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The folder sellers are always in need of the look of their presentation folders that grab assails and passersby from the shelves and counters. However, in order to help influence purchases, these appealing presentation folders are quite helpful. For this purpose, we offer not only high-quality but also impressively designed custom presentation folders for our clients. However, our clients also find us a one-stop shop for the best presentation folder printing with custom detailing. This quality makes us one of the best-selling brands for presentation folders. So, if you want to grant a polished and professional look to your presentation folders, then you are at the right place. You are only required to contact our sales representative for further details and to fill out a quotation. 

Provide a put-together appeal to your custom presentation folders

There are a number of brands that need to add their required design and detailing to look like custom business folders. So, we are here to offer the brands the opportunity to come and create their brand-specific presentation folders. However, a team of proficient designers who can give expert advice on each design element is always available for you. In this way, the final look of your folders becomes more brand-related and out of competition. On the other hand, we take every step with the approval of our clients while producing the presentation folders, and it makes our products error-free. 

Customization options that help organize and impress as well

We offer our customers the option to come and customize the front-side, backside, and even the pockets of 2 pocket folders. This customization is all-inclusive, designing the folders from scratch to add-ons. This would give complete freedom to the brands who need to have their presentation folders in their demanded style and versions. This is the way in which brands can easily showcase their professionalism as well as their brand identity. To understand the process of creating customized presentation folders, here are a few details. 

Designing that helps to create a strong impression

We have hired a team of professional designers who are experts in turning your imaginary designs into reality. However, when it comes to designing custom printed folders, our customers get the following options. 

  • Advance designing and detailing options
  • Utilization of various icons and graphics
  • Use of interactive fold-out elements
  • Typography that creates an auspicious look
  • Patterns and textures that amplify presentation folders

All these design elements provide us with a competitive edge over our rivals. Also, make your presentation folders more advanced and well-printed. 

Open limitless dimensions and sizes

We know well that the clients require their folders in different sizes and dimensions. So, in order to create their custom folders with logos in their required dimensions, we offer them the ability to communicate with our team. A few of the options that we offer are discussed below. 

  • Die-cut folders
  • Standard cutting 
  • Pocket size folder
  • Slipcase folder
  • Custom size folder

So, if you want to create any special size folder with a special closure option, then we are here for you. You are only required to tell our team about the details of your requirements, and we will turn your imagination into reality. 

Different printing options that help to mesmerize the presentation folder

In order to make your presentation folders stand out from the crowd, we offer various printing options that are listed here. 

  • Full-color printing 
  • CMYK colour options
  • Spot UV coating
  • Foil stamping 
  • Embossing and debossing

These features make your custom presentation folders more innovative and trendy as well. 

Finish your customized presentation folder design with our add-ons

In order to grant a finished look to Office Depot folders, we offer a number of add-on options. However, the clients are also free to choose the required options to finish their folders as per their own requirements and needs. Here, we listed a few of such add-ons that are available at “The product boxes”.

  • Matte or glossy coating
  • Perforation
  • Use of metallic shades for text
  • UV coating
  • Metallic closures 
  • Index tabs
  • Spine attachment
  • Belly bands

In addition to these, we also offer the clients the opportunity to communicate their required finishing options to our designers. So, we would annex such add-ons to their folders. 

Why do you need to contact us for custom file folders?

There are a lot of functional aspects that are already discussed in the above details, which we offer for custom presentation folders. In addition to this, there are also some elements of our services that make us one of the popular sellers of paper folders. Have a look at such key elements of our services. 

  • On-time delivery of packaging products to your doorsteps

We provide the facility of on or before-time delivery of the folders to your doorsteps. However, you can also provide us with the destination where you need these folders, and we send your products there per our promised duration. 

  • Affordable pricing for presentation folders wholesale

Prices and cost are always a major concern for those brands who need a folder that fits their budgetary needs. That is the reason for custom bulk: we offer special discounted prices and cost reductions. 

  • No hidden or extra charges for design assistance

Another amazing aspect of our packaging production is that we offer free design assistance to our clients. It means we never charge our clients any hidden costs for providing them with design help on the latest trends of presentation folder printing. This is also a plus point for clients who need to know about the latest design trends for folders. 

  • Durable printing with all possible and advanced printing options

We use top-quality inks and the latest printing options for printing for presentation folders wholesale. It would ultimately grant an amazing look to the folders and make them eye-catching.

  • Sample printing and sending to the client

To avoid design errors, we print the sample and send it to our clients for approval. This would make both of us aware of the little errors prior to printing the whole job. 

  • Custom selections in terms of material, design and add-ons

Last but not least is the choice of various choices that start from material and end on the add-ons. So, this freedom can make the task of designing tax folders completely fun. 

All these offers not only facilitate our clients in getting exactly what they need in terms of custom presentation folders but also make us famous in the industry. So, you are only required to fill out the quotation form, and then your presentation folders are just a click away from you. 

Contact us to get your paper folders as per your demand

All the above-discussed facts show that the custom presentation folders that we offer would be able to meet your requirements. So, do not waste any more time, and place your order with us right now. We can deliver your folders to your required location within the duration that we promise. However, we offer amazing discounts to clients who need cheap presentation folders that suit to their budget.

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