Custom Halloween Packaging

Entice The Customers With Fabulous Custom Printed Halloween Packaging

What Is Halloween Packaging?

Halloween is a celebratory time of the year that can be fun for the whole family. Successful brands take full advantage of the festive period and make a limited edition of products that appeal to the customers’ fancy. To endear the customers to their brand, companies turn towards customized Halloween packaging. 

When designing custom Halloween packaging, it can be beneficial to cover these packaging with attractive custom prints. Custom prints can help add a splash of life to your Halloween packaging ideas. Furthermore, you can avail the advantages of using custom prints to transform the Halloween boxes into marketing tools. For example, you can decorate the Halloween eyelash boxes with amazing custom prints that showcase various bundle deals and products from your catalog. 

Printing Techniques For Halloween Packaging

Printing techniques are vital when making custom product boxes. Whether you are looking to make decorative Halloween eyelash boxes or attractive Halloween chocolate boxes, you need custom prints to make the packaging stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

We understand the importance of custom prints to pull customers from afar by making your custom packaging more noticeable. Hence, we offer various printing techniques that can help you make spectacular custom printed Halloween packaging.

The following options can help you create good quality prints while not breaking your bank. Read on to find out more.

  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Offset Printing Technique

Digital Printing Technique

The digital printing technique can be ideal for brands looking to make a small number of custom printed Halloween packaging. This printing technique works by transferring a digitalized image to the printers. The printer reads the image and uses millions of small droplets to cover the packaging materials per the design.

The printer can produce droplets with the help of pressurized sprays of inks. Furthermore, the inks match the packaging material making the final shade. This relatively new method of printing does not need any printing plates or extensive setup.  Thus, the turnaround times are kept low. Furthermore, since the image is present digitally, you can change the design whenever you wish. 

The print quality is pretty good, and it can help you make Halloween candy packaging that can entice your customers.

Offset Printing Technique

The offset printing technique has been present in the printing industry for a long time. One of the reasons for its long stay has been its incredible print quality. This exceptional print quality is achieved with the help of different printing plates. 

The manufacturing of these plates some time and increase the initial cost of the technique. Furthermore, once the printing plates are made, it can be extremely difficult to change the design afterward. Moreover, plate manufacturing can be time-consuming, so this printing method has a relatively higher turnaround time than the digital printing process.

That being said, the offset printing method can be ideal for brands looking to make a large number of custom printed Halloween candy packaging boxes cost-effectively. 

Color Models To Bring Your Halloween Packaging Ideas To Life

When talking about making colorful Halloween packaging, one has to choose a color model. Color models are standards used worldwide to represent various shades. 

There are different color models in the world, and each of them has unique properties. Using the right colors can be very important for your business. Imagine covering your Halloween boxes in your brand’s colors; that can help you enhance the branding. Furthermore, using vibrant shades in the fierce can help ensure that the customers notice your Halloween boxes.

The following are the different color models that can help you create vivid Halloween packaging. 

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

CMYK Color Model

The CMYK color model can be ideal for brands that want to create the most eye-catching Halloween boxes. This model uses cyan, magenta, and yellow to produce various shades. Furthermore, black is added to control the brightness of the colors. 

Furthermore, using the CMYK color model can be ideal when you have a design that requires more than four different shades. However, it can be difficult to match the various shades. Furthermore, when using the CMYK color model, you might run into the problem of color inconsistency.

PMS Color Model

The PMS color model is a perfect option for brands looking to transform their Halloween packaging into brand-enhancing tools. This model lacks the vibrancy of the CMYK color model because the colors come premixed using standard formulas. However, the advantage of using the PMS color model is that you can match the colors with ease.

This model provides a matching system that assigns unique codes to each shade. Furthermore, PMS can be an ideal option to make spot colors or single-color Halloween candy packaging. 

Let’s Get Together And Make Stellar Custom Halloween Packaging

Halloween is a time for celebration. Making custom product boxes that can embellish the celebration can be a wonderful way to increase revenues. Custom printed Halloween boxes can be your gateway to increased sales and enhanced branding. When searching for a Halloween packaging manufacturer, ensure they offer in-house printing options. At The Product Boxes, we do more than just offer in-house printing options; we help you make fascinating designs too. Our team of experts is ever-present to help you make the best Halloween packaging possible. Whether you are looking for Halloween chocolate boxes or Halloween eyelash boxes, The Product Boxes has got you covered.

tuck top mailer boxes

Make Unique Tuck-Top Mailer Boxes That Help Endear Customers

What Are Tuck-Top Mailer Boxes?

Tuck-top is a packaging style that can help increase the structural integrity of the packaging.  This packaging style features thick sidewall flaps that are die-cut for making smooth edges that help keep the box maintain its shape as it is shipped over long distances. Thus, they are widely used as mailer boxes.  Although you can use different packaging materials to make tuck-top mailer boxes, they are usually made using corrugated or rigid packaging material. 

They are also known as ear-lock mailer boxes due to the ability of the ‘ear-flaps’ to lock the box into shape. As with any mailer packaging, these boxes need to be durable enough to withstand shipping and retail handling to keep the products safe. 

However, as companies are moving towards custom mailer boxes, customers want brands to focus on making tuck-top mailer boxes that can stand out from the crowd. They want custom prints that look attractive. Furthermore, they crave special features that can enhance their experience with the packaging, and by extension, the products. 

This article will cover the various ways you can make custom tuck-top mailer boxes that leave an everlasting mark with the customers. You should focus on these customizations if you’d like to increase the likelihood of making repeat customers while also converting potential customers. 

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of add-ons.

Add-Ons. What Are They And How Can They Help You Make Outstanding Tuck-Top Mailer Boxes?

Add-ons are remarkable customization options that can help you endear the customers using custom mailer packaging. They are special features that, when incorporated, can take your brand to the next level. 

