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Add-Ons And Finishing Coats That Take Your Custom Popcorn Boxes To The Next Level

Custom popcorn boxes are all the rage in the industry these days. These packaging solutions allow your popcorns to remain tasty and fresh. But that is not all. They can also be the tools for increasing the number of repeat customers. Furthermore, in the growing competition, you need to figure out a way to make custom cheap popcorn boxes for wholesale and retail that stand out. Add-ons and finishing coats can help you do that. 

This article will look at some of the popular add-ons and finishing coats that the cheap popcorn boxes don’t use. 

Add-Ons For Custom Popcorn Boxes

Add-ons help you add special features to the packaging that make it stand out. These features can improve the visual aesthetics and add value to the custom popcorn boxes. Furthermore, they can help combine various products in a catalog under one packaging style.

With add-ons, you can choose to incorporate as many as you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to using these customization options. The various effects of these add-ons help endear the customers. Furthermore, some of these options can help you add more protection to certain parts of the packaging. You can mix and match various options until your heart’s content and create exclusive designs that aren’t unlike anything that customers have seen before. 

Customers want their packaging to be chic and trendy. By using add-ons, you can make that happen. Furthermore, you can pull potential customers to your products by featuring features that are not seen in your competitors’ packaging.

The following are some popular add-ons that can help you make an undeniable mark in the industry.  

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window Patching
  • Foiling

Let’s dive into the details of these add-ons.

Spot UV

Suppose you want to create stellar-looking custom printed popcorn packaging while imparting better protection to the artwork. In that case, spot UV can be the ideal option. 

This add-on helps cover the printed colors with a thick coating that works to protect them against environmental wear and tear. Furthermore, it creates a raised, smooth, and clear surface that allows the colors to be seen. Thus, you can have custom printed popcorn boxes that feature a ‘raised ink effect. 

Manufacturers cover a part of the printed colors on the packaging with a thick, clear liquid. Then, they set the liquid, solidify it using ultraviolet light; this process is known as ‘curing.’ Curing causes the liquid to set in place and create a barrier against the environment. 


Embossing is a wonderful option if you want to change the texture on the packaging. This add-on works by compressing part of the packaging. The result is a raised silhouette of the image. 

Embossing can be ideal if you want to create popcorn packaging for wholesale that features important information that pops out from the packaging. This feature can help you make FDA approval stamps and ISO certifications more apparent. 

Furthermore, you can use embossing to raise the brand image on the custom popcorn boxes. The added value that this add-on offers helps you distinguish your packaging from cheap popcorn boxes.  


Debossing is similar to embossing. A metal die used to compress the packaging. However, in embossing, the image is raised on the packaging. In contrast, in debossing, the image is stamped in the packaging.

Thus, this add-on has the effect of hooking the customers’ fingers as they handle your products. Furthermore, as explained below, debossing works wonderfully with foiling to make your popcorn boxes for wholesale and retail truly stand out.  

Window Patching

Window Patching can be the perfect option if you want to entice the customers using your delicious treats. This add-on allows the customers to peek inside the packaging without opening the boxes. It can be an ideal option to secure the taste and freshness of popcorns while pulling the customers from afar. 

Window patching is done using a precise die-cut machine that cuts out a piece of the packaging. Then, the packaging is covered using a food-safe grade of plastic. This plastic is clear. Thus, it allows light to pass through, giving the customers a clear view inside. Furthermore, it helps maintain the structural integrity of the packaging such that the popcorns inside remain secure. 

If you want to create custom popcorn boxes for wholesale and retail to increase the customers’ trust in your brand, then window patching can be a good option. 


Foiling, also known as hot stamping, is a fantastic technique to highlight important features on custom popcorn boxes. A piece of foil is attached using heat and pressure. In other words, the foil is stamped on the packaging. 

This foil can be treated to showcase various effects such as matte, gloss, or a holographic finish. This highlighting can help bring attention to various edges and borders of the custom printed design. Furthermore, it can be ideal for making the letters on your custom printed popcorn packaging pop.

Finishing Coats For Custom Popcorn Boxes

Finishing coats help create a finished look. These coats help bring the different elements of custom popcorn boxes together. 

Furthermore, they also provide a barrier between the environmental heat and moisture and the packaging.

The following are some finishing coats that can help you make beautiful and vibrant popcorn boxes for wholesale and retail. 

  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat
  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat


Whether you are looking to make popcorn packaging for wholesale or custom printed popcorn packaging, add-ons and finishing coats can help you elevate the packaging to the next level. The Product Boxes prides itself on offering a host of these and other customizations that can help you make the best custom popcorn packaging in the market. Contact our customer care representatives, and let’s begin.

custom printed Cone sleeve

Preserve Your Favorite Ice Creams In Custom Cone Sleeves For Delightful Experience

If you’re an ice cream lover, you might have heard about custom cone sleeves. Ice-cream Cone sleeves are a kind of packaging or wrapping to protect ice creams. These sleeves save the crispiness and freshness of ice cream cones. Not only this, but these cones are very helpful in protecting cones from moisture or melting. This way, one can enjoy their favorite ice cream without any mess.

