7 Easy ways to optimize packaging solutions for product marketing

7 Easy Ways To Optimize Packaging Solutions For Product Marketing

It is about the insight of the product packaging that matters

All and sundry know that the first thing that influences the buyer’s buying decision is the custom packaging design as per brand requirements. So, it is necessary to create packaging that not only visually appeals to the customers but also provides a sense of touch. In order to make the packaging design visually appealing, bands need to incorporate logos, fonts and graphics. However, it is the material quality that makes the packaging feel good when touched. 

It has been found that customers pay attention to the design of packaging while they examine your products on the retail shelves. So, brands can use the packaging as a marketing tool for their brands easily. However, in the virtual world or e-commerce businesses, packaging is also a key player. We all know that customers need to view the product image closely before adding them to their cart. So, here, custom packaging also plays a key role. The perfect packaging of the product helps in increasing the online engagement for the specific product and brand as well. 

In addition, custom retail boxes are also required. As we all know, tangibility also matters a lot in both online and retail businesses. Therefore, brands are advised to use adorable physical presences that improve brand recognition. It would also assist the customers to recall the specific brand when they need to repurchase. 

Characteristics of product packaging influence the audience’s perception

Brands need to understand the behavior of their target audience in order to create packaging designs that optimize packaging for marketing. We all know well that brands need custom boxes that are not only adorable but also durable. So, the brands need to design their packaging solutions with the end in mind. If the packaging is capable of making the buyer happy and, at the same time, protecting the product, then your sales will easily increase. For this reason, here are a few factors explained in detail that let you know how you can convert your packaging into a powerful marketing tool. 

product packaging influence the audience

Designing texture and aesthetics

In order to create the best halo effect on your target audience, you need to add the best design textures and aesthetic features. By adding the glossy laminations, you can create a smooth and shiny look for your custom retail boxes. On the other hand, we also observe brands for Kraft packaging material that is a little rough and less exposed for printing design. These two textures are totally different, and brands can choose their packaging texture as per their brand needs. 

Various shaping and sizing dimensions

The size of packaging solutions totally depends on two factors: one is the size of the product, and the other is the demographics of the target audience. The liking and preferences of different age groups of people vary. Like the kids and small children view the sizes and box shapes differently than the adults. Contrary to this, grown-up customers love to buy products that are packed inside easy-to-carry packaging boxes with handles. Youngsters like larger and more unique shape boxes than the ordinary round and square shapes. However, the paper tube packaging style is also becoming popular in cosmetics nowadays. 

Pictorial presentation and graphics

 In order to let your audience know about your products, you need a profound and well-laid-out packaging solution. Such a box must contain a clear presentation along with the pictorial presentation of products. In order to add more glory, you need to place the logo and brand details with amazing typographic options. 

 Selection of colors

Last but not least is the color. We all know colors define emotions, and every color has its meaning when it is picked from the color. However, these colors also make your product packaging design different. To understand the psychology of colors, you are required to know the meaning of specific colors. Red shows power, energy, and excitement, while white shows cleanliness, purity, and sophistication. So, the brands are required to choose the colors as per their needs and preferences. 

Detailing features that let consumers know about product brand

Your customers know your brand by the quality of the product and its packaging as well. However, there are a lot of queries that are answered by well-designed packaging solutions like:

  • Who is producing that particular product?
  • The need to develop such a product.
  • Process of production and ingredients of the product.
  • Origin of that product.
  • Qualities of a specific product.

detailing features that customer know

All this information and details make the reader aware of the product and its belonging. All such data is printed on the product box. However, if it is edible of food-related items, then the brand is also used to print information like:

  • Ingredients
  • Process of making
  • Precautions
  • Instructions

This type of information adds value to the product presentation and also lets the reader know about the details of the product they are going to buy. This pertinent information in your custom packaging not only educates but also reassures potential buyers, persuading them that investing in your products offers substantial value for their money.

Packaging design must include a few features

Here, we discuss in detail a few important packaging design features that help in optimizing packaging for marketing. 

 Additionally, Dr. Andrew Hurley, founder of The Packaging School, underscores the significance of comprehending your product thoroughly. This understanding extends to your packaging material and structure, showcasing the diligence you invest in guaranteeing both the usability of your product and consumer safety. Identifying these product intricacies, as highlighted in his video, is pivotal in crafting packaging that precisely meets safety standards for your product and its users. Dr. Hurley emphasizes that this clarity regarding your product’s nuances is instrumental in achieving an effective packaging design.

Consider the nature of the product

When you are about to decide on the packaging for your product, you should consider its nature. It means besides accounting for dimensions and weight, you must also factor in measures to prevent leakage and adverse chemical reactions caused by temperature, moisture, and the packaging material itself.

