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5 Tips To Save Money When Designing Large Popcorn Boxes

Movie nights and sports events are incomplete without the popcorns. They are everyone’s favorite snacks, and you will find various companies that sell popcorn. If you are a popcorn seller, you will have to face tough competition and find new and innovative ways to impress the customers. It would be best if you devised a stellar marketing strategy to get your brand noticed and increase your sales. One way to grab the customer’s attention is to invest in custom product boxes. 

Many businesses do not pay heed to this important aspect, and this is why they fail to capture the target market. Product packaging is an inexpensive marketing tool that allows you to embed your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. By making the right design choices, you can design beautiful large popcorn boxes. 

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Sometimes the packaging cost can disturb the overall budget, so you need to find a packaging partner that can help you design custom popcorn boxes within your budget. Popcorn brands are in constant search of ways to save money on packaging. They will grasp the available opportunities to save big on packaging and stay afloat in the market. If you are tired of using readymade popcorn boxes templates and need some tips to design affordable custom popcorn boxes, you are in the right place. Here are some pointers that you should keep in consideration when creating custom product boxes. 

Selecting The Right Packaging Size

If you want to save money on popcorn packaging, choosing the right box size is essential. You need to study the target market and your product to make sure you choose the right design elements for your popcorn boxes. Whether you plan to create small or large popcorn boxes, it is imperative that customers get the best experience enjoying their favorite snacks. Packing less popcorn in large boxes is never a good idea. Choosing the wrong size will make you pay more and can upset your budget. 

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Instead of choosing the big or large popcorn boxes, choose the small popcorn boxes. They are an affordable option and are quite handy compared to the other options available in the market. The mini popcorn boxes are usually loved by the customers as they are easy to carry. No matter the size, the personalized boxes look attractive on the shelves. With small popcorn boxes, you will also have to bear a low shipping cost. 

Go For Recyclable Packaging

It would be best if you looked for more sustainable packaging solutions to reduce your overall cost. Reusing the old materials for creating packaging can help you save a lot of money. Recycling can also help you make a positive impact on the customer’s mind. It will help you generate more sales and draw attention towards your brand. 

Choose The Right Printing Method 

Print quality surely impacts the packaging’s success, but if you are looking to save packaging’s cost, it is best to choose the printing technique that costs less. Two standard printing techniques used for packaging are offset and digital printing. Digital printing makes use of toner ink and is costs less than the offset printing method. You may have to compromise a bit on the print quality. 

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Create Packaging That Ensures Product Safety 

One of the main purposes of packaging is to provide product safety. Faulty or bad packaging disappoints customers and can also result in a product recall. If you want to avoid low revenues, it is best to focus on creating packaging that protects the product. It would be best if you looked at the bigger picture when creating the packaging for your brand. Adding custom features such as inserts may increase the packaging’s cost and ensure product safety that can result in more sales. You would not want the customers to have a bad experience when they interact with your mini popcorn boxes, so don’t hesitate in adding custom features to create beautiful packaging. 

Always Try to Purchase Popcorn Boxes In Bulk

If you are a popcorn seller with steady sales, it is better to buy popcorn boxes in bulk. You will not have to bear the shipping cost again and again when you make a bulk purchase. Try to find a packaging supplier that provides custom popcorn boxes at wholesale rates. On top of that, you would need to select the printer that offers multiple customizations to order the boxes per your branding needs. This allows you to create custom popcorn boxes in different colors and attract customers to your product. 

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Choosing a supplier that offers all the above-mentioned benefits enables you to order subtle grey popcorn boxes or tacky red popcorn boxes with ease. 

The Product Boxes can help you design custom popcorn boxes for your brand. Custom food packaging designed by us will leave a mark on customers’ minds and will help in enhancing the brand value. We offer various customizations that can help you allure your clientele and keep the food fresh for a longer time. When you want to design beautiful custom popcorn boxes, look no further! We understand all your needs and help you create packaging that has added durability and functionality. Give us a call today, and let’s design creative and enticing boxes together!  

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