In the world of custom mailer boxes of many kinds, for example, Kraft mailer boxes and pink mailer boxes, you need the help of add-ons to make packaging that can grab the customers’ attention. Thus, add-ons can be the missing link between your brand and an elevated level.

With the help of add-ons, you can make packaging styles that are completely unique to your brand. You do this by incorporating various add-ons in the same packaging design. As add-ons cover specific parts of the packaging, you have the option to combine them. Thus, you can create beautiful sculptors that can be appreciated by the customers and become the envy of your competitors. 

Imagine a scenario in which you and your competitors both make Kraft mailer boxes. The quality of the products is more or less the same. In that situation, add-ons can be the deciding factor that makes the customer choose one or the other packaging. 

When creating custom mailer boxes, why waste an opportunity to create something that exceptional and exclusive to your brand?

Invest in incorporating the following add-ons in your tuck-top mailer boxes, and they’ll help you endear the customers and open up avenues for an increased ROI.

  • Window Patching 
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing/ Debossing
  • Hot Stamping or Foiling

Window Patching 

Let’s start with window patching. This add-on allows you to deepen the bond between the customers and the brand. It does this by allowing the customers to view inside the packaging. Thus, they can judge the state of your products. 

We use a die-cut machine to make a precise cut per your designs. Then we cover the space with a thin plastic sheet. This plastic sheet is chemically inert. Thus, it does not react with environmental heat and moisture. Furthermore, it can help maintain the structural integrity of the tuck-top mailer boxes. 

You can get creative by imprinting the brand logo, slogans, and artwork on a transparent decal and pasting it on the window to enhance your branding too.

Window patching can be the ideal option if you want to create custom mailer boxes that let the products allure the customers.  

Spot UV

Opt for spot UV if you want to create a beautiful effect that raises the printed colors on the packaging surface. This add-on uses a process called curing, which solidifies a thick, clear liquid on the packaging. We cure the liquid using ultraviolet light. 

The result is a raised, smooth surface that helps protect the printed colors from wear and tear during transit. However, it would be best if you keep in mind that you should use this add-on scarcely. The effect of spot UV looks best if it is specified to certain packaging spaces. 

If you want to create pink mailer boxes with a raised printed texture, spot UV can be the ideal option. 

Embossing/ Debossing

Embossing and debossing are similar add-ons that use metallic dies to compress the packaging. This compression causes the packaging material to fill the negative space between the dies. Thus, the result is a raised (embossed) or depressed (debossed) surface.

The textural change can help hook the customers as they handle your customer mailer boxes. Furthermore, these add-ons work very well with other options. 

Embossing and debossing can help enhance branding by showcasing intricate silhouettes of your brand logos and slogans. 

Hot Stamping Or Foiling

Hot stamping or foiling is an eye-catching add-on option that helps highlight specific parts of the packaging. You can choose to create wonderful patterns that make your customers focus on a specific part of the packaging. 

We attach a metal foil using heat and pressure on the packaging per your design. Furthermore, we can alter the characteristics of the foil such that it exhibits matte, glossy, metallic, or holographic effects. 

Foiling can be ideal if you want to highlight letters, edges, and borders on ear-lock mailer boxes.

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to beautify tuck-top mailer boxes or make your pink mailer boxes stand out, add-ons are the way to go. The Product Boxes have a wide array of add-ons that can enhance the visual aesthetics of the packaging while increasing functionality. Feel free to get in touch with our customer care representatives, and let’s get started.

boxed packaged goods

Why Custom Boxed Packaged Goods Perform Better In The Retail Market?

When you enter a retail store, you will be bombarded with thousands of products sitting on the shelves waiting for your consideration. The choices are endless, and there are many factors that can determine the success of the products. One of the most important factors is the packaging. Packaging plays a pivotal role in enhancing brand value.

Packaging is the customer’s first interaction with your product, and you need to make sure that it provides value to the customers and effectively presents your product on the retail shelf. With different options to choose from, it is fair to say that selecting the right design elements for packaging is a time-consuming task. You need to make sure that you understand the customer’s needs before making the final selection. 

How Can You Create The Best Custom Retail Packaging?

You might have also heard about the success of boxed packaged goods and how they compare against the other offerings in the market. The primary reason behind their success is that the packaging is designed to impress the customers and facilitate the company’s branding needs. Following are some factors to consider when you plan to create custom retail packaging for your product: 

  • Choose Vivid Colors
  • Unique Shape Is Always A Hit
  • Customizations Are Imperative For Success
  • Never Ignore Branding Needs
  • Font Selection Is Not So Tricky

Choose Vivid Colors

When your main aim is to dazzle the customers with your packaging, you should go for vivid colors. Vivid colors make the custom retail packaging easy to spot in the stores and give your packaging a unique vibe. When you think of the color selection, it is wise to keep the brand colors and customer needs. The color depends on the customers you are targeting and the product you are offering. If you are making products for the kids, choosing a combination of colors can help. On the other hand, if your core audience is a bit older, it is wise to go for classy colors. 

Unique Shape Is Always A Hit

Gone are the days when all the business went for the square or rectangle-shaped packaging. Nowadays, the advancement in tech has enabled the packaging companies to cater to the custom shape requirements of the customers. This allows you to design the boxes in custom shapes. The custom-shaped boxes will attract customers and will make sure that the boxes enhance the brand value. 

Customizations Are Imperative For Success

You will have the option to add various customizations to the boxed packaging. The customizations will give a unique vibe to the packaging, and this is something that will help you garner more leads and sales. The customizations are endless when you plan to design eco-friendly boxes. The product boxes need to be impressive so that they meet the customers’ needs. 

Never Ignore Branding Needs

Packaging can help you fulfill branding needs. When you invest in custom packaging, you have the opportunity to design the boxes that can serve as the brand’s salesman. The design elements can be tweaked to market the brand and other products offered by your company. It would help if you made sure that the typography and colors are in accordance with your company’s branding strategy. 

Font Selection Is Not So Tricky

Typography needs to be legible and consumer-friendly. This will provide immense value to the customers. Make sure to add all the relevant information to the packaging to help customers make an informed decision. 

