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Wax Melt Boxes with Inserts

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Wax Melt Clamshell Packaging

Small products that make the decorations complete as well as illuminated are very worthy, and one similar product is candle wax melt. So, these sorts of products also need to be packed inside auspicious packaging solutions. However, to capture more share of the market, it is also essential to present your products in a way that your audience loves to see. Due to all these reasons, we create packaging boxes for wax melts that are really attention-seeking. As we utilize our spellbound themes and trendy visuals the final look of these boxes becomes breathtaking for the viewers. So, you only need to contact us to get a free quote for your wax melt boxes.

Grant protective shelter to candle wax melt with our exclusive boxes

Whether you are running a small business or you are a big brand, in both cases, you need to pack the candle wax melt in a way that these would get noticed. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to generate as much as you expect. It means the luxurious packaging makes sure to get more and more sales. By keeping all these facts in mind, we produce compatible wax melt box packaging. These boxes are custom-designed and help the candle brands get more customer impressions on their products. On the other hand, the stylish packaging also helps the products in reserving the prominent shelf places. However, all of the design elements are incorporated in the final template of candle packaging boxes after customer approval. 

Attractions that make your products presentable in retail outlets

All and sundry know well that the presentation of products is really a crucial factor. Especially when your product is going to compete among a number of rival products, then the outer look matters a lot. Due to this reason brands highly require custom wax melt boxes that contain the following mentioned features. 

Number of customizable color combinations

Color contrast and combinations create relevancy of the product with the selling brand. And that is the reason we offer the brands to select the color themes of their wax melt advent calendar packaging as per their choice. It would reflect their brand identity and also create product recognition in the market. 

Artwork that reflects your brand specifications

The second thing which elevates the essence of appeal is the artwork or design of packaging boxes for wax melts. Every brand knows well that there are few brand-related symbols and trademarks. All these things need to be shown on the face of the boxes. So, our designers are there to assist the brands about how wisely they can use their brand symbols and other information in packaging design. 

Dimensions that fit your candle wax melt

The sizes and shapes of candle wax melts also vary and that is the reason the box size also needs variety. Because if you pack a small size candle wax melt in a big box then it would be damaged due to the loose box. Contrary to this, if you pack it in a very tight box then the chance of spoilage at the time of unboxing is too high. So, you need a size of wax melt box packaging that fit to your product size, not a loose or tight. 

Design that differentiates your products

Now, the design, which contains your brand name, logo, symbol and even the shape, helps to distinguish your products from other brands’ products. It means the covering and packaging of any product need to be alluring as well as customized. That’s the reason you can find freedom of expression and communication when you are placing your order of wax melt packaging boxes wholesale with us. 

All the above-mentioned features help the brands to stand out on the retail shelves with their exclusively created packaging boxes for wax melts. However, our discounts and quantity offers make these packaging solutions pocket-friendly for you. It means if you want to endow a stylish look to your candle wax melt then you are at the right place. 

Variations of wax melt packaging boxes that we made for you 

In addition to all the above-mentioned packaging solutions, we also offer the brands to choose any type of wax melt packaging that we create. Here are a few of the best-selling sort of custom candle boxes that fit your needs. However, you can also customize these boxes as per your brand needs and requirements. 

  • Counter display wax melt boxes
  • Wax melt packaging boxes with windows
  • Wax melt gift box packaging
  • Wax Melt Clamshell Packaging
  • Wax Melt Boxes with Inserts
  • Individual Wax Melt Packaging
  • Christmas Wax Melt Boxes
  • Bookend boxes for candle wax melt

So, it totally depends upon your wish or packaging needs to select any of the above-mentioned types of candle wax melt packaging. However, if the brands require wax melt sample box packaging then we would also print a sample for approval. 

Additional options to make your packaging more luxurious

In addition to custom designing of the packaging boxes for wax melts we also offer the perfect finishing. To complete the look of these packaging solutions in a branded way, we design a number of add-ons that upgrade the look of your boxes. 

Embossing and debossing for the names

It is a kind of engraving or raised surface that is used to print the brand name and any other noticeable information on the boxes. 

Metallic foiling for symbols and logos

Another way of granting the luxurious touch to the text of individual wax melt packaging is metallic foiling that presents the logos and symbols on the boxes in metallic shades. 

Gloss and matte finishing

A crystal clear coating is applied on the box to make it like a glass and when the light touches the box it starts shining. However, matte finishing or coating grants a smooth surface to the box that is not reflective. 

Spot UV lamination

If you want to add the gloss shining to a specific area of wax melt box packaging then the spot UV lamination would be a favorable option for you. 

Additional protection options to keep candle wax melt safe

The additional add-ons that we offer are not only related to glorifying the outer look. We also care about the protection of your sensitive candle wax melts, and that’s why we offer additional protection options for individual wax melt packaging, such as:

Use of dividers inside the boxes

Those brands that sell more than one candle wax melt in a wax melt gift box packaging need dividers to place each candle separately. So, we offer them to create custom dividers that save these wax melts from collapsing inside the boxes. 

Trays that keep the candle wax melting away from the base of boxes

To avoid the contact of candle wax melts to the base of the wax melt boxes, you can use the trays. 

Bubble sheets 

If you need to protect your products during the transit or at the time of loading or unloading then the bubble sheets would be the suitable option. 

Wraps made up of corrugation material

These wraps are also designed to enhance the protection of the candles and make the candle packaging boxes more durable or long-lasting. 

These options are enough to make your wax melt packaging as protective as you think. So, these are the reasons that make us one-stop solution providers for the boxes and packaging of branded products. 

Choose us to enjoy our smooth service till the delivery of wax melt boxes

There are a lot of features of our service that make us one of the top brands for your candle packaging boxes. First of all, we offer full-fledged customization options that allow the brands to freely add or remove any design element from their wax melt packaging design. Second is the smooth ordering process that saves you precious time and effort. Moreover, the affordable prices that we offer for wax melt packaging boxes wholesale. And, if you want to grab all these offers, then you are only required to fill out the quotation form or contact our sales personnel. Our sales team is available for the clients around the clock. So, place your order with us for your next packaging solution and enjoy the free shipment. 

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