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Endow the powerful appearance to your apparel product line with our custom apparel boxes

Clothing is one of the basic needs of our daily life, and that is one of the biggest reasons the demand for clothes is always at its peak. Such immense competition creates a huge demand for apparel and clothes. And these scenarios ultimately upscale the competition in the clothing industry. So, with all other factors, the brands are required to pay their full attention to the looks of their clothing and fashion apparel.

So, in this context, the custom clothing boxes provide limitless ways to present the clothes in front of the audience. However, the unique shapes and styles of this custom apparel packaging also help the brands in creating a positive brand image in the market. In addition to this, the ultimate protection is also awarded to the clothing when it is packed inside the custom packaging for clothing.

So, if you are a brand that gets bored by the use of generic packaging solutions, then you need to find the apparel boxes near me that are fabricated by the use of customization. These custom options are quite beneficial for the brands to upgrade the looks of their clothing products. Moreover, it is also essential to find out the perfect packaging brand for custom apparel boxes. So, we are here to serve the brands with our marvelous as well as customizable collection of luxury apparel boxes. 

Countless benisons of our custom apparel boxes

We offer highly customizable as well as top-notch clothing boxes for apparel brands. These boxes are quite suitable for the overall clothing product line of any clothing brand. Moreover, as a provider of apparel packaging boxes, we consider all the specific design needs of our clients. Here are a few amazing benefits that our packaging solution entails for your clothing products. 

  • Help to boost your brand awareness and recognition in the market.
  • Endow complete and deliberate protection to your product line.
  • Turn your imaginative design into reality.
  • Help to double the sale volume, along with earning customer loyalty.

So, these key benefits make our custom apparel packaging the first choice for clothing brands. However, we also never compromise with the packaging quality, and that is the reason the results of printing look more impressive on your custom printed apparel boxes. On the other hand, you can find the best design team who is well aware of the latest packaging trend in your industry. This quality of our packaging service makes us one of the leading brands for custom packaging for clothing. 

Material option for the custom clothing boxes 

At “The Product Boxes”, you can find a number of options in terms of packaging material. However, we deal in all types of cardstock options for apparel packaging boxes. A few of our common material options are discussed below. 

  • The cardboard material for the variation of thickness.
  • Corrugation material that comes with zigzag flutes of different sizes.
  • Rigid material for granting a lovable presentation to the boxes.
  • Eco-friendly material options for clothing sellers who need to pack their products with green packaging. 

These materials are available with all possible alterations that are needed by clothing brands. So, they are allowed to use the best of the best quality material according to their product packaging requirements. 

Printing that takes your apparel packaging boxes to the next level

The brands can find out-of-the-ordinary as well as the latest custom printing options for the custom apparel boxes that would grant a vibrant outlook to the packaging. In order to make the printing on the packaging long-lasting or durable, we use various sorts of lamination and coatings. So the printing of the boxes and designs do not fade. However, we offer our customers the following options in terms of printing the custom apparel packaging, and they can choose their required one.

  • Full-color printing of the custom packaging for clothing.
  • CMYK and PMS color combination.
  • Metallic color printing for the luxury apparel boxes. 
  • Foiling options for information printing.

However, we prefer to use the latest software base printing technologies, but on customer demand, we can also print custom apparel boxes with logo with screen printing and flexo-printing options. And this is the beauty of our service, which makes our customers more satisfied with our custom clothing boxes. So, you can freely place your order with us to get all these benefits as soon as possible. We also offer simple-looking boxes that are black apparel boxes with metallic shades of design. 

Outstanding structural dimensions of the custom clothing boxes

The most amazing transformation option for apparel packaging boxes is the custom shaping dimensions. Just imagine a product packed inside an ordinary rectangular shape box and a same product packed inside an out-of-ordinary suitcase shape or pyramid box. 

It is obvious that the charm of the custom shaped box is much more than an ordinary box. So, you can get a number of shaping options when you explore our collection of luxury apparel boxes. It means you are only required to visit “The Product Boxes” and boost the visual appeal of your custom apparel boxes right now. 

In addition to this, we also offer custom t shirt boxes with out-of-ordinary shaping dimensions. However, these boxes are a piece of art in the looks of luxurious printing. 

Variation with a product specification for the custom apparel boxes

All and one knows well that the product line of the clothing brands is sometimes variant and require more specification in terms of packaging. There are brands that offer clothing for both men and women who need distinctive packaging for both product lines. 

So, we are here as a one-stop shop for all sorts of custom clothing boxes whether you require it for men’s, women’s and kids. It means you can find full-fledged custom apparel boxes with logo for all of your products at affordable prices. Therefore, if you want to provide a lavish look to fashion apparel with luxury apparel boxes, then you are required to contact us.

Reasons that bound apparel brands to choose us for packaging

The benefits that are explained in detail are enough to understand the core features of our custom apparel boxes. In addition to such boxes, we also offer high-quality as well as custom shoe boxes. Moreover, our product packaging solutions come with the following features that make them preferable for the clients.  

Quality is our first priority.

From the selection of the packaging material to the fabrication of custom apparel boxes, we prioritize selecting outstanding quality materials, inks and finishing. So, we never compromise on the quality of the boxes. 

Cost-efficient and affordable 

One most impressive benefits of choosing us as your packaging supplier are the affordable prices that we offer for the apparel boxes wholesale. However, we also never add any sort of hidden charges or extra-cost in the overall prices of the packaging. Moreover, we are also one of the best sellers for apparel shipping boxes at amazing prices. 

Contact us for your next custom apparel boxes

If you are searching for the perfect vendor for your apparel boxes wholesale, then you are at the right place. We offer all-above mentioned custom apparel boxes at the most reasonable prices for our clients. So, you only require contacting our sales representative online to place your order with us. 

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