Ice creams are a happy treat for us, and they instantly change our mood. These yummy cones satisfy people of all ages. Ice creams are also available in cups but having them in cones gives great joy to consumers. 

They are also used as a favorite dessert on various family events or get together. People love to have cones in every weather but especially in hot weather. However, it sounds very pleasing, but it comes with various problems.

Sticky hands and messy cones damage the whole experience for the people and always disturb their mood. But custom waffle cone sleeves have solved this issue. They are the great savior for ice cream lovers.  Now people do not have to eat soggy or melted ice creams and can enjoy their yummy treat to the fullest.  These sleeves are wrapped around the cone to offer them great protection.

These sleeves not only offer safety for cones, but they are excellent for your brand’s marketing. Therefore it is necessary to design them amazingly because it helps you build a positive image of your brand. TheProductBoxes is the number one packaging company in town that provides you with superior quality cone sleeves.

How Custom Cone Sleeves Are Useful For Your Business


Nowadays, there are various ice creams available in the market. They come in different flavors and sizes.  However, due to the increased competition in the market among numerous brands, it is essential for a brand to look for outshines.  

And the most effective way in which it can be done is by using custom waffle cone sleeves.  These cone sleeves are important for your brand due to several reasons. Let’s discuss some of them;


The main and primary purpose of cone sleeves is protection.  These sleeves are excellent for keeping ice creams safe from external damages. By using cone sleeves, you can not only deliver the products safely, but they increase your brand’s value in the eyes of consumers.

Nature-friendly properties make them ideal.

The custom cone sleeves are made with eco-friendly material. TheProductBoxes consider your concerns as our top responsibility. This is why we always invest in nature-friendly and safe inputs for ice cream cone paper sleeves

We use robust and recyclable materials such as Kraft and cardboard for custom cone sleeves. This will help you to advertise your brand appropriately and reach a potential audience in a positive manner.

Available in different shapes and sizes


The ice cream cones come in various sizes; thus, it is necessary to designs the custom sleeves accordingly. TheProductBoxes offer their customers with a variety of different cone sleeves of different sizes.  The size of the sleeves must perfectly fit with the ice cream cones because it gives a well-defined look to them. Also, it makes sure that the sleeves hold the cone properly.

Aesthetically Designed cone sleeves are the perfect treat for cone lovers

The emergence of new ice cream brands has increased the consumer’s demand, and they started to expect a lot from them.  This is why customizations are trending in the market. Consumers do not only look for a good quality product, but they want perfect packaging as well.

 Therefore, TheProductBoxes use various exciting customizations to make the waffle cone’s paper sleeves appealing and aesthetic. As a result, these beautifully designed sleeves increase the demand for your products in the market, helping you generate greater profits.

Profitable strategy for brand recognition

Nowadays, every brand is searching for a way to promote its brand and boost sales. However, it can be done perfectly with the help of packaging. In order to reach the maximum potential audience and increase your brand’s popularity, you have to make your products stand out from the rest. Thus, our outstanding sleeve boxes help you to promote your products in the best way possible.

Custom sleeves help to maintain cleanliness.

Another amazing feature of custom sleeves is that they maintain cleanliness while consumers are enjoying their favorite ice creams. TheProductBoxes provide their customers with durable sleeves which are strong enough to stop the ice cream from melting and dripping. These sleeves are an ideal solution for all these problems.

Use Of “Transparent Sheets” An Additional Way To Secure Your Custom Sleeves

We are aware that when the ice cream melts, it may damage the cone sleeve as well. Therefore TheProductBoxes provide you with another option to add a transparent sheet over the cone sleeves helps to protect them from any outside harm.


Furthermore, by using these transparent sheets, you can increase the strength and durability of custom printed cone sleeves, making them beneficial for a longer period. Besides that, they make the cone sleeves appear more impressive and stylish. 

Not only this, but it can also impact ice cream lovers significantly, which helps you in effective branding.

Use Different Printing Options For Attractive Custom Cone Sleeves

Along with the good quality, the beauty of the custom food packaging is necessary. The ice creams are always vibrant and give us a refreshing feel. Therefore, people tend to attract those ice cream sleeves that instantly grab their attention with their unique design and attractive appearance.

There’s high competition in the market due to the huge demand for ice creams; everyone wants to make their product look different yet prominent. TheProductBoxes provide you with various printing options to make your ice cream sleeves look mesmerizing. 

Printing the product boxes with interesting titles, captions, logos, or taglines will increase your company’s worth and sales and help people recognize your brand in many others. The printing methods we provide are;

  1. Digital printing
  2. Off/on set printing
  3. flexography

How To Make Your Cookie Boxes Work Perfectly For Brand’s Marketing

Who doesn’t love cookies? It has been the all-time favorite snack of people worldwide. Some people like to have them with tea, and others like them on their own.  The other reason for their large consumption and popularity is that they come in various flavors, for instance, chocolate cookies, vanilla cookies, and peanut butter cookies. There are many more. 

