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Kraft Stand Up Pouches

What are Spouted Pouches?

When it comes to versatile and convenient packaging solutions, spouted pouches stand out as the first choice. They are just common packaging containers made of simple materials like laminated plastic sheets or Kraft paper. On top, they have an opening called a spout and a cap to seal it.  

Custom spout pouches are commonly used as the packaging of liquids, semi-liquids, and dry grainy items like coffee, tea, etc. They are also used as packaging containers for hygiene and cleaning liquids.

These pouches are the epitome of convenience, durability, sustainability, and practicality. Our team, at The Product Boxes is committed to providing high-quality and intelligently crafted spout pouch packaging to its customers to meet the modern and evolving standard of custom packaging.

Why You Should Go for a Spout Pouch as the Packaging Solution? 

Compared to general packaging containers, custom spout pouches are more reliable and convenient. Their biggest plus point that helps them stand out is “Reusability”. You can reseal the pouch once you have used the internal item whether it is liquid or in powdered form. 

If there, is coffee or any other granule item in the spout pouch, it keeps the item safe from outer impacts like moisture or dampness. Contrary to that if the primary product is liquid, it will keep the bacteria and other elements away which can harm it.

Ultimately, convenience, durability, and sustainability make the spout pouches the best packaging solution. At The Product Boxes, you get hassle-free access to the best quality custom-made spout pouches for your products. 

Apart from convenience and reliability, the best advantage of using spouted packaging is its environmentally friendly properties. Since this era is focused on usage of boardable materials, hence the Kraft spout pouches are best option to go for. 

Customer demands the same while buying any product. Eventually, this packaging adds to the value of the brand and enhance its visibility in the market. 

Get Custom Spout Pouches at The Product Boxes

In today’s modern world, where everything has evolved, packaging solutions also face a huge shift in modernity. Customized packaging is the key for brands to stand out in the competition and attract their customers to their products. 

The same is the case with spout pouch packaging. The Product Boxes offer you versatile customization options for your spouted pouches in the USA and even outside the states. The major components of any spout pouch packaging are its material, design, style, printing method, and spouts for pouches. 

The Product Boxes offer a wide range of customization for all of the above steps. 

Kraft Standup Pouches and Their Versatility

Kraft standup pouches are the best option for products that are dry and granule in properties. We offer the best quality Kraft material that eventually turns into a sustainable standup pouch with spout packaging. This material is reusable and made of recycled paper which goes with the characteristics of the reusability of a spout pouch

Laminated Plastic Standup Pouches

These pouches are made of laminated plastic sheets that are good for packaging liquid and semi-liquid materials. Our selected laminated sheets for these pouches are the best among the options. They are durable and sturdy to keep the product safe. You can use them again and again by utilizing their reseal mechanism. 

Apart from the material selection of your choice, you can get the freedom of Design Selection and Printing Methods of your choice.

Design Selection of Your Choice for Custom Spout Pouches

We, at The Product Boxes offer a wide range of custom designs for your spout pouches. You can design them according to your brand’s identity and campaigns. Just tell us about the design you want and our team will turn your idea into reality. Whether you want to go for some simple minimalist style or are looking for an alluring design, we got you.

Apart from, design customization, you can go for any type of finishing from the following options:

Gloss Finish

The gloss finish offers a shiny touch to your spout pouches as it leaves a glimmering layer on the package. It is good for regular packaging options.

Matte Finish

For premium spout pouch packaging, we recommend going for a matte finish as it gives a subtle and luxurious appearance to the pouch packaging and helps the product stand out in the competition.

Customization in Printing Options

The Product Boxes offer complete customization in the selection of printing options along with the materials and design choice. You can choose the printing method of your choice according to your packaging design needs. The following are the best ones for spout pouch package printing:

CMYK Color Printing

We offer the CMYK printing method which has brilliant and sharp colors once printed on the pouches. This printing system is best for minimalist designs and unique marketing campaigns. 

PMS Color Printing

This method is modern and suitable for bright and alluring designs as this method offers vibrant and eye-catching colors. 

Where to Find Wholesale Spouted Pouches?

The answer to the above question is The Product Boxes. At our platform, you not only get your hands-on alluring designs, and durable materials for your spouted pouches but also get options for wholesale spouted pouches with attractive and cost-friendly discounts. Place your order now and utilize the complete potential of spouted pouches for your products. 

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