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Custom Retail Packaging Boxes Wholesale

You can embrace the outlook of your products by availing of our custom printed retail boxes. We at TheProductBoxes offer high-quality retail packaging in which you can encase amazing products. Our retail boxes assist businesses in various domains like food and beverages, cosmetics, sports, software, medicine, apparel, jewelry, and others, who want to showcase their products elegantly.

We offer different kinds of retail boxes like rigid, corrugated, folding cartons, etc. You can encase your retail products in these kinds of boxes in order to make them look fabulous. We at TheProductBoxes proffer high-quality retail boxes with a flexible and simple packaging solution. Our printing and retail packaging experts can help you in creating enticing custom retail packaging to fit the needs of your retail product requirements.

You can make custom printed retail boxes wholesale as a symbol of your business as they are best for your branding and can be modified as just you want them to. You can print your brand logo for the customers to identify and remember your product or brand. Moreover, you can add retail product details and features to custom retail boxes. For instance, if the retail box is used as a food box, then all the ingredients, weight, expiry, etc. of that food item can be specified in the food box. 

Moreover, if retail boxes are being used for encasing cell phones, they will comprise all the informative content about the applications and other features of that phone. However, luxury retail boxes can be customized with a die-cut window or window panes in order to enhance the visibility of products. We offer retail boxes in a distinctive, unique, and eye-catching way for your products.

Our retail boxes will assist you in packaging your retail products into elegant and eye-catchy retail boxes. The retail packaging is an important part of marketing your retail products, and it should represent your retail brand and the values your brand stands for. An elegant, useful, and efficient packaging goes a long way in positioning your brand in front of your target audience and also assist you in securing a competitive edge over your competitors.

Popular Styles for Retail Boxes

We at TheProductBoxes make retail boxes in a creative manner by adopting realistic designing and planning abilities. We offer amazing types of custom retail packaging wholesale. Therefore, it can be your gift wrap retail boxes, printed retail boxes, or your retail jewelry boxes for your business.

Let’s run through some popular retail box styles you can choose from:

  1. Regular Slotted Retail Boxes
  2. Full Over Lap Retail Boxes
  3. Tuck End Retail Boxes 
  4. Literature Mailer Retail Boxes 
  5. Auto Bottom Retail Boxes
  6. Tuck Flap Bottom Retail Boxes
  7. Tab Lock Retail Boxes 
  8. Multi-Depth Retail Boxes
  9. Double-Wall Retail Boxes
  10. Corrugated Cargo Retail Boxes

Win Your Customer’s Loyalty via Availing Our Amazing Material for Retail Boxes

To select the durable material for your retail packaging is an essential thing. We offer durable material for your retail products. If you don’t have knowledge about the retail boxes material, just don’t worry; our experts can guide you best in choosing the best material for your retail packaging.

The following are durable materials that we offer for retail boxes:

  • Kraft Retail Boxes
  • Cardboard Retail Boxes
  • Cardstock Retail Boxes
  • Eco-Friendly Paper Retail Boxes
  • Corrugated Retail Boxes
  • Rigid Retail Boxes

Transform Your Retail Boxes by Adding Additional Features.

You can also show up your retail boxes outlook amazingly by adding beautiful add on features. However, you can also convey to us your designed artwork. If you want any graphical printing additions, we can do it for you. The customers get attracted towards the outlook of the box more as compared to the inner product. 

For instance, for the cosmetic retail packaging, you can add up the floral imprints on the retail boxes. Because mostly the cosmetic products are used by the females as they love the outlook of the cosmetic boxes in floral texture more.

We offer the following additional features, which will help you to achieve your packaging outlook goals. The following are enticing add on which we offer:

  • Embossing.
  • Debossing.
  • Foiling.
  • Spot UV
  • Perforation.
  • Die-Cutting.
  • PVC Window.

Lock the Ink of Retail Boxes by adding on Lavish Coatings

To add coatings on the packaging is the essential step to enhance the outlook of the retail packaging. The coatings are really beneficial in order to protect the graphical printing ink of the retail boxes. Our experts do the coating on the boxes perfectly, so grab our wholesale retail boxes to encase your delicate retail products.

The following are some of the graceful coatings which we offer, and you can avail of to embrace the outlook of your retail boxes.

Matte Coating

The following are the features of the matte coating:

  • The matte coating is dull and shine-free.
  • It gives a smooth texture to the retail boxes.
  • The matte touch of the retail packaging will give your customers a great feel to grab the product in a few seconds.
  • This coating gives a deep color to the boxes.

Gloss Coating

  • The gloss coating gives retail packaging a nice glossy and shiny look.
  • This coating is smooth and reflects light beautifully.
  • The glossy coating looks really appealing to catch the eyes of people.
  • The gloss coating gives a luxurious feel to the outlook of the packaging.

Get Prototypes for your Retail Boxes

We offer amazing prototypes that you can ask for before placing your major order of the boxes. Thus, to better understand the requirements of the customers, we provide sample or prototype artworks in the form of:

  • 2D Sampling.
  • 3D Sampling.
  • Physical Sampling (Free Design Support).

Why Choose Us?

We at TheProductBoxes offer the most competent retail boxes with logo in which you can show up your products to the customers in the most graceful way. The greatest benefit of choosing us is that you can avail of the best pricing. We have competent estimators and a sales team who can derive a plan that is feasible for your pocket.

So, order from our company and get unmatched rates and great graphic designing services. So, hurry up, send a free quote right now…!


Q. Does the material of the box affect how my design of the retail box will look?

Absolutely yes, a material’s texture and the printing process used will always affect the final product. The matte textures and darker materials like kraft boxes will make printing colors and images darker and more subdued. At the same time, glossy and brighter materials will make colors brighter and more impactful. 

Q. What is the minimum order qty for retail boxes?

Normally MOQ is 100pcs for custom boxes. Please contact our sales representative for your inquiry.

Q. What if I don’t find the style of boxes from the given one on the website?

We are able to make a wide range of custom boxes exactly according to your requirement. But if you don’t find the exact style of boxes on our site, please email us the specifications we can do it for you.

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