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Gift cards can be perfect gifts and to top it off, comes the gift card packaging boxes. Splendid presentation for these meaningful gifts can transform the whole experience for the receivers. We, at The Product Boxes, manufacture elegant gift card boxes for our many clients. Gift card boxes come in all different settings.

From variable sizes to variable box shapes and designs, these boxes can make the gift cards perfect for every occasion. How? By ensuring an appropriate as well as meaningful and beautiful presentation. We have access to premium resources that let us create exceptionally performing boxes for gift cards.

Using customizations, we can develop unique boxes for every different kind of gift card. So whether it is a shopping gift card or travel gift card, you will have a perfect box for its packaging. To order custom gift card boxes in wholesale, you can rely on The Product Boxes.

Presenting Gift Cards in Exceptionally Premium Boxes

Gift-giving is one of the oldest trends in human history with the constant evolution in ways and styles. Gift packaging is a constitutive component of every gift. Our great gift card packaging boxes are precisely according to the demands and needs of the customers.

We come up with many innovative and unique boxes for the gifts that are also splendid. Using these boxes can transform the value of the gift cards for the best.

We come forth with Many Customizations for Gift Card Boxes.

Creation of the boxes is fairly simple. However, with many variables, it becomes possible to create different types of boxes for other uses. We rely on these variables and as a result, create boxes for specific uses.

You get to decide on all these variables when you order custom gift card boxes from us. When we let our clients have these choices, they get to order the boxes in designs they want. Following are the key customizations that we offer to our clients for the production of outstanding boxes.

Variable Materials

We believe, without premium materials, it is not possible to actually create a premium box. This is why we only prefer premium-grade materials for the production of gift card boxes. Understanding the real value of gift-giving, we are able to offer equally valued packaging solutions.

For materials, we have quite some options including, but not limited to, plastic, paper, paper-stock, kraft, cork and cardboard. However, Our primary preference for packaging boxes revolves around eco-friendly materials. This helps us create sustainable packaging solutions for gift cards.

Variable Box Shapes

The gift cards are almost in somewhat similar shape. However, this should not be the case for the packaging boxes for these gift cards. Why? Because it is equally possible to package these gift cards in differently shaped boxes. Why do we offer so many shapes for gift card boxes? Because it maintains the element of surprise for the gift-receivers.

So, when you use a unique shape for the gift cards packaging box, you surely will surprise your family or friend with the gift. Gift-guessing-games is almost as fun as the gifts are.

Any Size is Possible

At Product Packaging, we focus on creating perfect packaging solutions for our clients. Our customizations let our clients order packaging boxes for gift cards, in the sizes they want. This helps quite much in making the ordeal alluring for your loved ones.

You can go for either small gift card boxes that correctly package the gift cards or the large ones that require cushioning. Either way, the overall gift becomes much more than what it actually is.

Our exceptional Printing Technologies offer excellence.

When it comes to the presentation using boxes, nothing matters as much as the print on these boxes. We let our clients print these boxes in the ways they want. Our outstanding and latest technological resources allow us to create bright and vibrant gift card boxes. These prints last longer than the average printed box you get from the market.

We have resources to provide digital as well as offset printing services to our clients ordering boxes from us. These high-end printing technologies combined with premium-grade inks let us shine where others fade. We rely on Pantone Color Matching System to create consistent outcomes for every packaging order you entrust us with.

For clients with low-volume printing orders, we usually suggest digital printing. On the other hand, for larger volume orders, our offset printing offers perfect solutions. Still, the choice lies with our clients regarding the selection of the printing technique for the card boxes.

Multiple Coating-Options and Extra Features Available 

To protect, as well, to decorate the custom gift boxes even further, we provide different types of coatings. We maintain offering options for the coatings as well. We have options like UV Coating and wax coating to add a certain feel and appeal to these boxes. For gift boxes’ style, we believe, it can never be too much.

Therefore, we also introduce some additional features which can completely transform the presentation these boxes offer. Some of these additional features which you can choose for gift card boxes include; Foil Stamping, Spot UV, embossing and debossing.

Why Choose Us?

Product Packaging offers product-centric packaging solutions. Our aim is always the satisfaction of our clients. This aim makes our vision clear for what we can and what we must do to entertain our clients. We understand the basic needs of packaging.

Therefore, we are always able to offer packaging boxes that let your business shine. In this age of competition, our competitive boxes always manage a competitive edge for your business.

Many of our clients order for premium grade boxes only as they benefit a great deal from these boxes. Using these boxes, you get to satisfy your customers.

We Offer Prototypes as Proof of Quality

For our existing clients, prototypes rarely make any difference. Why? Because we develop a relationship of trust with clients who rely on our services. However, to those clients who want to know what their boxes will be like, we manufacture prototypes and samples. These prototypes are an exact copy of the final boxes you will get.

Our Gift Cards are Cost-Effective

When it comes to charging our customers for premium packaging solutions we create, we charge significantly less. Aiming for better consumer experience, we believe, is not possible without reasonably charging those consumers. Therefore, it does not matter how premium you want your boxes to be; you always will have to pay only what is reasonable.


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