What Benefits Are Provided By The Boxed Packaging?

Boxed packaging goods can do wonders for your brand. Following are some benefits that you can incur by investing in custom boxes:

  • Goods Have Increased Shelf Life
  • They Attract More Customers
  • Provides Value To The Customers

Goods Have Increased Shelf Life

The goods can get damaged during shipping and retail handling and this is why you need to make sure that you invest in durable and sturdy packaging. With durable packaging, the shelf life of your goods will be increased. Your delicate and expensive products need packaging that looks fresh even after repeat handling by the customers in the retail stores. 

They Attract More Customers

The packaging can do more than just provide protection to the products. They are one of the best sources to market your brand and attract customers. This is why you should invest in custom retail packaging. Thousands of products reside on the retail shelves, and customers have to choose from thousands of products. You can get the customers to buy your product by investing in custom packaging. Custom boxes have unique design elements that set them apart from other products. 

Studying your target audience can be helpful when designing the boxes. 

Provides Value To The Customers

Customers evaluate all the aspects of the packaging. You need to select the elements from the packaging’s color to its font by keeping the customer’s needs in mind. You also need to make sure that you provide all the necessary information to the customers through your packaging. Some necessary information that needs to be printed onto the packaging is the ingredients and the safety hazards. If you are selling any food item, providing details of the ingredients will help people with food allergies. Providing all the information will make people trust your brand and evoke brand loyalty. 

The Product Boxes understands your needs and requirements and provides stellar packaging services. We offer custom packaging solutions that can help you attract customers and enhance your brand value. With various customization options to choose from, you can design the boxed packaging per your branding needs. The add-ons and finishing coats offered by us can help you create alluring and unique boxes. We understand your needs and provide prototyping services to help you envision the dream of perfect packaging. The boxed packaged goods are more likely to perform in retail stores. Call us today to get a free quote! 

wood soap boxes

Make Custom Soap Boxes That Are Better Than Wood Soap Boxes By Keeping These Six Factors In Mind

What Are Wood Soap Boxes?

Wood soap boxes are used to carry soaps on the countertops. Furthermore, they can be used to store soaps on the retail shelves and the warehouses. 

Since the material wood is prone to wrapping under environmental heat and moisture, wood soap boxes can prove to be inadequate when it comes to protecting the delicate soaps. 

What Is Custom Soap Packaging?

Custom soap packaging consists of packaging materials that are better suited to protect soaps as they go through shipping and retail handling. Furthermore, by customizing your soap boxes for the wholesale and retail market, you can create wonderful pieces of art that strike the fancy of your customers from afar. 

This article will discuss the various factors you should consider when making such beautiful custom-printed soap boxes. 

Factors To Keep In Mind When Making Custom Printed Soap Boxes

When making custom-printed soap boxes, it is imperative to keep in mind a few key points: making them can be a fun and exciting task. However, it can quickly take a turn for the worse when you take your designs to the printers, and they present you with a bunch of questions that you didn’t account for. 

Mostly, those questions revolve around the print quality, turnaround time, and order size. These factors depend on the printing technique you want to use when making custom soap boxes with enticing prints. 

This article will discuss these factors. Moreover, we will take a look at the different color models you should be aware of when creating custom-printed soap boxes. 

Grab onto your notepads, and let’s begin.

Print Quality That Can Distinguish Your Packaging From Wood Soap Boxes

The print quality is very important for custom packaging. One of the main reasons custom packaging is preferred over wood boxes is that it is much easier to print on the materials used to make custom soap packaging

The print quality encapsulates various features. These features include the quality, size, and clarity of the individual pixels. Furthermore, you can judge the print quality of a technique by the cleanliness of the lines. 

Moreover, a technique that offers good print quality should produce custom prints that have consistent colors across the design. That means there shouldn’t be spaces where patches of the custom printed soap boxes look cheap.

Low Turnaround Times Can Help Get Your Soap Boxes To Wholesalers Quickly

Turnaround times are defined by the time taken from the booking of an order to its completion. Some printing processes are made to be as efficient as possible when it comes to saving time. The machines have automated processes that can be controlled via various panels. 

The methods that offer low turnaround time can be beneficial for brands that want to get their custom soap packaging to the distributors and onto the retail shelves as soon as possible. 

However, having low turnaround times can affect print quality and other factors. Brands need to consider the compromise they make when opting for printing techniques that offer the lowest turnaround times for making custom printed soap boxes.

Cost-Effectiveness Of Catering To Different Volume Orders Of Custom Soap Packaging

Whether you are a big company or a small start-up looking to break through in the market, you must consider the cost-effectiveness of your printing technique. 

Printing techniques vary in nature. Thus, they have various pros and cons. Some printing techniques are cost-effective when completing small-scale orders. In contrast, other printing techniques are better suited to handle large volume orders of custom printed soap boxes while helping you remain economical. 

Ability To Change The Print Design 

Imagine you take the custom print design to the printers. The volume of the order is finalized, and the printer begins. However, when the printer sends the custom soap boxes back, you realize that there was a mistake. You can’t change the print design now, and the entire process must start from the beginning. 

To avoid the scenario mentioned above, you must be wary of printing techniques that do not allow you to change the custom print design. It can be beneficial to look for techniques that make it easier to incorporate various changes in the design to figure out whether the custom prints fit the custom soap packaging. 

Initial Investment For Making Custom Printed Soap Boxes

The finances of investing in custom printed soap boxes may put you off availing of this option. However, choosing the right printing technique per your needs can help you out in that regard. Due to the various characteristics inherent to different printing techniques, some options are better suited for brands that are not willing to invest at the start of the printing process.

Some printing techniques can help you save costs when starting the process of making custom-printed soap boxes for wholesale and retail. 

Enhance Your Branding By Choosing The Right Color Model For Making Custom Printed Soap Boxes

When talking about printing techniques, we have to pay special attention to the color models. Color models are the way designers and printers know which shades to use when covering the custom prints with eye-catching colors. 

