custom rigid boxes

What are the exclusive types of rigid boxes and why do brands use them?

It is quite clear that retail brands have several compelling reasons to choose custom rigid boxes for their packaging needs. The first reason is the sturdiness and versatility of rigid packaging solutions. Such functionalities offer a range of benefits that help to cater unique packaging requirements of brands. And such boxes also contribute to the overall success of any retail products. We found such types of boxes with a number of products that are inclusive of cosmetics, apparel, and retail. It means that different rigid box types are used for the packaging of various products. So, these are one of the popular packaging solutions for brands of various industries. 

What are the reasons that bound brands to choose custom rigid boxes?

There is a limitless reason for using the custom rigid boxes by luxury brands. So, here we discuss a few of the key reasons why brands are bound to choose custom rigid boxes:

Help brands in increasing their customer experience

The rigid material is very fine in its look and also robust in nature so when the customer opens such boxes a positive impression about the brand is created. So, this impression helps the brands in increasing their customer experience. 

A smart way to enhance the brand image

The second most important reason is the attainment of a separate brand image in the specific industry. All and sundry know that every brand needs a distinction not only in product presentation but also in brand image. So, the rigid boxes help to attain such an image. 

Help the products stand out from standard-looking products

It is known to all brands that the standard-looking boxes also decline the product image. Instead of this, the products that are encapsulated inside the high-quality packaging would exaggerate the overall appeal of the products. So, the brands pack their products inside rigid boxes with lids. 

Endow the premium and luxury look to the products

The last but very strong reason for using wholesale rigid boxes for product packaging is the premium look of the boxes. It is understood that the setup of rigid boxes would double the impact of any product in the market. 

Few exclusive rigid boxes types in detail

Now it is time to describe a few latest as well as trendy types of custom rigid boxes. So, here we discuss amazing as well as trendy rigid box types that are really useful for brands. 

customized rigid boxes

Hinged lid rigid boxes

We can observe these boxes with a number of luxury products like watches and gifts. Basically, the lids and base of these boxes are attached with the help of a hinge and this allows the easy opening and closing of the box. 

Magnetic closure boxes with rigid boxes

A very impressive type of custom rigid box is the magnetic closure. In this type of rigid packaging, two magnets are attached to the box. One magnet is attached to the lid and the other one is to the base. So, these boxes close abruptly and smoothly. 

Drawer style boxers

This type of box is also known as the sleeve and tray box. The construction of this box is like a drawer. In which the base of the boxes is covered with sleeves. This is also one of the popular types of setup rigid boxes that are used for product packaging. 

Bookend rigid boxes

Bookend boxes are also a good styling option for product packaging. This packaging style is actually inspired by the books and opens like the book covering. Custom rigid boxes are also available in bookend style. 

Collapsible rigid boxes

This one style is famous for shipment as such boxes can be easily folded and shipped flat also. On the other hand, such boxes are used for storage purposes. The main feature of these boxes is their easy-to-assemble and disassemble quality. 

So, these are trendy types of rigid boxes with lids that can generate an appealing look for the products while these are displayed in front of customers. 

How to create rigid boxes with an easy procedure?

After understanding the popular rigid boxes types it is time to delve deep into the details of creating rigid boxes for any of the products. In order to make the understanding more clear we segregate the procedure into six easy steps. Here we discuss the step-by-step procedure of creating custom rigid boxes. 

The first task is to determine the box specifications

The very first step when you are going to create any packaging box is the determination of the box specification. So, first of all, you need to find out the following things. 

  • Length, width, and height of the setup rigid boxes. 
  • The thickness of the rigid material.
  • Dimensions of the boxes. 

Once you decide on all these facts then you should go ahead with your second step which is detailed below. 

rigid boxes types

The second is to design the box as per brand requirements

Now you know the exact size of your box along with your required thickness. So, it is time to decide the design details of the packaging boxes. To do your design in an appropriate manner you need to decide.

  • The design details are inclusive of artwork and graphics.
  • Annex the brand details inside the design like logos, trademarks, and slogans.

At the end of the second step, you have a design and the box specification both. 

The third step is to create die line template

You are now required to create the die line template of your box design. Such diel lines help you to understand where you need to fold the box. For this purpose, the brands need to use different tools and software.  

Fourthly print the template on cardstock material

After detailing the designs on the software now it is time to print them on the material. For this purpose, the packaging brands use high-quality printing technologies. 

The Fifth is to cut the box as per the die lines

In the second last step of creating the setup rigid boxes, you need to cut out all the die lines to form the rigid sheet into the box template. For this, you need to use high-quality cutters and scissors. 

The sixth and final step is to fold and assemble

Now at the end of the procedure, you are only required to assemble all the areas of the box. So, you would get a box and you need to use the adhesive and glue to paste the box die lines. 

By following all the above-described steps anyone can easily create custom rigid boxes for their products. So, if you are a brand that needs to provide professional and appealing packaging for products then you should follow them accordingly. However, you also require keeping in mind that for large-scale production or complex design, we recommend you get professional assistance from popular packaging manufacturers. For instance “The Product Boxes” who have the necessary equipment and expertise to create wholesale rigid boxes without any error. 

custom printed rigid boxes

A brief overview

To conclude all the above-mentioned discussion we said that the reasons which compel brands to choose custom rigid boxes revolve around their packaging desires that are inclusive of the following things. 

  • Premium presentation. 
  • Brand differentiation. 
  • Product protection.
  • Sustainable packaging solutions. 

In addition to this custom rigid boxes offer an effective means of showcasing a brand’s identity and creating a memorable customer experience. So, if the brands need to establish a competitive edge in the market then rigid boxes with lids are essential for them.