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Are you struggling to make your e-liquid the best sellers in the market? Is your e-liquid challenging to move from the retail shelves? We are offering a solution to all of your problem at affordable rates.

At TheProductBoxes, we offer custom printed e-liquid packaging, which will amp up the look of your products.

Therefore, if you feel that your product is not flying out the doors with ease even after covering all the critical factors, then re-check; you might be lacking in packaging. We offer a tuck end, mailer, display, and many other box styles in which you can encase e-liquid.

Browse our e-liquid packaging categories, styles, and types below, or if you have any queries regarding custom packaging, feel free to shoot your questions through email, phone, or chat.

TheProductBoxes offer durable e-liquid packaging. You can embrace the packaging by adding colorful artwork. Moreover, you can also add unique stickers and excellent additional features in different colors for an alluring and charming look of e-liquid packaging.

The printed e-liquid packaging looks tremendous and attractive. However, you can imprint the company’s logo or any other information according to the product requirement, such as its tagline, ingredients, usage, etc.

We offer Durable, E-liquid Packaging Materials.

We offer durable materials for e-liquid packaging. Our experts provide sustainable e-liquid box material as protection is the priority. We at The Product Boxes offer blank e-liquid packaging that is highly durable and ensures that your inside e-liquid will remain protected and intact.

The following are some of the materials which we offer for e-liquid packaging:

Kraft e-liquid Boxes

Kraft is a biodegradable material. However, the kraft box secures the e-liquid nicely because of its little sturdy texture. Hence, the kraft boxes are light in weight, which is very easy to handle and carry. Thus, the kraft e-liquid boxes are recyclable and sustainable.

Card Stock e-liquid Boxes

The card stock material e-liquid boxes are light in weight. The card stock e-liquid boxes keep the e-liquid bottles breakage free. The cardstock is a durable material and suitable for local shipments. You can modify the card stock e-liquid boxes according to your desired choice with the help of our designers.

Corrugated e-liquid Boxes

The corrugated material e-liquid packaging box is thicker in texture compared to the kraft and cardstock material e-liquid box. Therefore, the corrugated material e-liquid box provides the maximum safety for sending your e-liquid boxes internationally.

Further, the corrugated material e-liquid boxes comprise of two flat linerboards and flutes for more protection. Moreover, you can change the flute thickness for your e-liquid box according to your choice.

Rigid e-liquid Boxes

The rigid is the thickest and high-end material for e-liquid packaging. It enhances the e-liquid standard amazingly. Thus, the e-liquid bottles are susceptible to international shipping, so get this box to make e-liquids breakage-free. Further, we offer customized e-liquid packaging with a bundle of additional features.

Add Additional Features on Your e-liquid Boxes.

There are various printing options and ideas which we can inscribe on the e-liquid boxes. So, avail of our enticing printing patterns to make your e-liquid packaging box look alluring. Therefore, the following are some of the features that you can avail of for your e-liquid boxes.

  • Spot UV e-liquid Packaging
  • Die-Cutting e-liquid Packaging
  • Embossing & Debossing on e-liquid Packaging
  • PVC Window e-liquid Packaging
  • Foiling on e-liquid Packaging

Increase the Printing Life by Availing Our Coatings

Adding coating on the boxes is a crucial step in e-liquid packaging. It locks in all the graphic art of the boxes. The following are some of the popular coatings which we offer:

UV & AQ Packaging Coating

Aqueous coating is aquatic-based. This coating is considered the default of all coatings because of its low price and high efficiency.
Aqueous packaging coating offers a low gloss polish that provides a bit of roughness to the boxes but not overly that it diverts the appreciations. Whereas the ultraviolet packaging coating alternatively produces a glossy look just like gloss lamination.

Matte Packaging Coating

Matte coating is best suitable for luxury boxes. The matte coating is stylish and classy. Therefore, the matte coating gives a deep color to the e-liquid boxes.

Gloss Packaging Coating

Gloss coating is a finish that is applied to the packaging after printing. The gloss coating is very slick and shiny. Thus, it gives a very smooth appearance to the custom e-liquid packaging. The gloss coating makes boxes to pop out.

Every packaging company works hard to get the consent of its customers. The Same is the case with TheProductBoxes because we create eye-catchy boxes and offer you fleek designs. Indeed, we want our customers to be delighted, so we also manufacture wholesale e-liquid boxes.

Nonetheless, we offer you a wide range of custom packaging at low and pocket-friendly prices, which is why The boxes we offer are worth buying. We value your concerns, so all you have to do is order your e-liquid packaging and customize it in any way you wish.

Avail Our Services

We create shipping boxes with great designs. However, you can add corrugated inserts to hold the e-liquids tightly in the e-liquid packaging wholesale. We also guarantee you a premium quality, which will keep your product in place during shipping. So, avail of our services for your e-liquids. We have the right technology to fulfill your packaging needs.

We at TheProductBoxes do our best to create your experience awesome with our 24/7 customer service. Especially we provide a mockup video or physical sample for the e-liquid box design approval. However, this is to make your shopping experience the best and remove any concerns.

Furthermore, we ship free of cost all over the USA. We start from the minimum order of 100 e-liquid packaging wholesale. So, wait no more and hire our services today

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