Some options, like the CMYK color model, help you create vibrant shades with ease. CMYK uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create almost any color imaginable. Furthermore, this model can be a cost-effective option if you want to create custom prints that use more than four different colors. 

However, it will be best to note that this model suffers when it comes to producing the same colors consistently.

Thus, the PMS color model was invented. This model assigns specific codes to the different shades. Thus, the printers know exactly which shade to use. This consistency can help you create custom-printed soap boxes that showcase the colors of your brand.  

staple cardboard boxes

Four Benefits Of Using Staple Cardboard Boxes

You might have heard stories about people cutting their hands open trying to fight with the hard plastic packaging that accompanies most things. Even though the hard plastic packaging safeguards the products against environmental heat and moisture, opening this packaging can be tricky. One way around this is to use staples with cardboard boxes to ensure that the packaging remains secure while allowing the customers to remove the products from the packaging easily.  Product packaging can help add value to the products. Furthermore, they can function as marketing tools for the products and the brand. They offer security to the products as they go through shipping and retail handling. Staple cardboard boxes offer a sense of enhanced security. Customers appreciate knowing that the products they purchased won’t be tampered with or compromised in any way. 

Uniform Security With Staple Cardboard Boxes

At this time, you might be wondering about ‘how to staple cardboard boxes?’ Well, there are many ways you can do that. One of the ways is to standardize the process. Staplers can be integrated into the cardboard boxes manufacturing process. Thus, you can ensure that the staples are equally spaced and always of the right size. 

If that is not possible, then you can always opt for manual solutions. In that case, the question of how to staple cardboard boxes becomes an exercise in caution. There are pneumatic guns in the market that allow easy stapling without fussing around with sharp metal parts.

Whatever the case may be, you can always achieve uniform results when using staplers instead of packaging tape rollers. This uniformity can help impart a sense of perceived value to the cardboard boxes.

Discourage Product Tampering With Staple Cardboard Boxes

Another benefit of using staple cardboard boxes is that it discourages thieves from tampering with the boxes. The staples leave a strong imprint on the packaging. The metal digs into and tears the packaging surface. Removing the staples to tamper with the products leaves an uncoverable mark that is easy to recognize. 

For example, one of the industries that greatly benefit from staple cardboard boxes is the food industry. Food packaging often comes with staple cardboard boxes that protect it from the outside. Ripping the bag open can help easily identify whether the packaging has been tampered with. Furthermore, when opening the packaging, the staples remain intact. Thus, they stay well away from the food products. 

Don’t Let Environmental Conditions Hamper The Packaging

One of the best advantages of using staples comes in its resistance to environmental factors. Extreme heat, moisture, cold, snow can damage packaging tape and glue. As the things come undone, the packaging is compromised, and the products are vulnerable to damage. However, staples are usually made of galvanized steel. Thus, they can resist atmospheric conditions and keep the packaging intact. 

Furthermore, staple cardboard boxes use staples that are made of recyclable metal. Thus, the environmental impact is positive. Some recycling plants accept cardboard boxes that still have staples attached to them. In contrast, other recyclers would want you to separate the staples from the boxes. But, they would still recycle both parts.

Maintain Your Branding With Staple Cardboard Boxes

A wonderful benefit of using staples is that designers don’t have to worry about catering their design to thick and broad pieces of tape. Thus, they can showcase their artwork without worrying about losing any space. Even though robust and durable, Staples are essentially thin pieces of metallic wire that don’t occupy much space. Thus, they can secure any side of the packaging without covering up the branding and marketing artwork.

Staples offer better protection than packaging tape. This enhanced protection is more apparent when it comes to securing heavy items. Staple cardboard boxes are used extensively for packaging furniture, electronics, and items that carry substantial weight. 

This protection is due to the interconnected system that you can create by stapling the packaging at equally spaced distances. This interconnected system keeps the packaging functioning as intended even if the corners or edges of the packaging are torn during shipping or storage. 

That being said, staples might not be the ideal choice when it comes to packaging fluids. Items that are compromised when punctured might be at risk if stapled. However, you can use staple cardboard boxes to offer these products a secondary packaging solution that can only help enhance their protection. 

There are a few things as disappointing as ordering a product, waiting for weeks, and finding out that it is damaged due to shoddy and inadequate packaging. Staple cardboard boxes can help secure the packaging by offering better protection. 


Cardboard boxes are extremely versatile. They can be cut into different shapes and sizes and allow you to let your imagination run wild when designing the packaging. However, some shapes are not structurally sound. They need an extra layer of protection that can help them function properly. Using staples at the right places can help you do that. 

When selecting a manufacturer for your staple cardboard boxes, be sure to look for the customization options they offer. There is no reason you sacrifice branding and visual aesthetics in the name of durability and product security.

The Product Boxes pride itself on creating custom staple cardboard boxes to help you achieve the best possible security while keeping the packaging attractive. We use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that our packaging is top-notch. Furthermore, our team of experts is ever-ready to help you achieve your packaging goals. Reach out today, and let’s begin. 

Custom Cardboard Packaging Boxes

All You Need To Know For Creating Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are incredibly versatile packaging solutions. They can be used to make retail packaging and also cardboard shipping boxes. Furthermore, you can customize the boxes to fulfill many different packaging needs. One of the main customizations you can use when creating custom printed cardboard boxes is using custom prints. Creating custom printed cardboard boxes for wholesale and retail can help you add value to the product and increase the likelihood of a better ROI. 

Printing Techniques For Cardboard Boxes

Custom prints are the first things that the customers see when they look at your packaging. It would help if you used this moment to make an everlasting impact and pull the customers towards your products. You can do this using attractive designs that entice the customers. 

Custom printed cardboard boxes also help you market your products and brands. How can you do that, you ask? Well, it is really simple. When designing custom prints, you can create artwork that displays other products of your catalog. Furthermore, you can showcase vital information related to the product on the packaging. 