However, have you ever thought about what makes cookies unique and distinct from others apart from their flavors?  The answer is the packaging! Yes, people nowadays judge the product by its packaging. Moreover, it’s human nature that we gravitate towards things that have beautiful packaging rather than those packed in ordinary boxes.

This causes cookie manufacturers to add creativity and uniqueness to the packaging in order to get recognized in the market. Beautifully designed custom cookie boxes can do wonders for your bakery business. Do you know how? It will set your brand apart from others in the competition. 

Nowadays, the packaging is more important than the product itself.  Hence, if you’re looking for the best packaging company for your food business, you can completely trust TheProductBoxes in this regard. Our outstanding cookie boxes help to boost sales and attract more target audiences. The quality and design of our cookie boxes with a window will help you to build your brand’s image.

Why The Quality Of Cookie Boxes Matters When It Comes To Health?

When we talk about cookies or any other edible items, the quality of packaging matters a lot. Nowadays, people are knowledgeable. Therefore it is important for manufacturers to know about the good and bad of cookie packaging.  Cookies are baked items, and thus they are very delicate. They can instantly get soggy or damaged if they are left out open in the environment.  Therefore, it is essential to preserve and protect them adequately.

Besides that, cookies are favorite among kids and are widely consumed by them. Thus, there are many other factors are involved which can be of great risk and damage to human health. Additionally, in the food industry, many chemicals and toxins are used in packaging to preserve food for a long time. The food items already contain various chemical ingredients, and when they got to contact with other chemicals, they react vigorously. 

Therefore, it is crucial to create a packaging solution that maintains the quality and nutrients of cookies and keeps them safe from other harmful chemicals entering in the cookies. Our cookie packaging boxes are capable of protecting your products for a long time. Not only this, but these boxes will present your products in the most delicious way to customers. This way, you can gain a unique identity in the market.

Selecting The Right Material For Cookie Boxes

If you want to lift up your brand, it is necessary to reach out to the consumers in the best possible manner, which could only be possible through our good-quality packaging. These cookie boxes will promote your brand and will help to attract more buyers to your products. Additionally, our Christmas cookie boxes allow you to present your products in an impressive way to satisfy the target audience.

Apart from that, nothing is more satisfying for food lovers than receiving their favorite edibles in good condition. We know that it is important to maintain the quality and shape of the cookies because these products are delicate in nature and can be easily spoiled; therefore, it is vital to use good quality material for custom cookie boxes because they ensure to retain the taste of these edibles for a long period. 

Moreover, high-quality Christmas cookie gift boxes play an imperative role in the protection of products and increasing their shelf life. These boxes keep moisture, dust, and dirt away from products. Moreover, they make sure to keep the items safe from pressure, collisions ad jerks during the transition process.  Hence, TheProductBoxes offer a variety of materials used to get the robust cookie boxes such as Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated.


Adopt New Ways To Communicate With Target Audience And Earn Their Loyalty

Nowadays, cookie boxes are not just used for protection, but they play an important role in marketing purposes.  Bakery Business has made tremendous development over the past few years.  Due to the growing competition in the food market, consumers call for creative packaging solutions.  The custom printed cookie boxes offered by TheProductBoxes allow you to stand apart from other brands offering similar products.

Printing cookie boxes help your brand to build a strong image and increase customer retention.  These food boxes not just look good, but they are functional as well; they help in boosting sales instantly. The boxes are powerful enough to target potential buyers.  When the cookie boxes are printed with your brand’s logo, symbol, or any other information, it promotes the products effectively.

Printing these boxes help people to recognize your brand so that they can reach out to you easily. However, to advertise your products and promote your brand, it is important to have functional packaging.  Such packaging helps you to communicate with the customers. Beautifully printed cookie boxes, when placed on retail shelves, are never rejected by the buyers. Our artistically printed cookie boxes bulk draws the attention of target consumers immediately.

Be Impactful With Your Packaging To Generate Greater Profits

Packaging is the reflection of your brand’s personality and depicts your value in the market. Good cookie packaging is the key to success for your bakery business. If you’re not choosing the right packaging to pack your products, you’ll fail to make a big name in the market. 

Furthermore, it is your duty to treat consumers right! Thus preserving their favorite cookies in ordinary packaging is not a good idea. It can disappoint them and mislead them no matter how amazing your products are. As a result, it can significantly affect your sales and damage your brand’s reputation. Thus, always choose packaging that helps you develop the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Custom Cookie Packaging

Furthermore, there are thousands of cookie manufacturers in the market striving hard to draw the attention of the maximum potential audience to their brand. Therefore, to bring your brand into the highlight, you must be authentic and elegant with your cookie packaging. The uniqueness and perfection of your cookie gift boxes will make the customers loyal to your brand, and they’ll always prefer to buy from you.

However, it can be done by styling the cookie boxes in stunning shapes. The cookie boxes are highly customizable in terms of shapes and sizes.  Moreover, sizes and shapes have great importance in the market when it comes to packaging food products.  TheProductBoxes offer a wide range of designs to give a unique and elegant presentation to your products, including sleeve boxes, gable boxes, two-piece boxes, tuck-end boxes, and Hexagon boxes.


