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Make Unique Tuck-Top Mailer Boxes That Help Endear Customers

What Are Tuck-Top Mailer Boxes?

Tuck-top is a packaging style that can help increase the structural integrity of the packaging.  This packaging style features thick sidewall flaps that are die-cut for making smooth edges that help keep the box maintain its shape as it is shipped over long distances. Thus, they are widely used as mailer boxes.  Although you can use different packaging materials to make tuck-top mailer boxes, they are usually made using corrugated or rigid packaging material. 

They are also known as ear-lock mailer boxes due to the ability of the ‘ear-flaps’ to lock the box into shape. As with any mailer packaging, these boxes need to be durable enough to withstand shipping and retail handling to keep the products safe. 

However, as companies are moving towards custom mailer boxes, customers want brands to focus on making tuck-top mailer boxes that can stand out from the crowd. They want custom prints that look attractive. Furthermore, they crave special features that can enhance their experience with the packaging, and by extension, the products. 

This article will cover the various ways you can make custom tuck-top mailer boxes that leave an everlasting mark with the customers. You should focus on these customizations if you’d like to increase the likelihood of making repeat customers while also converting potential customers. 

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of add-ons.

Add-Ons. What Are They And How Can They Help You Make Outstanding Tuck-Top Mailer Boxes?

Add-ons are remarkable customization options that can help you endear the customers using custom mailer packaging. They are special features that, when incorporated, can take your brand to the next level. 

In the world of custom mailer boxes of many kinds, for example, Kraft mailer boxes and pink mailer boxes, you need the help of add-ons to make packaging that can grab the customers’ attention. Thus, add-ons can be the missing link between your brand and an elevated level.

With the help of add-ons, you can make packaging styles that are completely unique to your brand. You do this by incorporating various add-ons in the same packaging design. As add-ons cover specific parts of the packaging, you have the option to combine them. Thus, you can create beautiful sculptors that can be appreciated by the customers and become the envy of your competitors. 

Imagine a scenario in which you and your competitors both make Kraft mailer boxes. The quality of the products is more or less the same. In that situation, add-ons can be the deciding factor that makes the customer choose one or the other packaging. 

When creating custom mailer boxes, why waste an opportunity to create something that exceptional and exclusive to your brand?

Invest in incorporating the following add-ons in your tuck-top mailer boxes, and they’ll help you endear the customers and open up avenues for an increased ROI.

  • Window Patching 
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing/ Debossing
  • Hot Stamping or Foiling

Window Patching 

Let’s start with window patching. This add-on allows you to deepen the bond between the customers and the brand. It does this by allowing the customers to view inside the packaging. Thus, they can judge the state of your products. 

We use a die-cut machine to make a precise cut per your designs. Then we cover the space with a thin plastic sheet. This plastic sheet is chemically inert. Thus, it does not react with environmental heat and moisture. Furthermore, it can help maintain the structural integrity of the tuck-top mailer boxes. 

You can get creative by imprinting the brand logo, slogans, and artwork on a transparent decal and pasting it on the window to enhance your branding too.

Window patching can be the ideal option if you want to create custom mailer boxes that let the products allure the customers.  

Spot UV

Opt for spot UV if you want to create a beautiful effect that raises the printed colors on the packaging surface. This add-on uses a process called curing, which solidifies a thick, clear liquid on the packaging. We cure the liquid using ultraviolet light. 

The result is a raised, smooth surface that helps protect the printed colors from wear and tear during transit. However, it would be best if you keep in mind that you should use this add-on scarcely. The effect of spot UV looks best if it is specified to certain packaging spaces. 

If you want to create pink mailer boxes with a raised printed texture, spot UV can be the ideal option. 

Embossing/ Debossing

Embossing and debossing are similar add-ons that use metallic dies to compress the packaging. This compression causes the packaging material to fill the negative space between the dies. Thus, the result is a raised (embossed) or depressed (debossed) surface.

The textural change can help hook the customers as they handle your customer mailer boxes. Furthermore, these add-ons work very well with other options. 

Embossing and debossing can help enhance branding by showcasing intricate silhouettes of your brand logos and slogans. 

Hot Stamping Or Foiling

Hot stamping or foiling is an eye-catching add-on option that helps highlight specific parts of the packaging. You can choose to create wonderful patterns that make your customers focus on a specific part of the packaging. 

We attach a metal foil using heat and pressure on the packaging per your design. Furthermore, we can alter the characteristics of the foil such that it exhibits matte, glossy, metallic, or holographic effects. 

Foiling can be ideal if you want to highlight letters, edges, and borders on ear-lock mailer boxes.

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to beautify tuck-top mailer boxes or make your pink mailer boxes stand out, add-ons are the way to go. The Product Boxes have a wide array of add-ons that can enhance the visual aesthetics of the packaging while increasing functionality. Feel free to get in touch with our customer care representatives, and let’s get started.


Here Are Quick Tips for the Custom Mailer Boxes | The Product Boxes

We at TheProductBoxes proffer you awesome mailer box tips at extraordinary costs with brilliant plan support. Our company is situated in the USA. However, our custom boxes are an ideal method for you to attain the objectives of the market. Also, we proffer magnificent boxes as indicated by you. Moreover, we have packaging experts in our company to provide you elegant boxes according to your requirements.