Customers appreciate when brands put extra effort into adding value to their products. Designing custom prints that add more information or instruction regarding the products can help you do that.

Many printing techniques allow you to create custom-printed cardboard boxes. These techniques can help you cater to your printing needs while keeping you within budget. Furthermore, they can also help you create eye-catching designs that make your packaging and products stand out from another retail packaging. 

Thus, when selecting a printing technique, it is crucial to focus on a few key aspects. Keeping these points in mind will help you remain within budget and help you make the most out of your cardboard boxes. 

It helps to keep in mind the following points when it comes to making custom printed cardboard boxes.

  • The print quality
  • Turnaround times
  • Ability to change the print design
  • Initial investment
  • Size of the volume order

The following are the printing techniques that are widely used in the packaging industry today.

  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Offset Printing Technique

Color Models For Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

When creating custom printed cardboard boxes, we must talk about the various colors that are printed. Whether it be classy black cardboard boxes or flamboyant orange ones, color models help you choose the various shades that fill the custom prints. 

Color models are a standard way used worldwide to differentiate and create various hues. Printers and designers use these models as a key to select from various shades. 

Furthermore, each color model has unique properties. Moreover, they have distinct pros and cons that are discussed below.

CMYK Color Model

The CMYK color model is known as the four-color model. This model uses a combination of four different colors to make any shade imaginable. The colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black are mixed to create the various hues. 

The color gradient made using these four shades is impressive as they can cover the entire visible light spectrum. But what does that mean for you? Well, if you have a custom print that requires more than four different colors to be printed, this model can prove to be cost-effective. 

Furthermore, the plethora of colors allows you to cover your cardboard shipping boxes in a multitude of colors that can strike the customers from a distance. 

However, it will be helpful to keep a few things in mind when using this model. The CMYK color model is not good for branding. Even though the colors are exciting and intense, there is no way to ensure that a shade is replicated exactly. Furthermore, you may also find a problem regarding color consistency when using this model.

PMS Color Model

The PMS color model, also known as the Pantone Matching System, is an option that allows you to ensure that your required shade is accurately reproduced. This model offers a matching system. This system assigns unique codes to each of the shades present in its spectrum. Thus, printers and designers have no trouble figuring out the exact color that is to be used. 

Furthermore, the PMS book caters to different categories of colors. Thus, it has an uncoated ‘U’ and a coated ‘C’ section. Moreover, many colors cannot be produced by the conventional CMYK color model. Thus, you can create neon shades to decorate your custom cardboard boxes. 

There are about 1800 shades in this model, with more being added every year. Furthermore, the colors come pre-mixed. Thus, you don’t have to worry about color consistency when printing. 

However, it will be important to note that the PMS color model can be a little expensive if you want to create custom-printed cardboard boxes with many colors. But it can be the perfect option if you’re creating black cardboard boxes that can help display your brand colors.  

The above information was regarding the printing techniques and color models that can help you make custom cardboard boxes. Custom prints allow you to showcase your brand and products attractively. Furthermore, you can create retail packaging that can function as a marketing tool by using custom prints. 

However, that are not the only customization options available at The Product Boxes. We pride ourselves on offering our clients several options to create the perfect custom boxes for their wholesale and retail needs. Whether you want to make cardboard shipping boxes or custom cardboard boxes with add-ons and finishing coats, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is give us a call.

custom pyramid boxes

Create Magic with Exciting and Exclusive Custom Pyramid Packaging

Is your products’ packaging adequate enough to make customers turn heads? Do you think it’s attractive enough to make customers walk to your products and explore them? In today’s world, there is tough competition amongst the brands, and they need to focus on every aspect for the promotion of the business and to gain more sales. Packaging has become one of the most essential features for brand promotion and product presentation. 

Packaging plays an important role as the value of the product is perceived by its outlook. And to make your product get noticed, you need to work on the outlook and presentation of the products. Standard packaging cannot do what custom packaging can do for your business.

Therefore, you need to look out of the box to make your boxes be looked upon. Have you ever thought about having a differently shaped packaging for your products? How about pyramid-shaped boxes that can make your product stand apart on a retail shelf?  

Why Go For Pyramid Boxes?

Pyramid-shaped boxes are an innovative way of presenting your products in the market. They help get your products noticed and make customers want to explore more. Pyramid boxes packaging can make your products stand out and fade all the competitors out. You can be creative and make packaging for a variety of products.

For instance, whether you need pyramid gift boxes or pyramid favor boxes, all you have to do is get in touch with our expert team at The Product Boxes and let them know your requirements. 

Reasons You Should Choose Pyramid Boxes For Your Products 

We offer you to utilize our customization options and create pyramid boxes that can exhibit your products spectacularly. Also, there are a lot of benefits that pyramid boxes offer, and we can discuss a few of them here to help you understand why you should opt for pyramid boxes packaging.

Give Your Products A Unique Appearance With Pyramid Boxes

Anything that looks unique tends to get noticed. Such is the case with pyramid boxes. Their unique shape makes them stand out among a sea of competitors that have regular packaging. Therefore, we make pyramid planter boxes that look attractive and house your products efficiently. You can have them in any size and material, depending on your product specifications.  

Pyramid Boxes Provide Functional Space And Shape For Protection

The shape of pyramid boxes can withstand compression and can keep the contents safe from external factors. Furthermore, the unique shape provides functional space to the products and keeps them secure from damage during transport and bumps. 

Pyramid Boxes Facilitate Brand Recognition And Recall

The pyramid boxes look unique and hence get noticed. The added benefit here is that customers would relate to your brand and recognize them from afar. In addition, you can add your logo, brand title, and slogan printed on the pyramid boxes to help customers recognize and recall your brand. 

Adorn Your Pyramid Boxes With Custom Prints And Artwork

We offer you to be creative and play around with some artwork on the pyramid boxes template. Create a brand-specific design with the help of our printing techniques and color models to let the packaging outshine all others.