Last Words That Are Helpful To Achieve The Fantastic Cookie Boxes

When we see from the customer’s point of view, there are thousands of similar products offered by different brands lined up on the retail shelves.  But how can your products become dominating among the rest? This is always a difficult task for companies. However, it can be done through distinctive and appealing cookie packaging.  Beautiful wholesale cookie boxes help you to influence the customers and grab their attention; that results in buying the product.

Custom Cookie Boxes

Lastly, custom printed cookie boxes play a significant role in building your brand’s reputation in the market. These boxes serve as the most effective and cheap marketing tool for your brand. However, to get this all done, it is essential to make your packaging attractive and eye-catching. Therefore, TheProductBoxes offer you a variety of customizations that are very helpful for making the cookie boxes gorgeous! These add-ons are embossing/debossing, gold/silver foiling, spot UV, and die-cut windows. Our amazing packaging solutions help you grow your brand rapidly.


Increase The Cravings Of The Consumers By Preserving Them In Custom Food Boxes

In the food business, something that is important than the product itself is the FOOD PACKAGING!  The food industry has transformed tremendously over time.  The simple and plain food packaging ways are now converted with the new and exciting ones. People have now become more conscious, and therefore they demand attractive and well-designed custom food boxes.  

If you’re a person who loves to eat and your food is not represented beautifully, you will definitely not prefer to eat it.  Therefore, TheProductBoxes is here to help you. We provide our customers with the best food boxes!

How Food Boxes Play A Significant Role In Uplifting Your Business?

No matter if you own a restaurant or have an online food business, food boxes are essential for you to keep these food items safe and secure. Would you like to buy edibles that are left out open or are contaminated? Definitely no! That is why custom food boxes are important. These boxes not only protect food but also make them look more presentable to customers and build an image of your brand. 

Moreover, your food packaging must have an outlook that excites the hunger of the buyer as they see it. Therefore, TheProductBoxes offer you with beautifully designed custom food boxes that make the entire experience worthful.

Custom food boxes are the most widely used packaging in the world. From pizza boxes to several other items, food packaging plays a vital role in keeping the numerous food items fresh and safe for a long time.  

As packaging is the first thing that impacts the buyer’s decision so it must be appealing enough. Moreover, packaging keeps the food items safe from physical, chemical, and environmental damages. We provide you with everything, from security to style, all under one roof. 

High-Quality Food Packaging Provides Promising Safety To Edible Items

Food products are the items that are used in our daily lives and can greatly affect our health; therefore, it is imperative to keep these products safe from contamination. We provide our customers with custom printed food boxes that are manufactured with premium quality material to ensures the protection of products from dust and dirt. 

Moreover, our good quality food packaging perfectly stores the products until they reach to the consumer safely. People get attracted to things because of their pretty outlook, but food boxes might be the only thing in which consumers prefer quality over anything. 

Therefore, TheProductBoxes use high-end materials to produce these custom food and beverage boxes wholesale.

The common materials used for manufacturing food boxes are cardboard, kraft, and corrugated. These custom food boxes are durable enough to keep food products intact during transportation. The cardboard food boxes are a reliable and durable option for food packaging businesses. This material has high flexibility, which means it can be folded into any shape, allowing you to preserve a large number of food items perfectly. 

Corrugated Boxes

Moreover, the corrugated material has great rigidity that keeps the food items safe during shipping, storage, and handling. Whereas the Kraft material is an excellent choice for nature-friendly food packaging. Using eco-friendly food boxes can ultimately upgrade your brand value in the market.

However, if you own a food business, it must be your first concern to provide your customers with healthy and high-quality packaging boxes. Food items are sensitive, and using low-quality material for their packaging can be a risky decision and can have negative results.  

Therefore, you can trust us with everything! Our custom food boxes preserve the freshness of the food items to a great extent. In addition, these boxes are the ideal solution for creating a stable and trustworthy connection with your customers. 

Bring Creativity To Your Packaging And Take Your Brand To The Peak Of Success!

The custom food packaging that comes with amazing designs would immediately generate the desire among consumers to try your products. Our great printing determines the value of your products and brand. 

Custom food packaging that is printed perfectly with the information about the product will tempt the potential buyers greatly. Thus, we recommend our customers to print TheProductBoxes with all the details about products, such as contents, expiry date, and net weight, etc. It can have a great impact on the buyer.

Moreover, you can also print the brand’s logo on the food boxes to increase recognition in the market and to increase sales. However, to make the logos more prominent on the boxes, we suggest you to get them embossed. Exciting printing ideas act as an efficient marketing tool for your brand. 

High-End Printing Techniques

We use high-end printing techniques to decorate the food boxes and to achieve customer satisfaction. Digital printing and offset printing are commonly used methods for printing food boxes. They give pigmented results and are cost-effective.