The custom mailer boxes are the most commonly utilized boxes. There are various business categories in which mailer packaging can be utilized. The custom mailer boxes are a tremendous solution for many different applications. If you are seeking security in boxes, then this is the best solution for you. There is an assortment of sizes, shapes, styles, and themes which can be utilized for the mailer packaging. The mailer box style is the best style for all of the retail packaging

The following are some of the quick mailer box tips which you can follow to have the most lavishing mailer boxes:

Materials for mailer boxes

The materials decide the strength of the boxes always. However, the following are the mailer packaging material we offer, which you can avail of for your mailer style boxes:

  • Cardstock Material
  • Corrugated Material
  • Rigid Material
  • Cardboard Material
  • Kraft Material

You can use the above-listed material for the manufacturing of your mailer packaging according to your choice. These materials can be utilized for the occasion-specific mailer packaging as well such as the Christmas mailer boxes will look outstanding.

Which Product Categories can you Encase in Mailer Boxes?

The following are the product categories that you can encase within the custom kraft mailer packaging

  • Cosmetics 
  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Sweets
  • Fragrance Products
  • Apparel
  • Food Products
  • Luxurious Products 
  • Many more 

Select the Amazing Styles for Your Mailer Boxes

Packaging styles can do wonders for your mailer packaging. Therefore, you can avail of the following styles of mailer boxes:

  • Custom E-Commerce Mailer Box
  • Color Patterned Mailers
  • Custom Display Mailer Box
  • Standard Mailers
  • Pizza Box
  • Tab Lock Roll End Corrugated Box
  • Comic Book Box
  • Personalized Mailer Tea Boxes

Printing Methods

Printing techniques transform the ordinary mailer packaging outlook into the most alluring one. Moreover, the following are the printing methods that you can select for your mailer packaging printing:

  • Flexography
  • Pre-Print
  • Label Stickers
  • Screen Printing
  • Lamination

In order to avail of printing services, hire our packaging services. We provide elegant custom mailer packaging wholesale, which you can avail of at greatly discounted prices. You can simply encase your products within these mailer boxes.

Design Sketch Outs a Real Difference

There is an assortment of design choices available in our company for the mailer boxes. Therefore, you can have them designed in preferred shapes, sizes, and tones. 

Additionally, you can create mailer boxes that look more eye-catching by adding up the imprints. For instance, you can add flowery imprints, customary and modern artworks. Moreover, you can add the logo of your brand. The custom mailer boxes with logo look tremendous and unique. However, the manufacturing of a mailer box requires professional expertise, which you can attain by hiring our company.

Add up Some Lavishing Elements

Go for adding elegant color themes to create your mailer packaging look luxurious and lavish. The following are some additional elements that we offer:

  • Gold and silver foiling 
  • Unique beads 
  • Enticing Silk Ribbons
  • Ribbons
  • Magnetic Features
  • Threads
  • Cute Bows
  • Catchy Nice Captions
  • Many more.

So, inscribe the above mailer box tips & features to embrace your custom wholesale mailer boxes gracefully.

Make your Products Secure by Adopting Mailer Box Style

Mailer packaging style is more durable and stronger as compared to other packaging materials. It acts as a static cushion for any item during handling or shipping. However, you can alter the mailer box size as per your product’s requirements. The mailer box style keeps your products inside secure as compared to other packaging styles due to its box structure. 

Mailer boxes are a secure packaging trick for your delicate products. However, it is perfect for the food industry or product shipping. Moreover, this type of packaging is durable than other packaging styles. You can use them to encase diverse category products.

Add Relevant Content

Make your mailer boxes look amazingly unique by imprinting your content on the boxes. However, you can illustrate anything of your choice on the mailer box packaging relevant to your product.

The following are the three content ideas which you can implement:


Simply add image content to attain an eye-catching mailer box. The images are truly a game-changer. Additionally, you can inscribe attractive graphical design imagery on the mailer packaging elegantly.

Written copy

A written copy can do wonders. You can start from the name of your product to a description to words. 

Required marks

This is really essential to show the authenticity of your brand. Go for adding barcode, ingredients information, association marks, etc.

Focus on these three parameters to make your Mailer Boxes Stand out in the market

Your brand is always depicting something that you need to be careful about. People will never buy your tedious products unless they are well packaged. However, if your packaging outlook is well-matched with your brand name and aesthetic, then you are good to go. The product boxes in the customized form are the best option to embrace your brand. Focus on the following features in order to attain great mailer boxes. 


If you have the CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) colors, then simply incorporate color models according to your requirement. The Pantone color model is perfect for the mailer gift boxes.

Don’t miss the magic of printing techniques. You should have the knowledge of printing techniques in order to embrace the outlook of mailer packaging. There are two famous printing techniques which we utilize the art digital and offset printing. However, never compromise on printing your mailer boxes. The following are the printing models which you can avail of:

  • CMYK
  • PMS

The CMYK, PMS shading choices draw out the precise designs and prints. However, assuming you have different imprinting thought imagined, illuminate your prerequisites to our packaging company, and we will convert your idea into reality.


Try to incorporate the perfect fonts and any related usage instructions related to your products, such as their ingredients, usage on the boxes.


Don’t skip the implementation of the logo. So, go for imprinting your logo. And for it, you can make your own logo as well according to your brand objectives.

Why Choose Our Service?

We at TheProductBoxes have enough talented team to provide you with elegant mailer boxes along with incredible graphical themes and designs.

You can also decide to give your own design to our experts as our experts are skillful enough to implement your design as it is. Moreover, if you can’t choose a design on your own, then leave the design to our packaging experts.

We provide unique mockups for you and send free box samples to allow you to see the style. However, once you like the proposed design and box style, we change it into a genuine box. So, wait no more and contact us today to place your mailer box order.