The printing designs can make the product packaging look more attractive to the customers, and they would want to explore more. In addition, the color models will make the design look vibrant with an enhanced appeal. You can even create paper pyramid gift boxes that look special and can be shared on special occasions.

Embellish Your Pyramid Shaped Boxes with Exciting Add-Ons And Fetch Customers From Afar

There is more that you can do to get your products noticed among the masses. One of the most amazing features you can add to your pyramid boxes is the add-ons. Also, these additional features can add a bling to your product packaging and make customers turn heads to check your products out. Furthermore, these include various techniques that you can use in combination or separately to make your pyramid boxes stand out. 

For instance, you can add textural and visual details to your packaging boxes with the help of embossing and debossing. These add-ons help you highlight specific features on your custom pyramid planter boxes by giving them depth (with debossing) or by making them rise above the surface (with embossing). These provide attractive touchpoints to the customers that make them explore your products. 

Furthermore, you can highlight your tasteful products with the help of window patching, which involves die-cutting the box and removing a piece out of it. It is then replaced with a transparent PVC film that allows customers to have a sneak peek of the product without opening the packaging. 

Imagine a paper pyramid gift box with attractive color and a brand logo embossed on it along with foiled borders. Will that not grasp your attention instantly? A pretty and differently shaped box placed among regular-shaped boxes will just look a class apart on retail shelves and will definitely make customers walk towards it and pick it up to explore what it contains. That’s the magic of packaging that we aim to create. 

Wow Your Customers With Spectacular And Unique Custom Pyramid Packaging Boxes

With eye-catching colors and captivating prints, you can make your pyramid boxes template look astoundingly attractive and captivate customers instantly. They will add value to your product and market your brand effectively in the market.

So to sum it all up, with an exclusive shape and attractive details, you can make your product packaging look outstanding. This will help attract more customers and promote your products effectively.

The Product Boxes can create exclusive packaging for your products that can fetch more customer attention and improve sales of your products. Furthermore, the custom pyramid favor boxes are capable of protecting your products from external damage like harsh environmental factors and bumps during transit. 

The unique shape can resist external pressure and provide functional space for the products. Moreover, pyramid-shaped boxes can be easily stacked over each other and save space during shipping and storage. The unique appearance of your product packaging can grasp customer attention and make them stand apart among a crowd of products. Just take a step forward and make your brand reach new heights with innovative ideas and creative designs implemented on your pyramid boxes, making them look a league apart. Give us a call, and let’s create outstanding pyramid packaging.

custom candle boxes

Unique Retail-Ready Custom Candle Boxes And Choosing Add-Ons For Them!

Candles are a luxury product meant to enhance the mood of any room. They add a magical presence by impacting the visual and the olfactory senses. As these products offer a premium experience, their packaging must offer the same. Custom candle boxes must provide a preview of the experience that the customers will have when lighting up the candles. 

Customizing the candle boxes can help you do that. However, understanding the different factors of retail-ready packaging will help you make incredible custom candle boxes for retail stores.

Retail Ready Packaging And Its Importance

When making retail-ready packaging, it is important to consider this packaging. Retail-ready boxes need to be able to attract customers from afar. Furthermore, they are made considering the display shelves. Hence, you should pay close attention to the retail shelf space too. 

The vast number of supermarket spaces around the world allows many brands to display their products. To stand out from the sea of competition, brands design their retail packaging to look unique. That being said, there are a few parameters that every retail packaging must follow.

These factors help provide a guideline to successful retail packaging solutions. They are as follows:

  • Retail packaging must be noticeable easily.
  • The customers shouldn’t require extra tools when opening retail boxes.
  • The packaging shape should be simple enough such that the employees can easily stock the retail shelves. Likewise, the customers should be able to take the boxes from the retail shelves with ease too.
  • The customers shouldn’t face much hassle when disposing of or recycling the retail boxes.

If you are a brand that is creating bulk orders or e-commerce packaging, the factors mentioned above will help you differentiate your packaging. For example, your e-commerce packaging doesn’t have to be eye-catching as it is not stacked next to your competitors’ products. 

How To Make Unique Custom Candle Boxes

Now that we know more about retail-ready packaging let’s move towards the different factors that help you create custom candle packaging that can bewilder the customers. 

There are many options in the packaging industry that can help you out. These might include anything from packaging materials with a smooth surface to the printing techniques and color models that help you decorate the packaging with custom prints. 

However, one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make distinct custom candle boxes is to incorporate add-ons into your packaging designs.

Let’s look at the different add-on options separately.

Add-Ons For Custom Candle Boxes

Add-ons are features that can help change the texture of your candle boxes. These look attractive and help you add unmatched exclusivity to the packaging. Thus, these extra features can be an ideal option to make custom candle packaging for retail shelves. 

You can choose from many different add-ons. We have listed some of the trendiest ones used in the packaging industry below.

  • Embossing/ Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Foil Stamping
  • Window Patching

Let’s see how these add-ons can add a spark to your custom candle boxes.


If you want to raise (emboss) or sink (deboss) the silhouette of any design onto the packaging, this add-on can help you out. It works by compressing the packaging material between two dies.

Furthermore, this add-on allows you to create a unique touchpoint on the packaging. Thus, it can help hook your customers’ attention when they run their fingers over your packaging. 

Spot UV

Unlike the UV finishing coat, spot UV affects a particular part of the boxes. It helps create a raised-ink effect by covering the printed colors with a cured fluid. The ultraviolet light helps cure the fluid per your design. 

Apart from creating a raised, smooth, clear surface, this add-on helps protect the printed colors against moisture and environmental wear and tear.

Foil Stamping

This add-on is also known as hot stamping. It helps you cover parts of the packaging with a thin foil. Thus, it can be an ideal option for brands looking to highlight specific edges of their design to make them pop out. 

The foil is attached to the surface using heat and pressure. Furthermore, some manufacturers offer the option of modifying the foil to exhibit eye-catching effects such as matte, glossy, holographic, and metallic.

