy design motifs

Floral and earthy motifs look really mesmerizing and also present the flavor of the candle. It means if you need to design candle packaging for flavored candles then floral patterns would be a great choice. Otherwise, the earthy designs look more elegant and express the nature of the candles. Flowers and earthy designs with embossed or debossed printing allow the brands to add luxury in the presentation of candles on the retail shelves. 

Print the floral and earthy design motifs_

6. 2D or 3D designs also look great

Some brands also used to print the real image and pictures of their candles on the boxes. When these images are printed in 2D and 3D designs it would impose an excellent impression of the product in viewers’ mind. So, you need to print your custom wax melt packaging with 2D and 3D designs. 

7. Grant a fresh look with a trendy design

Modern and funky designs are also considered to be one of the best candle packaging ideas, and they allow buyers to take an interest in what is inside the box. This interest would lead them to purchase your product instead of other rival brands. However, these sorts of designs also give your products a fresh look at the time of presentation in front of the customers. 

8. Use the window panel to grant complete visibility

Another exclusive and one of the best candle packaging ideas is the annexation of the window panes to the candle boxes. However, the packaging brands allow die-cutting options in any shape and style. This would allow the brands to give their brand-specific look to the candle packaging. Candle brands can easily cut their specific symbol, the shape of their candle, or any other shape out of the cardboard boxes. Then, candle boxes with windows are ready to safely keep their products. 

9. Decorate your candle boxes with a fancy look

If you need to design candle packaging boxes with a fancy look or for any specific occasion, then you should go for the decorative boxes. However, customization options allow brands to choose the final fancy look that is created by using various accessories. There are several decorative options that one can add to the design of their custom product boxes like:

  • Use glitter and metallic shades for text.
  • Add the fancy ribbons and laces.
  • Flowers, bows, and beads.
  • Wishes and greetings in printed form.

Decorate your candle boxes with

All these things made your boxes unique, and I decorated them as per the event requirement. And this would ultimately enhance the sales of your products. 

Features that make your candle packaging boxes more functional

Here are a few additional features that are added in custom wax melt packaging to make them more functional. However, these features make your well-designed boxes more suitable for candles. 

  • Create multiple option boxes
  • Use the foil shades and stamping options
  • Go for dividers and trays
  • Use bubble sheets to protect candles from damaging

In addition to all the above-mentioned options, there are also a number of options that make these boxes more secure for the candles. However, you can wrap your sensitive candle bottles inside the corrugation wraps and then place them inside the boxes. It would provide a safe journey for your products until they reach the customers. 

Wrap up the discussion

All the above candle packaging ideas are really great and help the brands in creating an exclusive covering for candles. However, it is the beauty of customization that allows the brands to choose any design element as per their need. And it would ultimately make the candles look like they belong to your specific brand. So, if you want to add a twist of real elegance to your candle product, then you should explore our collection of custom product boxes. The only thing that you are required to do is to contact our sales representative and get an idea about our collection.