7 Tips on Creating Winning Custom Tea Boxes

Making a product sell more is a dream of every retailer. So when it comes to products like custom tea boxes, it is admired by almost every other person. Hence, such high demand is any retail product leads to market saturation. At the point of market saturation, a brand can only achieve further growth through new product improvements using existing market share from competitors or increasing overall consumer demand.

However, tea is natural according to the product, and it isn’t much you can do to make noticeable improvements. So, the only thing at your hand to make your product sell more is the packaging. Here at TheProductBoxes, we a team of highly skilled designers to help you enhance the appeal of your tea bags or brewed tea leaves. 

So, where to begin? Check these exciting tips on creating winning food boxes that could make that first impression not only good but also great.

Consider Your packaging Requirements

Give a thorough review of your product and see the basic packaging requirements of tea packaging. First of all, determine where do you want to sell your product. In other words, what medium are you using? Are you going to make it available for online purchases? Will it take refuge in a retail shelf and wait for customers to pick it? 

In both perspectives, there is one common thing that both retail and eCommerce packaging will require, and that is the protection of your tea leaves. However, the factor of security takes another step forward while selling online. We all know how courier companies take care of our products. Here your product requires takeaway boxes for your tea leaves. 

While on the other hand, when you are selling through a supermarket, your packaging should be more focused on aesthetics. More on aesthetics later. Anyhow, there are two primary things to take care of, the protection of the product and the aesthetical appeal. Miss out on any of these, and you may not get the sales you are looking for. 

Let the Packaging Communicate 

Your packaging is an influential canvas you have as a brand. For this reason, custom tea packaging involves more design considerations than you might think.

While you want it to be compatible with your other brands on elements like color palette and font, you also have a lot more room to get artistic! Ask yourself: What should your packaging tell your customers?

This will help you to zero in on those elements that make up your brand’s vision and is essential to helping you select a tea box design that maximizes its potential. Because no matter how attractive your tea packaging wholesale design might be, it still needs to be fit for the objective. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

In the pursuit to become noticeable, some tempt for designs that have a lot going on. However, there is a concept known as visual noise, making it difficult for buyers to take everything in at once. So, while competing with brands, try to outdo each other in terms of simplicity. You want buyers to consider your brand, not pick it up and place it back just for the sake of the complicated design you are offering.  

Several brands have a lot of room to create a packaging design that’s on-brand without including their branding elements in an obvious way. They keep the design minimal by using just a couple of colors and hand-drawn patterns to represent a minimalistic approach and the brand’s rustic and laidback approach.

Modifications on your brand elements and theme will keep your design clean and unique. In your marketing strategy, it’s easy to get stuck in the practice of using the same logos for the sake of uniformity. However, changing this up a little ensures your brand stays dynamic as it grows and develops.

Customization Tips

Intricate designing

Sharp designing has been a timeless and beautiful designing trend, particularly for Custom tea boxes. A more handmade look is better. You can also merge them in your logo or easily use them to include different box areas. Elaborate designing costs less while adding a tremendous amount of charm.

Add florals 

A vintage trend that buyers can not ignore is the use of natural tones. Such warm and rich colors feel peaceful and secure. The use of florals or tea leaves gives your tea packaging an organic and luxurious appearance, which again attracts many buyers. It would be best to use natural designs in tea boxes wholesale, and ordering packaging in bulk will surely save you many costs and lots of expenses.   

Add details 

Now that you have selected your small tea boxes’ background theme and design, next comes the details. Now you need to provide every tiny bit of information that your buyer is concerned about. Here are a few ideas that you can add to your tea packaging.

  • Include a cruelty-free logo
  • Manufacturing and expiry dates.
  • Ingredients
  • Brand copy

Use Custom Fonts

The use of Custom fonts can give your tea box a character. A typographic font is the ultimate way to show your brand’s composure. Moreover, a hand-lettered font can just set you apart from the rest of your contestants. It doesn’t matter which style you go for; a unique and custom font design indeed sticks in buyer’s minds. 

Why Choose TheProductBoxes

Making new buyers and retaining them is the most daunting task in the retail industry. However, with custom tea boxes wholesale, you get a lot of room to play with your buyers and provide them everything they want to make a purchase. When you step into the world of customization, you open doors to new possibilities of retaining customers and making them loyal for lifelong. 

We at TheProductBoxes offer our clients to make bulk purchases and get free designing assistance. Moreover, you can also ask for free packaging samples to help us improve and provide you the packaging your business lacks. 

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