Packaging must keep the product safe

Now, it is also necessary to consider the durability of cardboard boxes and products while your products are stored in warehouses and stockrooms. So, your packaging should ensure your product’s safety from storage in the stockroom or warehouse all the way through its journey to couriers or fulfilment centers responsible for transporting and delivering it to your retailer or customer.

Unboxing that makes special consumer interaction

Unboxing also creates emotion in your buyers, and it affects positively, so the brands are required to consider customers’ preferences as these can vary, yet convenience remains a universal need across all demographics. So, as a brand, you should consider, for instance, the value of resalable packaging for children’s beverages and the practicality of gable top cartons for adults.

Out-of-crowd presentation

Now, the packaging, which is created on custom grounds, also provides a competent look and presentation of the product. So, you need to add such features that make your packaging solution look different and unique. However, your product’s packaging should stand out from competitors in retail markets. Additionally, it ought to encompass an unexpected surprise, especially in the unboxing encounter, surpassing their anticipated experience.

Created as per sustainability regulations

 In this era, the green packaging solutions that decomposition does not pose a harmful impact on ecology are appreciated. So, there are a number of brands that are shifting towards sustainable packaging solutions. However, in some regions of the world, rules and regulations also require the use of green packaging. 

So, all the above-mentioned features are required to be considered while designing the packaging for the products. Now, it is time to understand how these features make your custom made boxes a marketing tool for a brand. 

How can a brand use a packaging solution as a marketing tool?

It is not an astonishing fact that the packaging is now considered the 7th P of the marketing mix. However, packaging has become super important for brands and advertising because marketers have changed how they see it. They moved it from a big category called “physical evidence” to its own special place. Now, it’s a big deal for showing off brands and making them more noticeable. So, let’s have a look at these seven methods to maximize packaging as your effective “silent salesperson”:

1. Create packaging design that helps boost marketing impact  

Custom packaging solutions allow the brands to create a packaging design that helps them boost their marketing impact. We all know that the product is one of the most evident features when a brand advertises its products. So, the packaging design is equally important as it presents the product in media with a perfect display. For this, brands need to use perfect graphics along with the best typographies. 

Create packaging design that helps boost marketing impact

Use the best graphic to present the logo and slogan

Brands are advised to utilize the best graphics while placing the logo and other text on the packaging. Moreover, the words of the slogans, brand names and logos also need to be readable. 

Choose typography that creates appeal

We all know that customization allows brands to choose the typographic options as per their needs. But it is also required to think rationally while selecting these options. So, the fonts that are selected by the brands must be readable to the customers. 

Select color palate as per brand color themes

Choose the colors and themes that represent your brand more effectively on the packaging solutions. It means your product packaging should use your brand’s colors, picked after studying your audience and rivals. Some designers suggest using up to three colors for better memory recall.

2. Pay attention to the latest design trends for higher self-impact

Packaging is notronly created a single time. It is required to upgrade with the passage of time. So, it is the brand’s responsibility to consider whether the packaging looks similar to other products in stores. People expect certain looks for different things, but your brand needs special stuff to stand out from the rest. You can do two things to make this happen:

Research your target audience.

 It is required by the brands to conduct a simple online poll that lets them know about their preferences. 

Research your competitors

Another healthy way is to examine deeply what the competitors are utilizing in terms of their product packaging design. 

These two methods let you know what type of design helps optimize packaging for marketing. 

Research your target audience

3. Utilize the packaging design while creating marketing campaigns

Now you are done with your packaging design; it’s time to utilize it in your marketing campaigns. If your packaging design is worthy, then it will create an unforgettable impact on ad campaigns while you are using it electronically or on printed billboards.  

4. Focus on the functionality

It is also required to create packaging that is more functional, like providing ease of opening, closing, resealing, and even displaying the product. However, for temper detection, you need to add QR codes and RFID tags. All these interactive features make your boxes more functional. 

5. Add promotional elements and personalize thoughts

The custom options in terms of packaging design allow the brands to add a personalized touch to the look of their custom boxes and paper tube packaging. So, brands need to select characteristics that add a personalized touch to their product packaging. 

6. Add a list of ways the audience can reach you

This is also one of the most crucial steps. You should add the inserts that let the buyers know about your social media availability. This would make reaching your audience easy. 

7. Go for seasonal and limited edition packaging design

Another tactic is to go for limited edition and seasonal packaging designs. It would add an element of fun to the look of your products and make them more appealing. 

Now select Mr. Right for your packaging solutions

Lastly, you are required to choose the perfect vendor for packaging solutions that allow you to design your boxes in a way that leads you toward optimizing packaging for marketing. However, after finalizing your packaging design, the choice of a reliable packaging and printing company can significantly impact your marketing aspirations. Opting for a printer with recognized expertise in this field can offer reassurance. These seasoned professionals not only excel in the technical aspects but also possess a keen understanding of what elevates a design to be captivating and polished.

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