Pillow Boxes

You can highlight your different kind of products by availing our custom pillow boxes. We at The Product Boxes offer high-quality pillow packaging for your various products. Our pillow packaging will boost up your sales. Tell us what type of pillow packaging you are looking for? And we will make them according to your design.


Our favor pillow boxes help businesses in various domains like food and beverages, cosmetics, medicine, apparel, jewelry, sweets, and others, who are searching to present their products in elegant pillow packaging. Browse our pillow packaging categories and styles below, or let us assist you in searching for a packaging solution for your elegant products.

    The Product Boxes presents to you the lavishing and reliable custom pillow packaging of every kind. If you are looking for different sizes of pillow packaging? You have come to the right place because The Product Boxes deals with all customized boxes, including their ideal styles as well.


    Our pillow packaging help businesses in various domains like food and beverages, cosmetics, medicine, apparel, jewelry, sweets, and others, who are searching to present their products in elegant pillow packaging. 


    Here you can get a wide range of pillow box styles, for instance, pillow packaging with die-cutting, customized scoring, perforation, and many other styles of pillow packaging. That’s why we design these boxes for all of your products.


     Always look at the quality of the material while buying the pillow packaging. You can also choose an attractive design for your kraft pillow boxes. Further, do check the rigidness of pillow packaging while buying.


    The design of the pillow packaging depends upon the usage techniques. It’s very simple and easy because this box is shaped into a pillow and can be opened and closed easily.


    Pillow boxes wholesale are a perfect packaging solution when there is a need to add beauty and value to the product that is packed inside it. With an elegant and professional look and feel, our boxes are exactly in the pillow shape, surprisingly easy to assemble and handle.


    Additionally, featuring different industry standards, our pillow packaging are flawlessly suitable to hold an array of products. We at The Product Boxes can add different opening styles in white pillow boxes as well. For instance, including a zipper on the sideways just to make it fancier, which will definitely increase the worth of your products.

    Pillow packaging for Various Business Categories

    Our pillow boxes bulk help businesses in different categories. Following are some of them: 

    Food and Beverages

    The food and beverages pillow packaging provides protection and tampering resistance to the food. You can add nutrition facts, labels, and other information about food on the food pillow box.


    Cosmetic pillow packaging is widely used in the cosmetic industry as these are very attractive and handy with the appealing shape—most of the top hundred brands that are successful yet use pillow packaging for their product packaging. However, pillow packaging is used to pack the most demanding products in the cosmetic industry, such as creams, mascara, eye shadow, hair extension, and many other cosmetic products.


    Our medicine pillow packaging contains an ample amount of space to write down all the necessary information. So, you can add technical medicine data such as size, quantity, expiry date, and other relevant details regarding shipping. Further, you can imprint bar codes, important details, or product codes on the medicine product boxes. 


    Apparel pillow packaging is an awesome way out for wrapping or shipping the clothes and accessories. We offer elegant apparel pillow packaging, nice designs. So, get our perfect custom printed apparel pillow packaging according to your specific needs. You can also use pillow gift boxes for encasing clothing for gifting or for luxurious purposes.


    You can encase elegant and decorative items in jewelry favor pillow boxes. We offer elegant jewelry pillow packaging for brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, and pendants.


    Sweets always look amazing in pillow packaging. The elegant shape of pillow packaging makes sweets and candies look awesome in pillow packaging. So, avail pillow packaging for encasing your sweets in, and you can select custom shape and size according to your choice.

    Different Styles for Pillow packaging

    Why styles matter? This is the question that will be wondering in your mind from the start because you should look at styles of pillow packaging for your products. The Product Boxes is establishing the best approach to satisfy its customers via its services.


    The Product Boxes will mention everything for the products. For instance, gifts are the best thing captured in these pillow packaging. Other than this,


    Basically, pillow packaging varies with one specific style, which is itself a pillow box. But it can be customizable via the usage of your products. So, we design them in many styles. For instance, glossy pillow packaging, perforated pillow packaging, PVC pillow packaging, fully printed pillow packaging, motivational quotes on pillow packaging, small pillow boxes, etc. many more.


    If you own a gift shop, you can use pillow packaging to wrap up the gifts in various ways. For instance, using some glass made products like a crystal goose or anything else. To manage the goose in the pillow box, a special manufacture technique The Product Boxes provides, which is called “Perforation.”


    Perforation plays an important role in gripping the products inside the pillow packaging. Just like the crystal goose is designed so exactly on that note, the perforation process is based upon. We care about your products and put them into consideration.


    From all the manufacturing techniques, The Product Boxes polishes your custom pillow packaging for wholesale with its unique and talented manufacturing aspects.


    Let us show you our manufacturing styles:

    • Die-cutting for Pillow packaging
    • Customized Scoring on Pillow packaging
    • Perforation for Pillow packaging

    Die-Cutting for Pillow packaging

    Die-cutting is the finest manufacturing which we offer. It’s a completely flat view top-notch functionality phenomenon with designing these boxes to become durable. We perform die-cutting on corrugated, Kraft, cardstock, and linen materials.

