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    Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Wholesale

    Your wait for the perfect printing company is over! We at The Product Boxes offer great quality cosmetic display packaging at reasonable rates. Your cosmetic products will look lavishing in our cosmetic display boxes.  

    Our cosmetic display boxes help businesses in various categories such as eyeliners, lip liners, nail paints, lipsticks, highlighters, lotions, serums, perfumes, hair sprays, shower gels, etc. Go through our cosmetic packaging categories and styles below, or let us assist you in searching for a display packaging solution for your elegant cosmetic products.

    We at The Product Boxes wants the best response for your cosmetic display boxes from your audience. To make it happen, we are ready to do the hard work. So call us today in order to attain lavishing cosmetic display boxes wholesale.

    We at The Product Boxes provide cosmetic display boxes that help businesses in various product categories like eyeliners, lip liners, nail paints, lipsticks, highlighters, lotions, serums, perfumes, hair sprays, shower gels, etc. 

    Encase your cosmetic products in our elegant style’s cosmetic display boxes such as:

    • Stand Up Cosmetic Display Box
    • Small Cardboard Cosmetic Display Boxes
    • Pop-Up Lid Cosmetic Display Boxes
    • Vertical Cosmetic Display Boxes
    • Punch Inserted Cosmetic Display Boxes
    • Perforated Cosmetic Display Boxes
    • Staircase Cosmetic Display Boxes

    To enhance your cosmetic display boxes’ quality, we are here to assist you. For buying awesome cosmetic display boxes, grab the best quality material boxes. You can also choose an attractive design for your cosmetic display boxes. Further, you have options to inscribe additional features and coatings on the cosmetic box display packaging that will make your boxes look attractive and eye-captivating.

    We are offering cosmetic display boxes customization in any shape, size, color, coating, and printing technique according to your choice. So, avail this amazing opportunity today, and we have packaging experts talented enough to cater your all packaging needs.  

    Our cosmetic display boxes will assist customers to buy your cosmetics instantly. Moreover, it provides an ease to customers in selecting their choice colors and fragrances easily.

    If you are looking for an expert printing company that knows what’s new in the industry and market, then you have come to the right place. We will make your custom cosmetic boxes just the way you want them to be. Our cosmetic display boxes are well crafted and secure for encasing your delicate cosmetic products.

    Cosmetic Display Boxes for Various Business Categories

    We provide cosmetic display boxes for every cosmetic category. Some of them are as follows:

    Eyeliner Display Boxes

    You always need an awesome box to encase your eyeliners. We offer printing of eyeliner display boxes in all types of cardstocks. If you require them done on a Kraft card stock, we can do that too. You can convey to us your elegant display box design for eyeliner boxes; our experts can do it for you.

    Lip liner

    The lip liner looks awesome in display boxes. Avail our punch inserted display box packaging for encasing your lip liners. 

    Nail paints

    Our display boxes are amazingly designed to fit small cosmetic items, such as nail art, nail polishes, and nail kits. So, encase your nail cosmetics in our stand-up custom display box.

    Lipstick Display Boxes

    The lipstick display packaging plays a good role in increasing your sales, so make it look awesome to your customers by inscribing graphics. The experts in our company provide creative lipstick display box designs for making your lipstick packaging look wonderful and attractive to the consumers. 

    Highlighter Display Boxes

    Avail our durable and attractive highlighter display boxes for encasing your delicate highlighting products. If you are a manufacturer of highlighter, don’t worry about the outlook of your display box. Get in touch with us.

    Lotion Bottle Display Boxes

    Lotions display boxes should be floral and elegant in outlook; it helps to achieve great sales. Try to introduce your lotion products in bright color display packaging. Our high-tech printing options will make your lotion boxes look unique and eye-captivating.

    Serum Display Boxes

    Encase your serum bottles into our beautifully designed display packaging. We offer corrugated serum display boxes to protect your serums nicely. We offer the finest quality serum packaging as per your needs.

    Perfume Display Boxes

    We’re here to proffer you with top quality perfume display boxes that protect the perfumes and keeps the product safe from heat or pollutants. You can also convey your design ideas or let us design it according to your instructions. 

    Hair Spray Display Boxes

    We provide awesome hair spray display boxes to showcase your hair sprays in the most exciting ways. Avail our staircase display packaging to encase your hair spray bottles. 

    Shower Gel Display Boxes

    You can encase shower gels in our vertical display packaging. Avail our thematic display boxes to showcase your shower gels.

    Popular Styles of Cosmetic Display Boxes

    The following are some of the popular styles of cosmetic display boxes which we offer:

    Stand Up Cosmetic Display Box

    The stand-up cosmetic display box is a great box-style for your cosmetics. You can encase your lipsticks, nail paints, etc. in stand up display boxes. You can position these display boxes at the counter. However, positioning the display boxes over the counter is always a great way to make better impulsive sales.

