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Custom Packaging Inserts: Make Your Product’s Presentation More Enthralling

As we all know today’s market has the tightest competition in the last decade, therefore, the packaging of your product can make or break the brand’s identity. 

But the packaging industry has a wand that one can use to do the magic to revive and sustain the brand image and that magical wand is known as Custom packaging inserts

These inserts are of great importance and play a crucial role in brand identity by ensuring that your product reaches its destination safely and sound. 

The top priority of the brands, whether it is the cosmetic industry or food product brand, is to deliver the product safely and offer a remarkable unboxing experience to its customers. 

Hence, choosing the right packaging and the right custom package inserts is the key to satisfying your customer. 

Why is it vital for your brand to Choose Custom inserts for packaging?

If you sit and start counting the benefits of custom inserts for packaging, it appears that they have several. Among them, the protection of the product is at the top. 

Then comes the exotic unboxing experience for your customers and above all the professional appearance of the packaging comes at the end. But all these benefits lead to one important task and that is the teaching of the brand’s identity. 

Whether you are using custom cardboard boxes or amazingly designed Rigid boxes for your products, the tailor-made inserts are essential for keeping the product protected and the integrity of the brand intact. 

Apt Selection of Styles and Designs of Custom Packaging Inserts

One of the major and vital tasks while choosing the custom packaging for your product whether it is the cosmetic item, hemp packaging, liquid vape packaging or some food item packaging, is to select the right inserts option for the box. 

There are versatile insert options in the packaging industry. You can choose the one that is compatible with your product and brand’s tale. 

Below are the top categories of custom inserts for packaging from which you can select the right one for your product.

Cardboard Inserts: 

At the top of the list comes the cardboard inserts. This custom packaging with inserts is used for products that are more sensitive and require extra care while transporting. 

For instance, liquid cosmetic items, E-Liquid Vape flavors, candles, and some food items. As the name suggests, these inserts are usually used in custom cardboard boxes to complement and secure the product. 

Also, they are used as box inserts dividers while packaging different items of one category in a mailer box for delivery purposes. 

Foam Inserts: 

These types of inserts are utilized generally as luxury cosmetic insets to package eyeliners, eyelashes, nail polishes, lip glosses and other related cosmetic articles in the form of hexpand packaging inserts. As the name annotates, these inserts are made of foam and are soft that why used for less sensitive items.

Blister Packs: 

Blister inserts or blister packs are used to offer clear visibility to customers regarding the packaged product. They are usually used for small consumer goods. 

You can get them tailor-made and custom-shaped to hold the product safely in place. Also, these blister packs are used to pack surgical tools like scissors, blades and cutters. 

Molded Pulp Inserts: 

Environmentally conscious brands go for molded pulp inserts as they are made of 100% recycled materials and are biodegradable. They are used in custom retail boxes to keep the products safe. 

However, they are less strong, so are used to keep less weighted items packaged in a place. 

Plastic Inserts: 

One of the most durable and strong inserts is plastic inserts. They are used for hard products like bottle product inserts. Since they are made of plastic, henceforth can be molded into any shape. 

Brands use them for both small and large sizes of products. Also due to their sleek appearance, many times brands use them in cosmetic product inserts too. 

Custom Kraft Inserts: 

Like molded pulp inserts, custom kraft inserts are also environmentally friendly. They are made of kraft paper residues and are in strip form. 

Generally, by using custom kraft boxes, they are used in the packaging of oil bottles, liquids and CBD product packaging

Can Custom Box Inserts be used for Different Industries?

Yes, the Custom packaging inserts are used for different product industries ranging from sensitive products of cosmetics to heavy-duty items of electronics. 

Following are their detailed usage by industry formation.

Usage of Inserts in Electronics Packaging: 

In the electronic industry, custom box inserts for electronic items are of vital importance. Mostly foam inserts are used in these packaging. 

It is to ensure that the devices are securely placed to avoid any damage to the product. Also, these inserts are usually used for shipping purposes. 

Inserts and Cosmetics Products:

As cosmetics are used for getting amazing looks, therefore, presentation in cosmetics packaging is everything. 

Therefore, luxury cosmetic inserts made of molded pulp or plastic are mostly used for these delightful products’ packaging. 

Also, many brands go for kraft paper inserts to make a statement of environmentally friendly brand. 

Necessity of Inserts for E-Liquid and Vape Industry: 

Generally, e-liquids are packaged with molded pulp strip inserts. Whereas in the packaging of vape machines or batteries, plastic inserts are given priority. 

Food Items packaging with Inserts: 

In the food industry, it completely depends on the type of food item and which type of inserts will go with them. Mostly, blister packs are used for chocolates and candies. If the items are frozen then plastic inserts can serve the purpose. 

Get Custom Made Inserts at The Product Boxes!

To get an enhanced packaging experience and polished appearance for your product, custom packaging inserts are of much great importance. 

At The Product Boxes, we specialize in providing tailor-made solutions to meet your special needs and brand goals. To get amazing offers place your order of custom inserts for packaging now and smoothly achieve your goals.

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