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CBD (or cannabidiol) comes in a variety of forms and products, which means that every product of a different form of CBD must require unique packaging. We provide remarkable CBD boxes that assist in the promotion of your products through elegant packaging. Our CBD product packaging specializes in increasing sales and the number of potential customers. We at TheProductBoxes offer attractive opening styles and types for your CBD products. 

Our CBD Packaging assists businesses in different domains like cannabis tincture, CBD bath bombs, cannabis edibles, CBD oil bottles, etc. We specialize in CBD packaging, which means that we have extensive knowledge of this niche. So, go through our variety of options regarding CBD packaging and select the best packaging solution for your CBD products.

The packaging is the first thing that presents your CBD product. If the box is decent, it will attract the customer in no time. Our CBD packaging eradicates dull packaging designs and promotes newer ones.   

Our custom printed CBD Boxes help businesses in different domains like cannabis tincture, CBD bath bombs, cannabis edibles, CBD oil bottles, and others. You can elegantly encase your hemp oil, vape juices, CBD brownies, CBD marshmallows, CBD chocolates, and other types of CBD products in our elegant CBD box packaging.

You can encase your CBD products in our lavishing CBD tuck end, sleeve, display, gable, and other box styles. To raise your CBD packaging quality, we are here to assist you. Our CBD packaging is crafted decently and protects your delicate CBD products.

Always see the quality of the material while buying the CBD packaging. Further, you have options to inscribe additional features and coatings on the CBD box packaging that will make your boxes look eye-catching.

The primary purpose of the CBD packaging is not only the protection of the product but also to create branding. We provide great CBD packaging customization solutions that fulfil all the customer needs.

So, for even the medicated products like hemp, the outlook plays a key role in making your brand stand out. However, that is why custom CBD packaging influences the buying decision of potential customers. 

We offer Elegant CBD Boxes for Your Various Products.

Either you are selling CBD tinctures, hemp oils, or cannabis edibles, a unique designed CBD packaging can make them look visually appealing and give your brand a boost. 

Moreover, the CBD packaging in custom form gains customer’s loyalty by engaging them with their unique design and creative outlook. You can embrace them beautifully to make your brand stand out greatly. You can also inscribe window options on the boxes that offer transparency to see the product or get a wax-coated box to protect your CBD edibles by acquiring customization options.  

Our design teams are artistic, innovative, and create highly sophisticated designs. Since CBD consumers are also high-class consumers, we put great efforts to ensure that their attention is grasped by the pure aesthetics of the packaging, which is made possible by testing and experimenting with a number of designs before finalizing one. 

We make sure that there is sufficient information on the packaging that can educate the customers and allow them to make a purchasing decision. Moreover, we tend to maximize the profits of our clients by offering them the most economical rates. Such a mix of expertise, value for money, and reliability are unmatched by anyone. You will find all this under one roof of TheProductBoxes.

Popular Styles in CBD Packaging

The following are CBD packaging boxes opening styles which you can adopt for your CBD packaging:

Tuck-end CBD Box

There are three types of tuck-end CBD product boxes one is straight-end, the second is auto-lock bottom, and the third is reverse-end boxes. So, you can select any of the types of styles according to your CBD product specification. Each box has its own style and function. You can avail of CBD boxes wholesale as well.

Sleeve CBD Box

The CBD oil bottles look really awesome in sleeve boxes. The structure and the shape of the CBD sleeve box look alluring and charming. Further, you can get a PVC window option as well in the middle of the sleeve box for embracing the CBD oil packaging. Moreover, the window option gives onlookers and buyers an inner glance of the CBD oil bottles elegantly. 

Display CBD Box

This display CBD box packaging is the best one to show your CBD oil products in the retail stores, shops, etc. You can change the CBD box product design and color, which makes the customer buy your CBD oil bottles straight away.

Gable CBD Box

You can put your CBD oil bottles beautifully in a gable box. This box looks really attractive. The gable box has handles on top, which makes it easy to hold and carry. So, use this box type for gifting purposes.

Grab Material Selection for CBD packaging

Most CBD products are in the form of supplements, oils, tinctures, and CBD vape products; we take special care for each different form. The packaging is made to stand out as well as protect what is inside. The labels, logos, stickers, and graphics are also made attractive to the customers, and overall they feel confident to buy the product, just from the packaging of the product. 

The packaging of every CBD product is done using the highest quality yet cost-effective material. The most significant materials that make a difference are: 

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft Material
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated boxes

You can have them customized as per your needs; you give instructions, we deliver the best, and more.

Add Enticing Additional Features on the CBD packaging.

You have amazing options to add to your boxes. We at TheProductBoxes offer various printing options and ideas which you can inscribe on the CBD packaging. So, avail of our enticing printing patterns to make your ordinary CBD packaging to be converted into the best CBD boxes. Therefore, the following are some of the features that you can avail of for CBD packaging:

  • Spot UV 
  • Die-Cutting 
  • Embossing & Debossing 
  • PVC Window 
  • Foiling 

Get an Awesome CBD Packaging look by Adding Great Coatings. 

The finishing and coating also play a vital role in the brilliance of the CBD packaging. The delightful finishing will enhance the beauty of the CBD packaging. We offer a number of glamorous coatings:

  • Gloss Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Spot UV
  • Gold and Silver Finishing (as a speciality) 

Opting for a gloss finish will give a glistening look to your CBD oil products. While the Matte Finish will give a denser shade to the product. Furthermore, Gold and Silver finishing can be a good option if the CBD product is a gift.

We offer Great Prototypes.

To give you an overall satisfactory packaging experience, we provide sampling and prototypes to help you choose your package carefully. At TheProductBoxes, we provide the following sampling to eradicate confusion:

2D sampling

An image view of your product with proper die-lines and cuts.

3D sampling

A rotatory view of your possible end-product to give you an immersive and feel-good factor.

Physical Sampling (Free Design Support)

We provide a physical prototype at your doorstep to give you a satisfactory shopping experience.

Why Choose TheProductBoxes?

At TheProductBoxes, you will get the high standard inks and printing on the CBD packaging. It is highly regarded and proves to be substantial for your packaging. We use eco-friendly inks that do not harm the environment. 

 Our team understands your requirements, and for that purpose, we conclude an enthralling packaging with the help of environment-friendly inks. Moreover, we offer the fastest turnaround time and free shipment. 

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