    Small Cardboard Cosmetic Display Boxes

    The small cosmetic display boxes help in displaying the cosmetic products on the countertop. As they are placed on the countertops will force the customers to purchase. With this, the cosmetic products will automatically attract the customers towards them. However, these countertop presentation cosmetic display boxes greatly boost your sales.

    Pop-Up Lid Cosmetic Display Boxes

    Pop-up lid cosmetic display boxes comprise of a perfect display lid. It gives an amazing look at the products and is ideal for attracting attention. However, these display lid boxes are awesome for storing cosmetic products that need a quick glance and need to be sold quickly.

    Vertical Cosmetic Display Boxes

    The vertical cosmetic display box comprises a good amount of space to encase your shower gels, lotions, serums. Etc. You can nicely encase your cosmetics in vertical display boxes.

    Punch Inserted Cosmetic Display Boxes

    The punch inserted cosmetic display boxes comprise of various punch inserts. You can encase your lipsticks, nail paints, eyeliners, etc. in our punch inserted cosmetic display boxes.

    Perforated Cosmetic Display Boxes

    The perforated cosmetic display boxes look attractive. The perforation feature increases the appearance of the display box. So, you can nicely encase your perfumes, lip liners, eyeliner, nail paints, lipsticks in perforated cosmetic display boxes. 

    Staircase Cosmetic Display Boxes

    Staircase cosmetic display boxes have polished edges for an elegant look. This kind of display box looks very attractive. You can place your various kind of cosmetic products in the staircase display box.

    Important Features You Need to Look for Buying Awesome Cosmetic Display Boxes

    Win Your Customer’s Loyalty via Availing Our Amazing Material Display Boxes

    There is no doubt that the design and outlook of the packaging matters. But when your customer holds the box in their hands, only then you can either win their loyalty or lose it. Therefore, material plays a major role. Make your cosmetic display boxes great by selecting the right material; we offer the following: 

    Cardstock Cosmetic Display Box 

    Cardstock material is thicker than standard writing material but lighter than other paperboards. For display purposes, it is a good choice for showcasing cosmetic products. 

    Eco-Friendly Kraft Cosmetic Display Box 

    Kraft is one of the most wanted materials in the market. You can also make your cosmetic display boxes eco-friendly through this material. The best aspect is that it does not cause to the environment. 

    Corrugated Cosmetic Display Box

    If you have to send your cosmetic display packaging boxes to international markets, then you need something strong and sturdy. When such is the case, we recommend corrugated material. They are suitable for the purpose. 

    Rigid Cosmetic Display Box

    Rigid material’s minimum thickness ranges up to 32 pt. In other words, you can use this material for long-distance transportation of cosmetic display boxes or for a better impression on the audience.  

    You Can Make Your Cosmetic Display Box Eye-Catching with the Help of Add-Ons

    Additional features are a treat for packaging. They will make your cosmetic display boxes noticeable and presentable so that when passer-by moves through your products, they stop to inquire more. We at The Product Boxes offers the following add-ons, have a look: 

    • Spot UV 
    • Embossing and Debossing 
    • Foiling 
    • PVC Sheet 
    • Window Cut

    These are a few of the options available. If you have anything else in mind, share it with us, and we make it for you. 

    Coating Will Never Disappoint Your Packaging

    The coating is essential. It does justice to your brand by providing protection as well as grace to the cosmetic boxes wholesale. So which coating will you use for the purpose? We have the following:  

    Matte Coating

    Somehow plain coating gives off a firm look but soft to touch. That’s its specialty. For a royal look, you can opt this for your display box. 

    Gloss Coating

    If you want your cosmetic display box to shine in the sun, then go with this coating. It adds a layer on the box that reflects light and gives off energetic vibes. 

    Select the Best Manufacturing Style for Your Box 

    The manufacturing style for your cosmetic display boxes dictates how you will be getting the box and how you can place the stuff inside it. We offer the given styles. Take a look: 

    • Gluing
    • Perforation
    • Scoring
    • Die-Cutting

    Avail Our Amazing Services

    We at The Product Boxes, our first and foremost target is to achieve customer satisfaction. To achieve the desired initial target, a lot of factors come into play, and self-promotion is one of them. 

    Our highly-qualified and top-notch designers provide cosmetic display boxes by focusing on every little detail and pursuit perfection to help with the advertisement. 

    So avail our decent and well-tailored cosmetic display boxes. Therefore, they will not only help you in the sales of cosmetic products, but they also become a source of great advertisement for you. 

    Just pick your phone up and call one of our representatives and place your order right now…!

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