    Therefore, we prefer every type of custom pillow box for your business. It doesn’t matter what type of product you sell; we can make the perfect custom pillow packaging boxes for you in the best way in the shortest time.

    Customized Scoring on Pillow packaging

    The sidelines on the curves of these pillow packaging are called the scoring techniques. The Product Boxes wants to make your products feel perfectly comfortable; that’s why we design customized thinner and thicker snoring for some of the larger and smaller products, such as if you are an electronic salesperson. Then we will recommend corrugated pillow packaging with thicker snoring.


    It will happen for some reasons:

    • The electronic good is heavier than other products, and snoring will protect them from not tearing the box apart.
    • Secondly, the thicker snoring will help the box to open easily and gently for using the products.

    Perforation for the Pillow packaging

    Perforation is the core value in case of adjusting your products in the best and comfortable way possible. If you want to add some extra features on your products, The Product Boxes will definitely recommend you to add perforation in your ordered boxes for your products.


    Because it will give comfort to your products while shipping and city to city transportation, plus we provide different styles of perforation too.

    • Macro Perforation
    • Micro Perforation


    The Product Boxes will provide you with a sample of the boxes containing both of these perforation processes. Then you can easily decide what type of products you want to order.

    Guideline from the Product Boxes on Selection Process of Boxes for Your Products:

    You care about the products we sell; that’s why you recommend some precautions before you are going to select your product boxes. These points will make you an expert in the field.

    • Focus on the quality and gain your knowledge of pillow packaging.
    • Make sure these boxes provide a comfort zone for your products.
    • Never compromise on the printing processes. Be choosy.
    • Make sure the printing process never overlaps on one another nor get fainted.
    • Focus on the add-ons. Make sure the shimmering never cross its boundaries.
    • If you are ordering pillow packaging with the die-cutting process, make sure the edges are accurate.
    • The cuts/edges should interlock easily to give support.

    Premium Pillow Packaging with Extreme Rigidness:

    Our custom pillow packaging is so stylish because we have designer’s which gives satisfying glimpse to the product. Moreover, our packaging is sturdy so that the product may never damage while shipping.


    Pillow packaging have various categories for various items that look marvelous and gives a satisfying touch. Custom pillow packaging was once so hard to manage due to their same size, which leads to a big problem for the products. 


    But now you can customize printed pillow boxes easily by just going to the website, selecting the size and width, and the design to open and close the box. Some beneficial detail of custom pillow rigid boxes is below:

    Protected Dust Flaps

    Custom pillow packaging is the best boxes for the products because pillow packaging has protected dust flaps, which never let the dust comes in and ruin the items from inside.


    Custom pillow packaging has self-locking functionality, which is easy to lock and unlock the box.

    Two-Sided Printing: 

    Now, you can print more than one side by easily customizing pillow packaging. The beauty of the two-sided printing will make you fall in love with the pillow box design. The box will look marvelous from outside as well as from inside. That’s the beauty of two-sided printing.


    Pillow packaging is easy to recycle. They have the ability to open and close easily; any custom pillow packaging is not limited to a specific product only. Pillow packaging can also for another purpose at another time.

    Free Online Proofing

    The wholesale pillow boxes that you designed will send you to your email. Before you order your custom pillow box, make sure before check out, you can make changes within 24 hours.

    Digital CMYK Printing

    Custom pillow packaging is designing with the help of four colors. These colors help to make the boxes attractive for the products and dear to the customers.

    Durable Construction

    We offer durable pillow packaging which is designed for an attractive look plus with the best quality material that can lift heavy items easily and sturdy enough to keep the items secure. Moreover, avail of kraft pillow boxes wholesale to encase your attractive accessories.

    Why Choose Us?

    We at The Product Boxes offers various customization techniques for the pillow packaging. You can attain pillow boxes in desired shapes, sizes, and colors. We have several thematic options to make your custom pillow packaging attractive and grabbable.


    Pillow boxes are one of the most widely used packaging boxes. For different events, these boxes can be customized for gifting a variety of items. Designing an innovative Pillow box requires professional expertise. We offer awesome printing services. 


    The dedication to deliver superior printing services has earned us a distinctive identity in the market. We offer:

    • Perfect Printing
    • Fast and Efficient Shipment
    • Eco-friendly Packaging 
    • 24 Hours Customer Care Center


    Moreover, we believe in facilitating our clients in every possible way. Our 24/7 customer care center has skilled CSR to address your queries regarding custom pillow packaging. 

    Dimensions All Custom Sizes & Shapes
    Printing CMYK, PMS, No Printing
    Paper Stock 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
    Quantities 100 – 500,000
    Coating Gloss, Matte, Spot UV
    Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
    Options Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.
    Proof Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)
    Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Days, Rush