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One of the best ways to choose the right printing and packaging boxes solution is by choosing boxes by style. Our box by style section contains various ready-made templates that help you narrow down your search for the perfect packaging.

We offer various options to help you start designing your custom packaging, including our blank templates and die-cut templates. You can also find inspiration by talking to our customer care representatives.

However, why not give our box-by-style selection a look to get started.

Our options include:

Let’s go over each of these options and see how they can benefit you.

Custom Bottom Closure Boxes

To ensure product protection while keeping the wholesale product packaging relatively simple, we recommend opting for custom bottom closure boxes. 

This custom product packaging features a bottom flap that is permanently glued to the main body of the box. This type of closure secures the product inside and eliminates the need for tape or other fasteners.

Custom CD Covers

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to package your CDs, then our custom CD covers are a great option.

You can control the size and shape of the custom CD covers and make something that stands out from the rest of the competition while ensuring your CDs are packaged safely.

This type of packaging features a sleeve that slides over the CD and is secured with adhesive strips. The cover can be designed to showcase your product in a variety of ways, including using die-cuts, spot UV finishes, and more.

Custom Figure & Pattern Boxes

If you’re looking for a unique way to showcase your product, our custom figure & pattern boxes are a great option.

These boxes are made to order and can be customized to your specifications. You can choose from a variety of figure and pattern designs. Some of our most popular custom shapes are:

  • Stars
  • Hearts 
  • Circles, and more.

Custom Fold & Assemble Boxes

If you’re looking for an easy way to package your product, our custom fold & assemble boxes are a great option.

These boxes require no glue or tape to assemble and can be folded into place in minutes. The retailers especially prefer this packaging style because they can pack the products quickly and easily. 

The best part is that these boxes can be customized to your specifications, including the size, shape, and design. 

Furthermore, you can print various custom designs and experiment with various color schemes for the interior and exterior of the packaging. 

Custom Rectangular Boxes

When you want to showcase your product in a simple yet elegant packaging solution, custom rectangular boxes are one of the best options. 

These boxes don’t have fancy curves. However, they offer a stable base for many add-ons. Thus, you can create exclusive designs that are specific to your brand. 

One of the best features to combine with custom rectangular boxes is the die-cut. Introducing die-cuts helps elevate the packaging to the next level. Furthermore, since the base is a simple rectangular box, the custom die-cut shapes look even more impressive. 

Hence, custom rectangular boxes may look simple. Yet they can become one of the most visually appealing packaging solutions in your repertoire. 

Custom Showcase Exhibit Boxes

When you want to exhibit your products on retail shelves with a certain panache, custom showcase exhibit boxes are one of your best choices. 

These boxes are made to display your boxes attractively. They do this by using various ways. You can design custom showcase exhibit boxes with hanging tabs to hang your packaging in retail shops. Furthermore, by incorporating a window patch, you can ensure that the customers fully view the products inside the packaging. 

However, that is not all. You can design custom showcase exhibit boxes with open sides that allow customers easy product removal.

The sky is the limit for making custom showcase exhibit boxes.

Custom Top Closure Boxes

Custom top closure boxes allow you to make boxes that have a lid and a base. The lid is attached to the base using a permanent adhesive.

This type of closure is popular because it creates a more secure packaging solution. The product can’t be removed without opening the box, which is great for fragile products.

You can choose to decorate your wholesale product packaging in various ways. Your creative expression has more ways to manifest itself with custom top closure boxes. You can cover the lid in a specific design and make a complimentary design on the base. 


Remember, when creating custom product packaging and choosing box by style, it is vital to consider what you want your final product to look like 

Are you looking for a simple, elegant option? Do you want something that will stand out on retail shelves? Or are you looking for a unique way to package your product?

Once you know the answer to this question, it becomes much easier to choose the right style of box for your needs. With so many different types of boxes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your product.


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