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Candle packaging is required to pack your goods awesomely and make your product stand out in the pool or rivals. Our candle boxes by industry are completely customized in sizes, shapes, styles and colors so brands choose each aspect as per their need. We offer quality material that is recyclable and sustainable for our environment. Add to this, our taper candle boxes are the best-selling product, and everyone loves them due to their finest finishing. Also, we bestow candle boxes with lids that are functional and easy to unbox for your audiences. So, call us to buy your desired packaging boxes at market-leading prices. 

Elegant Candle Packaging to Offer Memorable Unboxing Experiences 

Every product needs packaging to look presentable on market shelves and e-commerce stores. Are you thinking about the need for packaging for an e-commerce candle seller shop? Yes, brands need to add the image packaging to show how they are concerned about the quality of the product and ship the product to your customer’s doorstep. 

So, digital innovation and online don’t end the need for product packaging; now, brands need to perfect because the majority of people want to post unboxing videos on social media to share their reviews with other people. Therefore, we offer the best and most durable candle boxes by industry with lots of customized options. 

Use of Top-Quality and Robust Material for Custom Candle Boxes 

The quality of your candle packaging needs to be perfect to maximize customer engagement. If you pack your quality candles in graded packaging boxes, no one can trust them due to the pathetic condition of the packaging. Therefore, we are here with top-notch quality material to fabricate your custom-made candle boxes. We offer the enlisting cardstock that is popular for making retail product packaging. 

Our Kraft candle boxes are the most selling item because they have the superb power of moisture absorption and tear resistance. So, pick your desired packaging thickness and GSM range for your product packaging that fulfills your needs and easily fits your budget. So, call us and get in touch with the book to get any information about packaging. 

Our Corrugated Candle Boxes Are a Superb Option for Shipping 

Are you finding the best shipping boxes for your fragile scented candles? Our corrugated candle shipping boxes are specially designed to book your orders today. We offer multiple flute sizes as per your product demand; some are listed below. 

  • A flute ¼” (Triple wall)
  • B flute 1/8″ (Double wall) 
  • C flute 11/64″ (Double wall) 
  • E flute 1/16″ (Single wall) 
  • F flute 1/32″ (Single face) 

Plus, we print your brand details on shipping boxes to make your product more trustworthy for your customers. Our packaging designers listen to all your demands and then provide the exact packaging box that you want. 

Offering Functional Shapes, Engaging Styles and Custom Colors 

We offer multiple dimensions and shapes for your candle jar boxes. Moreover, we bestow amazing colors for custom candle boxes that are attractive and fascinating for your customers. So, you can choose any color for your candle cases. For instance, you can add any other pastel, white, or vintage shade for black candle boxes as per the brand theme. Contact us today to finalize the color option for your product packaging boxes. 

Moreover, our candle box styles work for all types of candle boxes, like votive candles, bamboo candles, jar candles, and pillar candles. We bestow hinged flip-top boxes, bookend style, pyramid style, mailer boxes, magnetic lid boxes, 2- 2-piece boxes and 2-piece candle boxes. So, choose any style that you want to present in front of your target audiences. 

Get Free Design Assistance and Support

We have expert designers who provide the best packaging solutions for you as per your imagination. Our dedicated designers and staff understand your needs and then ensure the delivery of the exact product boxes that you want. They flawlessly arranged all your provided content on the custom made candle boxes. Plus, you can play with colors and fonts to enhance the beauty of black candle boxes. Our black and white candle boxes with foil stamping look enchanting and grab the attention of your customers. 

Application of Lamination and Coating for Extra-Protection 

Escalate the beauty and security of the packaging of your goods with our packaging solutions. The Product Boxes is one of the best reputable candle box manufacturers that work with countless businesses to provide the best packaging. So, we offer UV coating, gloss coating, spot UV varnish and Matte coating for your product packaging.

Moreover, we provide embossing and debossing for custom candle boxes at market-leading prices. On the other hand, we offer blind embossing and debossing for custom candle packaging boxes that are without any extra color and look splendid. Plus, we offer window Insertion for candle display boxes to increase the visibility of your product.

Custom Size of Candles Boxes are Available 

Brands produce a variety of candles, so they find candle box manufacturers which offer custom sizes and box shapes for Candles. So, we offer different sizes of custom made candle boxes that fit your products. No matter if you pack votive candles, tapper candles or pillar candles, you can get the perfect size as per your product needs. 

Bestow Tray, Props, Inserts, and Dividers to Firmly place your Candles

Candles are fragile products, so they need extra care in packaging. For this purpose, we offer props, trays, dividers, and partitions that keep your product fixed in place. So, order our candle jar boxes with partitions to pack your custom candle boxes that double the impact of your product on retail shelves. 

Why Do You Choose Us To Buy Custom Candle Boxes?  

The Product Boxes is the leading brand that offers you the best packaging solution under one roof. We offer you all your packaging boxes and printing services in a few clicks. Our main motive is to facilitate customers by providing top-class custom made candle boxes that are strong and easily carry your goods. We use mature printing devices and quality ink toners to provide amazing custom printed candle boxes for your product packaging. 

CMYK Colors 

We offer CMYK and PMS colors that give a vibrant and attention-seeking look to your candle box packaging. 

Free Shipping 

We offer free shipping without any hidden charges for our valuable customers. So, don’t stress paying delivery charges for your orders. 

Fastest Quick Turn Around 

We know how much our customer’s time is precious, so we offer the fastest, quickest turnaround to save their time. Our support representative is available 24/7 to answer your queries. So, ask whatever you want about custom candle boxes; we are here to answer your questions. 

Lowest MOQ 

Our motive is to facilitate our customers with no gray area, so we try our best to serve them. Therefore, we offer the lowest MOQ for cardboard or Kraft candle boxes for our customers so they can easily order what they want. 

Sustainable and Biodegradable Packaging 

Now, the trend of packaging is changing and is eco-friendly to save our planet. So, we offer Kraft custom candle boxes with lids to promote green packaging solutions. 

Best Wholesale Prices 

We offer the best wholesale prices for your bulk orders, so save your money to book today. 

Place Your Order Today and Contact Us

Do you want to buy appealing and fascinating candle boxes by industry to pack your candle jars? Do you think about where to get candle boxes? So, I must visit “The Product Boxes” to explore more styles. We are here all the time to answer your choirs; contact us now to get info about your product. Your packaging boxes are far away, just a few clicks. 

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