Additionally, it is really important to add vibrant colors to your custom food packaging to portray the delicious and exquisite food items inside.  We provide you with outstanding color models to get vibrant and colorful food boxes.  

We Choose perfect color schemes for boxes just according to your food products to make a powerful statement on the shelves. For instance, you can print the pizza boxes with eye-catching pizza images to ignite the cravings of consumers at first glance. Mostly, CMYK and PMS color models are used.

Styling Makes It Perfect!

If you’re wondering about how you can differentiate your products from your competitors in the market, it all lies in the packaging. YES! The packaging is the key to success for every business. It plays a vital role in setting you apart from others. Thus, TheProductBoxes provides you with so many ways that can help you to achieve unique custom food packaging boxes. One of them is design. 

Our food packaging is structurally elegant enough to catch the buyer’s attention from far. There are a variety of styles that we offer to provide you with stunning food boxes. These styles include sleeve boxes, tuck-end boxes, hexagon boxes, two-piece boxes, and many more.  

You can choose our special food boxes with die-cut windows or sleeves, handles, loops, and cushions for extra support. Moreover, our wholesale food boxes come in various sizes and at affordable prices. 

Apply Beautiful Finishing To Your Food Boxes And Provide Them With Extra-Ordinary Protection

Enhance the beauty of your food boxes to the next level by applying striking finishing. TheProductBoxes provide you with outstanding customizations, and one of them is coatings.  These amazing coatings would make your product stand out among others. You can choose from a variety of finishing options for your food display packaging boxes

You can go for gloss, mate, and spot UV coatings. Besides that gold and silver foiling can be added to your packaging to reflect the creativity of your brand. These coatings not only enhance the outlook of the boxes but also helps significantly in the marketing of your brand by making your products stand out among thousands of others.


Why are Food Companies Going for Custom Burger Boxes?

Burgers are among the favorite products of all fast food products. Burgers are simple to eat; all you have to do is just pick up and eat them. The brutal competition and vast demand have made food sellers think about the comprehensive packaging solution to pack tasty burgers. They want a solution that offers assurance and also easy to transport. Luckily, The Product Boxes is an excellent selection that gives a fantastic packaging solution.  We offer custom burger packaging boxes in countless styles and shapes so that you don’t run out of possibilities to make more sales.

The Product boxes make the burger more appealing and an inexpensive choice for restaurants and startup food businesses. It is an economical and efficient packaging solution that most sellers prefer over plastic covers and paper packs. If you are still trusting the old packaging, you need to choose custom burger boxes from TheProductBoxes for the following good reasons as below.

Help You Widen Up Customer Base

Of course, the power of purchasing and judging the product solely depends on potential buyers. However, this does not mean that you should leave things as they are. You have to work hard on your choices. You need to put sufficient effort, hard work, ideas, creativity, novelty, and uniqueness into the burger boxes if you want customers to choose your brand over others. Nevertheless, despite your struggles and hard work, this can be a bit tricky. Consumers decide the fate of a burger.

Eventually, customers decide if you have a burger that is worth their money or not. When you look at consumers, it only takes a few seconds for them to determine if they want your burger or not. Keeping that in mind, you should not give them a reason to reject your business or products. This is where the custom burger boxes play their part. So, make sure it deserves customer consideration.

Help Buyers to Make Better Choices

The food industry is filled with all kinds of different burgers and food products. So, buyers sometimes find it challenging to make a viable choice with all types of other alternatives. In pursuit of winning buyers, brands use the same ingredients but with different presentations. 

By doing this, businesses make it complicated for buyers to make better choices. Food brands need to know how to attract buyers by making it for them to select a better product. 

On the contrary, burger boxes can help buyers to know that your product is the best among all. When you opt for customization, you open doors to many more possibilities. You get the opportunity to promote your brand more effectively and efficiently. With custom packaging, it will be easier for buyers to spot your product in the crowd of others. TheProductBoxes offers a sea of customization options to make your burger packaging stand out. 

A Leader to Successful Branding

The only thing we all need to know is the choices everyone makes typically. For instance, when we look at consumers, they have many options for a burger and choose a burger they like the most. You need to select one of these spreads that you think suits your palate—besides, brands trying to pick the best-printed cardboard boxes to get a similar challenge. 

Because you have many options for them, too, you need to make sure that whatever you prefer best represents your burger shop. You, as a brand, need to make the right decision with custom packaging. First, you need to choose a suitable material. It should be solid and durable to deliver the burgers efficiently from one place to another. 

You need to develop the best design and fantastic customization, but a little more effort can help you find your best solution. Achieving your goal will not be difficult if you don’t know which way to take. 

Helps Generate More Sales

To get more sales, it is essential to make your burger visible, and it is the primary purpose of displays to make the burgers noticeable on the retail counter. Usually, retailers use the design of window displays for keeping on the counters, and it becomes impossible for the client to ignore your burger boxes when they enter your fast-food shop. 

Also, our burger boxes look attractive enough so that sellers always keep them in front to make their store look great to the consumer who enters the store. There are various advantages related to making burgers evident in the shops.

