Boost your product sales with exclusive coffee packaging design

Boost your product sales with exclusive coffee packaging design

Why is custom packaging essential for coffee beans?

Coffee is one of the most selling hot drinks and its beans are also sold at an extensive level. Coffee lovers are always in search of good coffee brands who offer an extensive range of coffee products. However, the outer covering and shell of these products plays a crucial role in making any coffee famous. The easiest trick that brand do is opting the custom packaging options while creating the coffee packaging design. 

All and Sundry know well that the box designs grab the attention of the audience and encourage them to purchase. So, the packaging, if created with custom artwork, makes your coffee look distinct on the retail shelves. In the further discussion, you will learn elements that make your coffee bean packaging design viral among your audience. 

Create a design that facilitates the sharing of brand and product knowledge

It is recommended that the brands choose custom coffee boxes rather than standard coffee boxes. The reason is freedom of selection from the unlimited designing and styling options. So, when you add the design features of your choice to your coffee bag packaging design, then it reflects the brand value of your products. 

coffee packaging design

On the other hand, custom printing options allow brands to print their brand-specific details on the face of their coffee product boxes in whatever font they want. However, to make these boxes more specific to the product, pictorial and typographic data are printed on them. The common information that every brand uses to print on their coffee boxes are:

  • The name of the brand to which it is related.
  • Product details like its weight, flavor and recipes
  • Logos of the brand, slogans and small messages
  • Print the coffee product boxes with promotions and offers

Moreover, the customization allows the printing of any detail that a brand needs to communicate with its audience. This information makes the packaging design complete. 

Artwork and themes of coffee product boxes 

Solid brown color coffee beans with white and black backgrounds really look amazing. However, various coffee brands are using colorful artwork to make their packaging look aesthetic. All these options are available only because of customization. This means you are only required to create an impressive coffee package design template for your product. There are a few packaging brands like “The Product Boxes” that offer free design assistance for brands. So, if you select such brands as your packaging creator, then creating a custom design template would be an easy task for your brand. 

Artwork and themes of coffee product boxes

Use shaping dimensions that boost the unboxing experience of customers

When you are done with the artwork and branding details, then you need to finalize the dimensions and shapes of the boxes that come next. When you go for custom coffee boxes, there are a number of shapes you can select from. A few of such shapes are listed below:

  • Mailer coffee boxes
  • Tuck-end coffee boxes
  • Coffee bag packaging 
  • Coffee boxes with windows

These shapes are very unique and easily add uniqueness in the final looks of your coffee products. In addition to this the simple design even looks great if its shape is unique and unusual. So, brands need to consider presentable shaping dimensions when choosing their product packaging. 

Use shaping dimensions that boost the unboxing experience of customers

Options that make your custom coffee boxes event-specific

The coffee boxes need to be event-specific especially for special events. So, the customization allows the brands to use themes, color combinations and designing elements that upgrade the overall appeal of these boxes as per event. And special personalized greetings make these custom product packaging special for the customers. In this way the sale of your products escalates at once. 

Protection that helps to resist climatic impacts

Food packaging needs more protection when it comes to packing; similarly, coffee is one of the food items that need air-tight pouches and bags. In order to resist the climatic impacts that damage the freshness of the coffee packaging, brands offer air-tight bags. However, such coffee bag packaging designs are also available for the brands with custom options. 

It is also advised to select the interlocking flaps options or mailer boxes if you need to send coffees to your customers. The reason is it would make your coffee beans stay safe during the transportation. However, if you are packing the coffee inside the glass jars then you need to go for additional protection like use of bubble wraps. This would secure the jar from collapse due to the jerks and handling during loading and unloading. 

Finishing options to escalate the overall appeal of coffee package design

When you are finished with the artwork and shaping dimensions then you need to add the elegant coatings and laminations. These laminations make the final look of coffee product boxes more presentable. In addition to this there are also a number of options available that boost the protection as well as beatification of your coffee. Here are a few options that make your coffee bean boxes out of the crowd. 

coffee packaging boxes

  • Apply the gloss lamination
  • Apply Spot UV coating
  • Use matte lamination
  • Foil stamping for typography
  • Wrap your coffee glass jars with bubble sheets
  • Zip-lock bags are also best for coffee bean packaging

The above-mentioned add-ons are used to make the look of the box one step ahead of competitors. However, the protection options enhance the shelf life of your coffee beans. So, it is recommended to the brands to pick the right option that makes your custom product packaging as appealing as you think. 

The crux of the discussed facts

All the discussed facts illustrate that coffee package design plays a crucial role in making your coffee products presentable on retail shelves and counters. When a coffee brand grabs the attention of its audience, it will easily generate more and more sales. This means that the packaging ultimately plays a prominent role in the sale of your products. 

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