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A complete and out-of-ordinary paper tube packaging product line

Advanced packaging solutions are much appreciated and demanded in most industries, and one of the popular packaging types is paper tubes. These tubes are used to pack a lot of products, including medicine, food, cosmetics and electronics. That is the reason we have created a complete design collection for paper tube packaging. In addition to this, we offer our clients to come and communicate their imaginary designs to our design team, and they would turn these designs into reality. So, if you are in search of a good and compatible packaging design for your products, then you are at the right place. 

Why do brands consider us one of the top paper tube packaging sellers?

We offer amazing options from scratch to finishing of paper tube packaging. And these offers make us one of the renowned packaging brands for our clients and industry as well. Such offers are discussed below:

We offer a variety of material options for custom paper tube packaging

We offer our clients the ability to choose the material of their paper tubes as per their needs and requirements. However, we also offer 100% recyclable paper material that would cause no harm to the environment. On the other hand, material selection is also totally dependent upon our clients. It means the client can freely choose their required packaging material. 

Fabricated to serve a wide variety of functions

Basically, the paper tubes are used to pack the products into cylindrical-shaped boxes that are termed tubes. These tubes are fabricated from wood pulp, and after a slight change in construction, you can make different varieties of paper material. Fiberboard, Kraft paper and paperboard are a few common examples of this material. In addition to this, these paperboard tubes are used for different functions as per the packaging needs of the brands and industries. Brands can use various cylindrical dimensions to manufacture their custom paper tubes for product packaging purposes. 

Available in a number of dimensions as per your packaging needs

The size of every product that is going to be packed inside the paper tubes is not the same. That is the reason the brand needs paper tubes in different dimensions as per their product size and structure. So, we offer them to tell our staff their required dimensions, and they will create the same. Every design that we offer to our clients is also customizable as per the brand’s needs, so you are just a click away from your packaging. 

We offer various types and forms of paper tube packaging

In order to match the quality of the packaging with the premium quality of the products, we offer the brands the choice of high-quality material along with the latest printing options. So, the final look of their dry powder paper tubes would be mesmerizing and provide an unbeatable display of the products. All these options ensure the premium look of the packaging that matches the display with the product’s quality. However, these packaging solutions are available at affordable prices. 

Customizable paper thickness as per client product packaging needs

Different paper materials are available on the market with distinctive thickness options, just like the thickness of cardboard and rigid materials, which are not the same. Moreover, the rigid material is available in various thickness options. So, we offer our clients to come and pick the thickness of their recyclable nuts tube packaging and any other tube packaging as per their choice. However, thicker material is used to pack fragile products, and less thick material is suitable for high-strength products. 

Latest and advanced printing options

At The Product Boxes brands can find excellent technology for printing their custom-printed paper packaging. We use advanced printing technology that reduces the chances of error in printing. On the other hand, high-quality inks that are more durable and long-lasting are used for printing. All these features make our packaging solution more appropriate for the packaging of high-quality products. 

The complete process of manufacturing paper tube packaging

We proudly said that at “The Product Boxes”, we hired a team of expert packaging manufacturers who can make your packaging paper tubes as per your demand. However, all the packaging products are individually examined with great care to avoid errors. All cardboard paper tube packaging that would not meet the client’s standards is considered rejected. To understand this, here are step-by-step processes for manufacturing retail packaging boxes

  • The first step is material thrifting.
  • The second step is rolling the paper tube.
  • The third step is paper tube cutting.
  • Forth is labelling the tube as per the client’s provided guidelines.
  • Fifth is making top covers for the paper tube packaging.
  • Now, in the sixth step, we test the air tightening of every packaging tube.  
  • Lastly, these are sent to the quality assurance department. 

All the steps are followed with great attention and as per the provided guidelines of the clients. That’s is the reason our customers always prefer to buy their product packaging solutions from “The Product Boxes”. 

Free shipment of the paper tube packaging to the client’s destination

Once our quality assurance department approves the various types of paper tube packaging like electronic product paper tubes, then these boxes are packed inside the cartons. After this, all the loaded and sent to the doorsteps of the clients. We offer this service to our clients totally free, and there are also no hidden charges added to the cost of Kraft paper tube packaging. 

Why do you need to choose us for your packaging solutions?

Brands are always in search of perfect vendors for the packaging of their products. It is an obvious fact that the display of their products depends on the packaging. That is the only reason we create a complete collection of designs for paper tube packaging that is all-inclusive of food-grade coffee paper tubes. Moreover, we offer amazing prices with bulk discounts that make our paper packaging affordable for the brands. 

In addition to this, we have created designs of paper tube packaging for various industries, such as medicine, retail, food, electronics and cosmetics. Every paper tube is created as per the audience preferences of its specific industry. For instance, we used to print lipstick visuals and graphics on lipstick paper tube packaging to relate wrapping with inside lipsticks. These are a few core reasons that make our potential customers bound to repurchase from our brand.  

Contact us right now to get amazing offers and discounts

So, all the above facts depict that we are one of the top paper tube packaging manufacturers in the industry. And you need to contact us right now if you are in search of high-quality paper tube packaging. In addition to this, we also offer the shortest turnaround with no minimum option. So, do not waste more time and effort searching for more brands, as we are here for you as a one-stop shop. Here, you can customize and personalize your product paper tubes without any hidden charges. 

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