Promotional benefits for Business

Every burger brand wants to promote itself.  Once people know about your burger brand, they can even purchase over online platforms. Therefore, burger companies see the importance of marketing through burger packaging and display their burgers visibly in the market. 

There is ample space on the burger packaging enough for custom printing. The brand name, logo, and details about the brand, including images, can be printed to promote and promote it. They will reflect your burger’s right image so you can get more sales in the fast-food market. It’s all up to you to market your brand in front of the buyers using custom burger boxes.

With customization, you can make your brand name and logo even more exciting. Our production team at TheProductBoxes offers foiling, hot stamp, Spot UV, and many other printing forms to make your brand visible than ever. 

Why Choose TheProductBoxes

It is so because our ultimate purpose is to have your contentment and gratification. All that we do is for our consumers and their satisfaction. 

If you have any new and improved ideas for burger boxes, we can turn them into reality. 

Also, to clarify your queries, we have a 24/7 available customer care team that is always there for you. The team consists of trained experts who are forever willing to answer all your queries. 

These team members are trying their best each time to solve any concern you are facing. Indeed, you can count on us and believe in TheProductBoxes. Our motto is to make you proud of your product.  


Retain The Freshness Of Your All-Time Favorite Snacks In Robust Custom Popcorn Boxes

Popcorns are one of the most favorite food items of people around the world. They are popular snacks for different gatherings either in the cinema or at home with family; people enjoy them on different occasions. Popcorns are available in different flavors and toppings.  However, although they are roadside snacks but they become very valuable when served in custom popcorn boxes.

High-quality and attractive custom popcorn boxes look tempting to customers. They also play a major role in protecting their freshness and taste. The excitement of customers gets increased when they receive their snacks in well-designed packaging.

Secure The Freshness Of Your Popcorns In High-Quality Popcorn Boxes

Popcorns need to be packed in strong and sturdy boxes to keep the product safe for a long time. It is necessary to preserve the freshness and taste of popcorns; therefore, they need to be packed in durable packaging. Popcorn boxes that are manufactured with premium quality material are the top choice of the consumers because these boxes allow the customer to enjoy the snack perfectly.

There are tons of options for materials that you can choose according to your choice. The material for the boxes must be strong and durable to keep the popcorns safe. There are various material options. 

Such as; the cardstock material, it is the best choice for custom packaging. It is very flexible and strong. The ideal thickness for this material is 12pt to 14pt. Moreover, the Kraft material is highly recommendable for eco-friendly custom popcorn packaging. This material is biodegradable.

Adopt New Trends And Make Your Custom Popcorn Boxes More Stylish

In the past, boxes were only used for protecting what’s inside, but nowadays, they are most commonly used for business and marketing purposes. Hence, it is necessary for companies to come up with different and unique ideas to make their products stand out among thousands of other products. 

Many new and creative techniques are used by companies to get the attention of the potential audience on a large scale. One of the most commonly used methods is the die-cut window. Popcorn boxes with die-cut windows are the perfect deal for food lovers. When consumers get to see their favorite snacks right after eating, their cravings et more excited. 

Furthermore, these boxes appear unique and stylish. Such boxes catch the attention of the person passing by instantly, and as a result, you will notice a great increase in sales.

However, the window-cut design is divided into two types; the die-cut window and the PVC window. Both of them are slightly different. In die-cut, a small or large portion of the box will be cut to provide the audience with a clear view of the product inside, whereas, in PVC window, the cut-out part is covered with a polyvinyl sheet. These boxes are the ideal option for wholesale popcorn boxes because they provide ample protection along with the styling look.

Make Your Custom Popcorn Boxes Look Visually Attractive With Amazing Printing Options And See Your Brand Growing Rapidly!

Promoting your product and advertising your brand are the top concerns of the companies. Along with the good quality material and amazing designs, it is vital to enhance the outlook of your boxes and make them look eye-catching. The audience won’t even look at the products with boring and dull boxes. 

Printing custom boxes with standard info, interesting captions, and attractive images or animations will ultimately beautify the outlook of the boxes and will, in turn, increase purchasing power. There are different printing options, such as digital printing, offset printing and flexography.

You can print your brand’s logo on these boxes to get recognition. To make this packaging mesmerizing for children, you can print these boxes with cartoon characters and mouth-watering popcorn pictures. 

Moreover, you can print these mini popcorn boxes with other designs and artwork such as patterns and strips to fascinate your customers.

Consider The Following Customizations For The Eye-Catching Popcorn Boxes

Since popcorns are the most enjoyable and yummiest snacks consumed by people all around the world, thus they require to be packed in beautiful packaging. Popcorns are not the best way to fulfill the cravings but also an amazing way to make your special moments more memorable and joyful. 

Vivid color schemes

Colors are the best way to enhance the outlook of your packaging. By choosing different color schemes for custom printed popcorn boxes helps you to differentiate your products from others. 

For example, you can print the product boxes with yellow color for butter-flavored popcorns. Popcorns served in colorful and attractive boxes would be a wonderful experience for the consumers. High-end color techniques such as CMYK and PMS are used for this purpose.

