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Mylar Bags – A Brief Overview Of Custom Die-Cut Mylar Bags

What Are Mylar Bags?

Basically, Mylar bags are one of the types of flexible packaging that is widely used across industries for storage purposes. It means die-cut Mylar bags are proposed for the protection and safety of a wide range of products. Generally, the term Mylar denotes a brand name of polyester film that is made by DuPont. However, this term is often used to describe the polyester film and its products that are used in the packaging of products.

Moreover, these bags are created to fit the specific dimension of such a product that is going to be packed in die-cut Mylar boxes. The creation of die-cut Mylar boxes is a step-by-step process that is discussed in the further discussion. Before going to discuss the process of Mylar bags, it is important for brands to know about the core functionalities of Mylar bags. 

The core functions of the Mylar bags

There are a number of functionalities that are associated with each type of packaging. Similarly, the Mylar bags also have some core functionalities that are listed here:

wholesale mylar bags

1. Preserving the product’s taste and texture

The brands are going to use Mylar bags for the food products; then, the core functionality of these bags is to secure the taste and texture. So that is the reason mostly these bags are used for takeaway purposes at various food outlets. In addition to this, various types of uncooked foods are also packed inside these bags, like olives, pickled vegetables, and so on. 

2. Protecting dedicated products from external harmful impacts 

Sometimes the storage of the dedicated products also becomes challenging for the brands. So, it is also one of the functionality of wholesale Mylar bags to protect and store the dedicated products. 

3. Extending the shelf life of various food and non-food products

At the same time, these bags are also used for preserving food and non-food products for a longer duration. So such bags help in extending the shelf life of the products, and that’s why they can be used for retail products extensively. 

Moreover, these bags are designed by packagers with specific features. Such features cater to the packaging needs of different industries and products. However, the above discussion also depicts that Mylar bags play a crucial role in extending the shelf life of various products. And the barrier properties of these bags enhance the interest of the brands in using these bags. 

Is Mylar bags the same as aluminum foil?

It is a myth that the die-cut Mylar bags and the aluminum foils are the same, but in reality, they are not the same. However, the use, as well as application of aluminum foil and custom Mylar bags are similar. And both of these materials are used for the preservation of food products and storage. But in detail, they have distinct qualities as well as features. So, to understand the differences between custom-printed Mylar bags and aluminum foil, a few facts are elaborated here. 

mylar the same as aluminum foil

Custom printed Mylar bags: 

The wholesale Mylar bags, as already discussed above, are made from plastic films or polyester films. Such films are basically created by using synthetic polymers. Such polymers are famous for their high-strength properties that help as a barrier against the external environment. Moreover, custom-printed Mylar bags also contain a few exclusive features that are listed below.

  • These bags are very flexible.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 

All such qualities help in making them suitable for a wide range of products. 

Aluminum foil for products: 

In contrast to the Mylar bags, the aluminum foils are thin and made up of sheets of aluminum metal. And its use is very common in the food industry, not only in packaging but also in baking food items. To some extent, these foils are used for storing food items also. It is found that aluminum foil is very impressive in conducting heat, so it can be used for grilling and baking. 

Differences between aluminum foil and custom printed Mylar bags


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1. Materials of the Mylar bags and aluminum foil

  • Mylar bags are made from plastic film and polymer films. 
  • Aluminum foil is made from thin sheets of metal known as aluminum.

2. Security and safety: 

  • Mylar bags offer complete protection against external environmental impacts. 
  • Aluminum foil provides protection mainly against light and heat. And that is the reason aluminum foil is used for cooking and short-term food storage.

3. Usage of Mylar bags and foil:

  • Mylar bags are primarily used for packaging a range of products, including food, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. 
  • Aluminum foil is mainly used for cooking, baking, and short-term food storage.

4. Flexibility of the Mylar bags and aluminum foils

  • Mylar bags are flexible and can be die-cut into custom shapes and sizes. 
  • Aluminum foil is relatively rigid and is typically available in rolls or pre-cut sheets.

So, these are a few differences between custom printed Mylar bags and aluminum foils that are elaborated on above in detail. 

Various products that are packed inside Mylar product boxes

It is found that wholesale Mylar bags are extensively used in the food industry. There are a number of d items that can be stored inside the Mylar boxes. Such products are inclusive of the following.  

  • Coffee 
  • Tea
  • Dried fruits 
  • Snacks and more. 

custom mylar bags

The reason for using such packaging solutions is their primary function, which is to provide protection against the external impacts of the environment. So food brands are free to use such wholesale Mylar bags to protect the food from moisture, oxygen, light, and odors. It means these bags help to preserve the freshness and quality of the enclosed food item for a long duration. 

In addition to this, custom-printed Mylar bags are also customizable and can be die-cut to fit specific product dimensions. However, it is also helpful in reducing excess packaging material. And such bags help in enhancing product protection during storage and transportation.

Process of creation of Mylar bags

It is observed that the custom die-cut Mylar bags are mainly produced to fit the unique dimensions of the product that are going to be kept inside. So, the process of die-cutting of the Mylar bags involves.

  • Using a sharp steel blade known as a die
  • Cutting the Mylar film into a precise shape. 
  • Annexing the seal at the top and bottom. 

Therefore, this allows the product to fit inside the bags. And it would maximize the efficiency of packaging materials and reduce excess waste, and save costs. 

Final thoughts

At the end of the discussion, it is quite clear that wholesale Mylar bags and aluminum foil are not similarities. And the use of Mylar bags is quite extensive for the long-term preservation and protection of food products. On the other hand, custom product boxes are also used for the storage of a number of products for a long duration. It means you can adopt this packaging solution for your product packaging easily, and it would benefit your businesses as well. 

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