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Everyone wants to grab their customers in seconds with their most creative ideas, and tags are the most beneficial utensil in the clothing industry. So, get your hang tags that are available in different colors, shapes, designs or high-quality materials. Also, you can choose various dimensions of such tags according to your choice and demand when you go for custom hang tags wholesale.

The most powerful tool in the garments industry is the Hang tag

Hang tags are the best way to inform your customers about a small chunk of brand and product-related information. So, there are many amazing advantages of custom swing hang tags, and they also support your brand identity. However, these tags are compulsory for the garment because it is tough to hire an extra employee to tell the prices of garments to customers. Therefore, tags are a more effective or efficient way to make people aware of the brand in a very short time and in such a busy life where the customers do not have plenty of time to view big pieces of information on the packaging. It means hang tag printing provides a new and precise way of escalating brand awareness among the general mobs. 

The Product Boxes is a brand that presents an amazing variety of  tags. These tags are used for many products just because of their custom features. You can use these tags for the following purposes. 

  • We create door paper and card tags that are really special and appreciable. 

In addition to these, there are many more categories and products for which we offer such tags as per customer-required designs and dimensions. For details, you need to scroll through our hang tags collections and find the right tag from such collections. 

Why are clothing tags vital for business?

These tags help your customers and provide information on the basic features of the products. Such features are all inclusive of the following mentioned things. 

  • Size of the product in case of clothing, jewelry and other liked items. 
  • Price of the product and any discount that the brand offers.  
  • Name of your brand and other short messages on special events. 

Clothing hang tags provide much more information like how to wash the garments and material details which would enhance the quality of the brand by making it trustworthy for the customers. So, customers can easily read the details in seconds with these tags. On the other hand, clothing hang tags are the most significant trick to increase the sale of the business and also make a unique identity of the brand in the world of competitors. Therefore, The Product Boxes is the most famous company that offers a wide range of custom tags with different colors, designs and materials. We always work hard for the customers and try to facilitate them in one click through online suggestions, and we are available for customers 24/7 to guide customs.

Tags printing is the best way to attract your customers

Printing is the most important step in the creation of tags because information should be printed clearly on th tags, which would be readable to the customers. So, The Product Boxes offers proficient and professional hang tag printing for their customers. And customers can print information of their own choice. However, we are providing you with graphic printing, bold printing and many more printing options to create tags that would grab the attention of customers. In addition to printing, there are many effects or decorative elements that make your tags more eye-catching objects for customers.

  • Gilt edge is a very famous process of applying metallic foil to the edge of the tag, and you can add more pop-up colors to enhance the looks of tags.
  • Foil stamping enhances the look of Hang tags and creates a rich or vibrant texture.
  • Eyelets help to make a synchronized look through their underrated decoration and beautiful combination of colors to create an appealing look.
  • Silk lamination provides a very soft touch and also a finish to the tags. 
  • Embossing or debossing is another way of printing on tags innovatively. 

Custom swing tags are essential for your brand identity

Custom swing tags are very famous and popular in the garments industry, and it looks more beautiful when annexed with the products. So, custom swing tags are the best option to make your specific identity and add it to the product. You can order custom swing tags with many latest designs according to your need through The Product Boxes, which are unique as compared to others tags. In addition, hang tags in bulk would also be available for customers who require a huge amount of tags for their products. In this context, we present creative ideas to make your bulk hang tags budget-friendly. 


Most brands are in search of a large number of custom tags that are available at the wholesale rate. So, hang tags in bulk are a good offer to get a larger quantity of tags for your products. Every brand has the desire to increase the sale of their product with minimum expenses in order to get more profit, and we realize this fact, and therefore we provide you hang tags wholesale. Therefore, you can easily make a double profit through this offer, and it is also a budget-friendly option for brands.

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