Gleamy Coatings

Moreover, you can also apply different coatings. These coatings give a luxurious touch to the boxes and also protect boxes from damage and environmental effects such as moisture, pollution, and dirt. The coatings are; Gloss coatings; they give the packaging a glossy and shimmery touch. 

If you love glitter and planning to arrange a party/event with your friends or family, then custom popcorn boxes with gloss coatings will do the work accurately and amazingly. Whereas if you are looking for a simple yet elegant packaging solution, then matte coatings are suitable.

Other Add-ons

Furthermore, there is a long list of customizations possible for custom popcorn packaging. These additional features work perfectly to give your boxes an extraordinary and outstanding outlook. These add-ons will help to increase the sales of the product, which in turn give more benefit. 

You can use the Embossing/ debossing technique. Embossing helps to make a pattern pop out, whereas debossing also provides a clear and subtle look to the boxes. Furthermore, Gold/silver foiling can be used in different striking colors to make the text prominent. They look captivating.


7 Tips on Creating Winning Custom Tea Boxes

Making a product sell more is a dream of every retailer. So when it comes to products like custom tea boxes, it is admired by almost every other person. Hence, such high demand is any retail product leads to market saturation. At the point of market saturation, a brand can only achieve further growth through new product improvements using existing market share from competitors or increasing overall consumer demand.

However, tea is natural according to the product, and it isn’t much you can do to make noticeable improvements. So, the only thing at your hand to make your product sell more is the packaging. Here at TheProductBoxes, we a team of highly skilled designers to help you enhance the appeal of your tea bags or brewed tea leaves. 

So, where to begin? Check these exciting tips on creating winning food boxes that could make that first impression not only good but also great.

Consider Your packaging Requirements

Give a thorough review of your product and see the basic packaging requirements of tea packaging. First of all, determine where do you want to sell your product. In other words, what medium are you using? Are you going to make it available for online purchases? Will it take refuge in a retail shelf and wait for customers to pick it? 

In both perspectives, there is one common thing that both retail and eCommerce packaging will require, and that is the protection of your tea leaves. However, the factor of security takes another step forward while selling online. We all know how courier companies take care of our products. Here your product requires takeaway boxes for your tea leaves. 

While on the other hand, when you are selling through a supermarket, your packaging should be more focused on aesthetics. More on aesthetics later. Anyhow, there are two primary things to take care of, the protection of the product and the aesthetical appeal. Miss out on any of these, and you may not get the sales you are looking for. 

Let the Packaging Communicate 

Your packaging is an influential canvas you have as a brand. For this reason, custom tea packaging involves more design considerations than you might think.

While you want it to be compatible with your other brands on elements like color palette and font, you also have a lot more room to get artistic! Ask yourself: What should your packaging tell your customers?

This will help you to zero in on those elements that make up your brand’s vision and is essential to helping you select a tea box design that maximizes its potential. Because no matter how attractive your tea packaging wholesale design might be, it still needs to be fit for the objective. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

In the pursuit to become noticeable, some tempt for designs that have a lot going on. However, there is a concept known as visual noise, making it difficult for buyers to take everything in at once. So, while competing with brands, try to outdo each other in terms of simplicity. You want buyers to consider your brand, not pick it up and place it back just for the sake of the complicated design you are offering.  

Several brands have a lot of room to create a packaging design that’s on-brand without including their branding elements in an obvious way. They keep the design minimal by using just a couple of colors and hand-drawn patterns to represent a minimalistic approach and the brand’s rustic and laidback approach.

Modifications on your brand elements and theme will keep your design clean and unique. In your marketing strategy, it’s easy to get stuck in the practice of using the same logos for the sake of uniformity. However, changing this up a little ensures your brand stays dynamic as it grows and develops.

Customization Tips

Intricate designing

Sharp designing has been a timeless and beautiful designing trend, particularly for Custom tea boxes. A more handmade look is better. You can also merge them in your logo or easily use them to include different box areas. Elaborate designing costs less while adding a tremendous amount of charm.

Add florals 

A vintage trend that buyers can not ignore is the use of natural tones. Such warm and rich colors feel peaceful and secure. The use of florals or tea leaves gives your tea packaging an organic and luxurious appearance, which again attracts many buyers. It would be best to use natural designs in tea boxes wholesale, and ordering packaging in bulk will surely save you many costs and lots of expenses.   

Add details 

Now that you have selected your small tea boxes’ background theme and design, next comes the details. Now you need to provide every tiny bit of information that your buyer is concerned about. Here are a few ideas that you can add to your tea packaging.

  • Include a cruelty-free logo
  • Manufacturing and expiry dates.
  • Ingredients
  • Brand copy

Use Custom Fonts

The use of Custom fonts can give your tea box a character. A typographic font is the ultimate way to show your brand’s composure. Moreover, a hand-lettered font can just set you apart from the rest of your contestants. It doesn’t matter which style you go for; a unique and custom font design indeed sticks in buyer’s minds. 

