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Grant visual power to your products with our custom made boxes

“Start customizing your product packaging with us and enjoy the flexibility”

We proudly say that we are one of the expert sources for designing and printing your custom made boxes. We offer customization that is really up to the mark, as our designers are equipped with the following skills. 

  • Advance designing skills and approaches.
  • Customer-centric approaches.
  • Aware of the latest packaging trend of specific industries.
  • Informed about the latest printing technologies and their efficient use. 

All this expertise helps us to provide our client with custom made packaging boxes that would easily meet product-specific needs. On the other hand, these boxes also grant a distinctive outlook to the products. In addition to this, we also construct every inch of the packaging as per customer demand. So, the brands really enjoy the flexible customization options while they design their custom made box with us. 

Be creative by getting our design expertise

All and sundry knows that ordering custom printed boxes online is quite easy, but it is really hard to find the right vendor for these packaging solutions. And if the brands are not having experience dealing with online packaging vendors, then maybe they would face disappointment. But if you place your custom made retail boxes order with “The Product Boxes,” you will never face disappointment. The reason is our expert staff and team resolve the queries of clients at each step of the creation of boxes. 

So, in this way, the chances of errors in designing and detailing are eliminated to a minimum. On the other hand, we also offer sampling and template testing prior to going for full-job printing. In this way, we would save you time and money, and errors would be eliminated at the sampling stage. These things made our packaging products creative and up to the mark for the clients. 

A few other designing options that we offer to our clients are custom die-cutting designs and printing of personalized information. These options help the brands in adding more fuel to glorify their custom boxes made in the USA. 

We assort the material choices that brands can pick up

At “The Product Boxes,” the process of customization started with the selection of the righteous packaging material. We deal in all types of cardstock options, and these are also available to the customer’s desire. In addition to this, we also offer brands to create their packaging cardstock on their requirement. Some additional material options that brands would get by placing their order with us are listed below. 

  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • Kraft material
  • Cardboard material
  • Rigid material
  • Paper material
  • Corrugation material

So the brands are totally free to select the material for their custom made boxes for products. And these material options are readily available at our site for the clients. 

Our process made box customization easy for brands

We design a smooth and easy to go designing process for our clients who place their custom made cardboard boxes with us. In order to make the process of customization easy to understand, we divide this process into steps. Here are the steps that you need to complete in order to place your custom made shipping boxes with us.

  • Select the sizes and box dimensions for custom made boxes.
  • Share the artwork and design, if any.
  • Design the boxes with our proficient designers.
  • Decide the material out-of-material options
  • Add-on selection if you need.

By completing all these steps, the brands can easily place their order with us. However, you can also search for our online collection of wholesale custom made boxes that help you to break all the barriers of packaging customization. 

Services that make custom made boxes attainable smoothly

Now you are well aware of the boxes custom made that you get from our site. Moreover, to understand the services that we offer for the attainment of packaging, here is the detail. 

Free shipment and on-time shipment

We care for the budgetary burden of our clients, so we do not charge anything additional for the shipment of packaging solutions. On the other hand, we deliver all the packaging products to the client’s location on time. Hardly would it take 8 to 10 business days to send the order of the client to their doorsteps.  

Affordability and suitability 

As we already discussed above, our shipment is totally free of cost, so this makes our packaging solutions more affordable for the clients. On the other hand, we also deal in eco-friendly packaging materials, which can help you in creating sustainability in the market. So, you can get these packaging solutions and enjoy affordable as well as sustainable product packaging. 

Designing as per customer product needs

To break all the barriers of customization, we offer our clients to share their imaginative designs. And our designers would help them in turning such designs into reality. So, in the end, they would get what they actually require in terms of custom made boxes. 

Our boxes reflect your brand image easily

Every brand has some information to print on the boxes, so we offer them to print their packaging details with prestige. And for this purpose, we design amazing printing options.

  • Ink-raised designing.
  • Letterpress.
  • Foil-stamping.
  • Embossing 
  • Debossing

All such printing options are easily available for any type of custom packaging. And it would also help the brands in creating a distinctive image in their industry. 

What more have we offered?

In addition to the above services, there are also some impressive features of our packaging services. Let’s explore all such features together in further detail. 

Low minimum quantity orders

Unlike other packaging brands, we also facilitate minimum orders that are more than 100 boxes. However, minimum quantity order is also created at “The Product Boxes” with the same procedure. We promise the brands to deliver the packaging with the best quality. On the other hand, we also facilitate rush orders for clients who need their packaging in the shortest turnaround. 

Ensure the quality of each box

Our quality assurance department is also created to ensure that every box must meet the standards that are defined by the clients. And if any box fails to meet that standard, then it is rejected and not sent to the client. This step ensures that every box that we create is up to the mark. 

Few additional perks

In the end, our clients would also get additional options that make the custom made boxes more appealing and protective for the products. A few of such additional options are listed below. 

  • Gloss and matte effect for custom made jewelry box. Corrugation wraps and bubble sheets for custom made speaker boxes.
  • Laminations and coatings for the product packaging. 

So, all these options made the final look of the boxes more interesting and out of the crowd. However, it is totally up to the client to use these options or not to use these options. 

Contact us to get out-of-crowd custom boxes made in USA

Now after understanding our custom made boxes and services that we offer. It is time to place your order with us and get the required packaging solutions as soon as possible.

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