how to make Christmas floating candles

How To Make Christmas Floating Candles?

Candles are one of the best sources used by people to decorate their rooms and surroundings. Also, it is the best companion in our festive season to make them lightening or memorable. Everyone loves to use unique styles of candles to decorate their places. Churches also have a variety of candles to show peace and love for their people. Must try some candles to embellish your soundings. 

Now it’s time to know why floating candles are best to decorate your parties, candlelight dinners, and festive. 

Why Floating Candles Work Best to Decorate Christmas?

Floating candles come in jars with many decorative accessories and are filled with water. Such candles float on the water on the top of jars for a particular time and look like luxuries from another kind of tapper or pillar candles. So, how do we forget them to make our Christmas decorations stunning and fabulous? However, on festive days, people prefer to buy Christmas floating candles from retail markets or online stores, but now you can make them DIY at home. 

how to make Christmas candles

Steps to Make Floating Candles for Christmas

Let’s jump into further discussion and learn how to make Christmas candles. This write-up will help you make perfect floating candles to adorn this Christmas. So first, make a list of all the required things to buy that are mentioned below: 

  • Vase or glass jars 
  • Distilled water 
  • Water beads 
  • Decorative accessories 
  • Lightweight floating candles 

Let’s move on to the process of making up-to-the-mark Christmas candles that float on the top of jars and flame to spread the esthetic lights in your surroundings. 

Go for Heighted Glass Vases 

The first imperative thing to make perfect Christmas candles is to buy a beautiful heightened vase that has enough space to fill all the stuff that is required to make a swanky floating candle. On this subject, you can use a simple, small bottom vase that has a large mouth to hold your product. Such styles of vases look elegant and sleek to engage customers. 

Also, it offers a strong grip to the user, holding them or moving from one place to another. Always keep in mind before choosing the glass jar and vase for your floating candles it has enough space to fill your ingredients, and you keep them empty for 1 ½ inches to place your floating candles. 

Choose Water Beads and Gems 

Buy some water bead packs that are in shape after soaking them in water. The use of these balls offers support to their decorative material that you fill them in the jar on the next step. Add to this if you want to make it more themed, so you can fill colorful water beads in multiple layers of your vase.  

Plus, you can add light to your glass vase by inserting another small glass in the vase that holds your light and keeps it safe from moisture. Furthermore, you can keep a rose or any other flower to make your floating candle jar more esthetic. Also, you can search online for more creative ideas to decorate your candles from online platforms. 

Christmas candle

Go for Multiple Vase Fillers for Floating Candles 

Now it’s time to fill other gems with Christmas-themed items in your Christmas candle jars to make them adorable. In this regard, you can use small rose gifts, snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, tree toppers, and many other things in small sizes that easily fit in your candle vase. Red gem, ruby, or opal look fabulous when hiding the ring inside the vase for your crush or loved one. 

Only Use Distilled Water instead of Plain Water. 

Now it’s time to fill your jar with water to make visible the hidden objects that you keep inside. Thus, you need to use distilled water to fill them because it is not contaminated and polluted like plain water. Plus, this water keeps your inside items more refreshed for a long time. Just keep a little space on the top to place your favorite lightweight candles in a jar that floats very well. 

Pick Stunning Floating Candles 

This step is imperative to make perfect Christmas candles that are floating on top of the water. For this purpose, we choose lightweight and tiny candles like tea light candles that easily float on water. You can buy these Christmas candles from any retailer or online store like Amazon at affordable prices. 

Use Lights that Match the Candles Perfectly 

You use lights that match your candles and enhance the beauty of your window area. Such Christmas window candles are best to decorate your parties and make your surroundings colorful or gleaming. These LED lights could be any shape and color that you want to see in your floating candle jars. 

Pack Them in Elegant and Unique Candle Packaging Boxes for Gifting 

Last, if you make your candles for gifting purposes and for selling, your world packs them in outclass and fabulous custom candle boxes. Customizations allow you to make your packaging boxes more flawless, styling, and vibrant with CMYK colors. Therefore, you have the choice to print any content on your packaging as per your desire. 

Christmas candles window Box packaging

So, you may use bookend boxes style, flip-top, sleeve, and 1-2-3 auto bottom style to pack your candles enchantingly. Plus, you may visit The Product Boxes to buy window candle boxes in your desired custom shape. You can go for a single-sided widow or double-sided window patch to make them fascinating and transparent to your candles. 

Wrapping up Thoughts

So, the above write-up explains how you can make stunning and enticing Christmas floating candles that everyone likes. For this purpose, you need to buy the above-mentioned things from the market or online stores like Amazon to make perfect candles for your Christmas occasions. Also, you can pack them in customized window candle boxes for gifting purposes. You can pack them Christmas candles in unique-shaped boxes that have vibrant artwork to grab your target audience’s attention.