Window Patching 

Customers greatly appreciate retail packaging that allows them to view the products inside the packaging before purchasing it. Window patching allows you to create such custom candle boxes. 

This add-on entails creating a die-cut and then covering that space with a clear plastic sheet. The transparency of this sheet allows customers to check the state of the products. At the same time, the strength of the sheet allows the packaging to remain intact. 

Add-ons can help take your retail candle packaging to the next level. Furthermore, using add-ons can help you create brand-exclusive designs. 

Moreover, you have the option to combine different add-ons in the same design. Thus, you can create various designs that can help cater to the products in your catalog.

Whether you are looking to create classy 2-piece candle boxes or wholesale candle boxes that make the customers turn their heads, incorporating add-ons is an effective way to make your packaging stand out.

If you are designing your next retail-ready custom candle packaging, it will help if you focus on some important questions. These questions can be related to the shelf space, your product’s packaging requirements, the custom prints, and of course, which add-ons you should use to make the packaging leagues above the rest of the competition. 

The Product Boxes understands the factors that go into making the best retail-ready packaging for your candles. So why not trust a packaging manufacturer that can help you create custom candle packaging valued by consumers and sought after by retailers? 


Demands and Solutions for Custom Kraft Boxes of Modern Markets

When it is about product packaging, the Custom Kraft boxes become your best friends. These boxes offer solutions beyond limitations. This makes these boxes suitable for a lot more than product packaging. 

Whenever you need to package what you are selling to your customers, choose appropriate packaging boxes. Using Kraft, which is a recyclable material, the packaging industry manufactures high-quality Kraft boxes.

Right Custom printed Kraft boxes

The custom boxes, as the term suggests, come with many custom settings. Clients get to decide what goes with these packaging options. There is a lot to custom boxes. Printing is always an unavoidable option for these boxes. Why? Because the printing makes the boxes beautiful. It gives the boxes their appearance. The appearance transforms how these boxes will appear to the customers.

Why is Print Essential?

For a moment, consider the landscape of the current shopping malls. These malls are full of retail goods of all sorts. One thing very evident in the markets is the availability of similar goods from multiple brands. All these different brands become competitors. This competition produces a need to fight with each other. Here, the appearance is the first ground for the game. The boxes that are more beautiful end up adding more value to the products. 

Brands that rely on alluring and eye-catching Custom Kraft packaging are sure to end up securing more customers. There are multiple printing technologies that the packaging industry likes for boxes. Digital and offset printing both offer dependable printing for the boxes. Moreover, it is not as expensive as one might imagine. Indeed, it is more cost-effective than other strategies brands engage in. 

Print in Accordance to Purpose

These packaging boxes made from Kraft are suitable for a wide range of purposes. For retail goods, we have Retail packaging. These boxes are primarily for retail goods that need to attract customers at the point of sales. This is the most critical point in the life of retail goods. Customers find these products in the markets. They need to select from multiple ones without experiencing.

So, you can imagine what a beautiful retail box packaging can do here. Although beauty is one goal for printing packaging, there are some other goals too. For instance, the retail boxes need to guide customers regarding the goods inside. Besides, these retail uses for these boxes are also quite practical for gift packaging.

These Kraft gift boxes make use of their quality and appearance to become luxurious. Luxury is essential for packaging gifts. Other than that, there are fantastic product packaging options. The product boxes are suitable for almost all products that you might want to package.

Different Variety

Other than regular boxes, some boxes defy the norms and bring innovation. The Kraft window boxes are just one of those boxes. These boxes come with a see-through top of the side that uses a PVC sheet to ensure protection. These windows offer a sneak peek into the boxes. By doing so, brands add essential value to the products.

Such packaging is perfect for already beautiful products such as cosmetics. Furthermore, there is structural packaging. This type of packaging goes beyond regular cushioning for the products. The most common examples of such packaging are the mobile phone packaging boxes. 

Perfect for Food Packaging

As most of us already understand, Kraft is an eco-friendly material. It poses minimum, if any, harm to the ecosystem. This is the reason the entire packaging industry prioritizes Kraft over other materials for packaging boxes. The market hugely relies on Kraft food boxes. Not only the brands and bakeries but also the customers mainly prioritize the use of eco-friendly packaging.

There are hardly any bakery boxes today other than Kraft bakery boxes. Using plastic packaging is not as effective for food. Beautiful bakery products look amazing and feel right in beautiful custom Kraft boxes. To add to the ordeal, customization comes as the most promising dimension.

This makes it possible for the bakeries to use these boxes for almost the entire stock in the bakeries. From custom sizes to shapes, the industry produces these boxes with different physical characteristics. 

What Makes Wholesale Deals Good for Businesses?

Business studies do not limit themselves to large businesses enterprises. On the contrary, modern scientific literature considers revolving around Small Business enterprises and Medium ones more than the large multinational businesses. The reason is the available potential and the rising trends. Many new companies are now emerging as small entrepreneurship.

With small investments and good ideas, new businesses come into existence. These businesses are always small of assets and require cost-effective deals. Such companies find the wholesale deals most attractive. 


The Wholesale Kraft boxes define a new meaning for cost-effectiveness. This packaging is not only for protection. However, most of the investment in packaging is about safety. Kraft is a solid enough material to ensure ultimate safety for fragile as well as rigid products. Also, it comes cheap, making the resulting packaging affordable. However, cheap is not always enough.

You need to understand that die-cut boxes are easy to make in large quantities than in small amounts. Also, wholesale deals usually mean large quantities. This makes it possible for the packaging industry to offer custom Kraft boxes wholesale for cheaper rates.

Extra-Ordinary Performance

The cost of a product makes a product budget-friendly but not cost-effective in the true sense. A product is only cost-effective if it does more than its primary purpose for the cost. The Kraft packaging makes the products secure and enables brand identity creation. Also, it ensures product presentation and provides long-term customer satisfaction.