Why Choose TheProductBoxes

Making new buyers and retaining them is the most daunting task in the retail industry. However, with custom tea boxes wholesale, you get a lot of room to play with your buyers and provide them everything they want to make a purchase. When you step into the world of customization, you open doors to new possibilities of retaining customers and making them loyal for lifelong. 

We at TheProductBoxes offer our clients to make bulk purchases and get free designing assistance. Moreover, you can also ask for free packaging samples to help us improve and provide you the packaging your business lacks. 


What Can Customized Nugget Boxes Do For Your Food Brand?

If you have stumbled upon this blog, you are in the right place to upgrade your nugget business.  Well, starting any business requires a lot of concentration and commitment. Therefore, we have introduced customized nugget boxes because we know and support the struggle and hard work that a food business needs. 


TheProductBoxes have an incredible diversity of custom printed nugget boxes so that you can select your favorite packaging with great passion. With personalization, we can build any possible box with fantastic crafting and intriguing designs. 


If you are having trouble with the old packaging. In that case, you should instantly modify your packaging style because it might end the marketing value of your nuggets, which we don’t want for any of its consumers.

Benefits of Customizations

Today, consumers expect brands to tailor their products and their packaging specifically for each of their customers. Likewise, in e-commerce and online marketplaces, companies adapt their recommendations according to users’ buying trends. The most feasible example is Netflix, how their algorithm design different feed page for every other user. 


Brands nowadays are aware that personalization creates value for consumers. However, it’s not just high-street names that generate profits with the aid of personalization. But startups are also making their way in this regard. So, let’s jump right into the perks of custom nugget boxes without any further ado. 

Customer Engagement 

The personalization of food boxes can easily engage your customer. Adding a speck of customization to your packaging based on the buyer’s inclinations can have a very positive impact. The fact of the matter is that there is an abundance of nugget companies floating around the shelves today. Put it simply, customers have pretty much seen it all, and they are on the run to seek something new and unique. 


One of the most reliable ways to stand out in the market and increase consumer engagement is to provide your buyers with something they haven’t seen before. This may sound like a challenging task. Nevertheless, if you conduct thorough research, you will find a way to make it appealing enough for your targeted audience. 


Less Inventory Cost

There is no need to trash your pre-existing business model to jump into the customization market. You don’t need to throw out all of your stock and buy a new batch of nugget boxes. With a bit of ingenuity, you can personalize the boxes you already have by simply adding a special touch. However, that does not mean you stockpile versions of packages; you can personalize a single box as each order comes. 


For instance, if you get an order from New York City, you can get nugget boxes wholesale printed with the empire state building or the Statue of Liberty. You have made a comparatively small investment with either option that lets you improve the mark-up on existing products. 

Customer Loyalty 

One more benefit of having personalized nugget boxes on the market is customer loyalty and retention. Today, only acquiring new custom isn’t enough to pledge your brand success. Loyal and repetitive customers are the key to having a profitable company that manages the conquer the market. Despite that, it is several times more expensive to gain a new buyer than retains an existing one. 


By adding customization to your small nugget boxes, you can ensure that your first buyer will return to buy your product and could even turn into loyal consumers. Consumer loyalty is a reward on its own and not only from a sales point of view. To tell the truth, the loyal customer is the one who will promote your business further through word of mouth, referrals, and recommendations to their friends and surroundings. 

Improved Visibility and Presence 

Every once in a while, business success is not only based on increased profits and sales. In actuality, sometimes, it is just about making an impact on the market. By winning customers with customization packaging, you can boost your internet visibility and presence. With this, you can establish a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your consumers, which will eventually improve the brand’s influence on the market. 


Moreover, standing out in a way can be prone to attract every type of attention and not only from the consumers’ perspective. Standing out can give an edge over the mass media, providing you with additional exposure to a broader audience and getting you more organic traffic to your brand or online store. Besides, you may even reach the point where your company will become a trendsetter and will dictate which vogue and styles are worth following on the market. 


Companies must compete in such a crowded market. Some companies leverage exceptional marketing, while others prefer to be more customer-centric. Customized boxes may quickly get your favor over the crowd. That can be the support you have needed to reach the height you are striving for. 


Upscale your online business

Over the past few years, sales in the physical market have been decreased. This is purely due to the online store’s pressure that possesses the same overheads and can offer cheaper products more conventionally. 


A recently conducted study showed that 60% of consumers find their desired product more efficiently in online stores. At the same time, 53% say that online who with customization offer better assistance. 


Offering customized boxes can turn online shopping into a novel experience. Adopting your packaging according to each customer’s interest can increase each visit’s conversion into a sale. 

Let’s Design Nugget Boxes Together

TheProductBoxes is here to help you throughout the whole packaging design process. To get any kind of assistance regarding your packaging, you can freely contact us by calling us anytime, and our customer support is available 24/7 in your service. 


Moreover, TheProductBoxes also offer free digital and physical packaging samples. This you get the freedom to inspect our product in any way you like and place your complete order after getting completely satisfied with your nugget packaging.