This outstanding performance makes the products perform better in the markets. As a result, the Kraft packaging boxes do more than the cost you pay for these boxes. This cost also includes the printing expense for these boxes. All in all, make sure that the boxes you get are exceptional. From appearance to quality, all must be outstanding. 

Buying Requires a Few Considerations

Whenever you are to buy these boxes, make sure to go for the right ones. There are two ways forward from here on. First, you can assume an understanding of these boxes and design your boxes. It is not as complex as one might think at first. Instead, it is pretty simple. Choose a shape, decide for a size, experiment if you must, and order for the boxes. You also have to decide on a design to be printed on these boxes.

The resulting boxes will undoubtedly be as per your goods. However, to make sure that you get precise and suitable packaging, you need to have a slightly in-depth understanding of custom packaging. On the other hand, you can always order from a reputable and reliable packaging box provider. In the United States of America, we proudly satisfy our customers with premium Kraft favor boxes. We are always after excellence for our customers in the form of product packaging.

The clients can either design an extensive library of design templates that the Product Boxes Offers. Or else, clients can have our experts assist them in design personalized product boxes for their specific needs. Either way, you will end up with boxes that satisfy your business needs. 


Custom Cardboard Boxes Give A Sustainable And Economic Approach To Your Products Packaging

For every company in the market, the protection and marketing of products are two major concerns for the success of their brand.  Therefore, they always trust cardboard boxes in this regard. These boxes are capable of performing these tasks very effectively.  Custom Cardboard packaging boxes are a perfect way to provide protection to the products and give them a beautiful display so that people can easily get attracted to your products which helps in producing more sales.

Moreover, the audience is always looking for new and trending ways to pack their products, and they trust custom cardboard boxes in this regard. Also, these boxes allow manufacturers to present themselves professionally, among others. 

If you’re not choosing the right packaging for your products, you must be setting your brand in the wrong direction. Also, people nowadays get attracted to packaging more than the product itself. Cardboard boxes are famous in the packaging industry as they are very beneficial for businesses in many aspects.

Increase The Shelf-life of your products by preserving them in robust cardboard boxes 

Custom Cardboard packaging has become famous in every business field, from the makeup industry to food industry; these boxes are prevalent everywhere. Moreover, these boxes are used to store many products including cosmetics, food items, apparels and even heavy electronics. 

However, no matter what is packed inside the box, the thing that is more important is the quality of boxes.  And the quality of boxes depends on the quality of material used to manufacture them. The quality determines the strength and durability of these boxes.

Small cardboard boxes have great reliability and high tolerance. This is the reason why they are widely used for shipping purposes. The use of cardboard boxes is the ideal choice for keeping products safe from damage or breakage. However, there is a variety of material options for various packaging solutions, but cardboard boxes are everyone’s first choice.

These boxes are the right option if you are looking for high-end custom retail packaging. Its sturdy material plays an important role in protecting the product; also, these boxes give a unique and sleek outlook to the boxes to make them stand out among others. Additionally, these cardboard boxes have high flexibility and are comparatively lighter in weight.

In addition, the fantastic cardboard material is made of brown Kraft paper. It is a robust material that gives absolute protection and provides an excellent hold to the products. 

Furthermore, if you’re worried about the current earth situation and want to invest in inputs that do not harm our environment, cardboard material is the perfect choice for you. It is a nature-friendly material which means you can easily dispose of this material without causing any harmful effects to the environment. 

Advertise Your Brand Efficiently In The Market With The Stunning Cardboard Boxes

There are Due to the ever-increasing competition in the market; many companies are striving hard for the beneficial marketing of their products. They have tried many ways and invested a lot in several marketing strategies, but little do they know, the most effective marketing tool is their packaging. 

It is important to realize that packaging can make a massive difference for your business. First, you can design the packaging just the way you want. Second, you can make your cardboard boxes for sale a gateway to reach the peak of success.

 However, to perform this task perfectly, your cardboard boxes must be appealing enough. It can be done with the help of printing. Yes! Printing is the only way to make your packaging functional. 

Printing these cardboard boxes near me with your brand’s logo can significantly impact the potential buyers and are very helpful in boosting sales. Custom printed cardboard packaging boxes with attractive and eye-catching designs, titles, or images are ideal for grabbing the attention of potential buyers. 

Printed cardboard boxes effectively generate positive feedback from the buyers, which is beneficial to create a respectable position in the market. Moreover, you can instantly gain recognition among so many other brands with the help of printing logos on cardboard packaging boxes. 

There are different printing options used for this purpose, such as digital printing, offset printing, and flexography. Offset printing is an old and ink-based process. It is cost-effective and is suitable if you are printing in bulks. However, digital printing and flexography are newly introduced trends. These are quite expensive and give high-quality, pigmented results.

Beautifully Custom Cardboard Boxes Attract More Buyers And Generate More Profit

Besides printing large cardboard boxes, there are a lot of add-ons that are used to enhance their outlook. For example, you can apply various coatings to these boxes to give them a stunning and eye-catching finish. These finishing include; matte/gloss coatings, gold/silver foiling, and embossing/debossing. 

All these customizations instantly grasp the attention of buyers and highlights the product among others in the market. Moreover, gloss coatings give a shiny look to the cardboard boxes, whereas the matte coatings provide a non-polished touch to them. The embossing/ debossing technique is a new trend that makes the brand’s logo, title, or the sticker, prominent on the boxes. Besides that, gold/silver foiling can be done in many unique patterns or colors. It provides cheap cardboard boxes with a royal touch.

Moreover, before anybody looks closer to your products or packaging, the first thing they’ll see is obviously the color scheme of the buy cardboard boxes. Colors can attract buyers from far and colors create the first impression this is why they are very important for impressing the audience.

It is necessary to choose perfect and high-end color combinations because they can make your cardboard gift boxes look colorful and vibrant. There are two outstanding color models used for this purpose; the CMYK and PMS.