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A Guide To Custom Egg Cartons

An egg is an essential part of breakfast as it is a house of proteins and essential nutrients which people need to stay healthy. For this reason, people add eggs to their daily diet to stay healthy. Moreover, eggs are an important ingredient for some dishes as well. Especially Chinese use them a lot in their food. It is so because it makes your food a whole meal.

Have you ever wondered why a fitness freak eats more eggs than an average person? It is because they get essential proteins from eggs that their body need to build muscles. So, these facts show how rapidly this industry is growing.

However, the high demand for eggs increases the value of egg cartons as well. It is because you cannot carry eggs by holding them in hand because they are easy to break. To keep them safe, you need packaging specially designed for eggs.

Furthermore, these custom egg cartons have many benefits other than protection. In this blog, you will know what you can do with packaging for brand promotion.

What Are Egg Cartons?

As the name refers, egg cartons are responsible for product safety. They are the containers that keep the eggs safely and cover them strongly, thus preventing damage. Eggs are transported from different poultry farms to various retailing stores and bakeries. For this reason, egg cartons are essential to ensure the safe delivery of products without any harm.

You can get the packaging made of different materials like cardboard, kraft, and corrugated material. These packaging materials are secure. So, custom egg cartons allow you to select a suitable option.

Why Are Custom Bakery Boxes Mandatory?

As said above, eggs are delivered from different poultry farms. Delivering them without proper packaging can damage the eggs. For this reason, the packaging is essential to keep the eggs safe. However, protection is not the only reason for investing in egg cartons. There are other reasons for using a box as well.

Continue reading to find out.

Prevent Damage

The main purpose of the box is protection. It is so because if you cannot protect the product, you cannot imagine getting other benefits. Moreover, broken eggs are a source of loss for not only buyers but companies as well. For this reason, specially designed packaging is essential to prevent eggs from collapsing each other and facing damage. So, egg trays with partitions are the best option to pack these products.

Protect From Contamination

Eggshell does not guarantee the safety of eggs from bacteria. People think eggshell means the inside of the egg is are no matter what. However, it is not true. The egg is prone to a harmful bacteria called Salmonella.  

This infection starts reacting after 78 hours of consuming eggs. So, proper packaging is essential to prevent eggs from contamination. Apart from packaging, there are other things to be taken care of to ensure safety. Keeping eggs in a refrigerator with a 40 ° temperature is essential to ensure their safety. You also need to sanitize eggs to ensure they are bacterial-free.

Enhance Egg Life

Using recyclable and durable packaging increases the shelf life of eggs as well. However, make sure you are using cartons made of durable packaging material. It is so because low-quality packaging cannot prevent eggs for longer.

Major Facts To Mention On Custom Printed Egg Cartons

Carton designed with custom printed egg carton labels can greatly benefit the business. Brands think that, unlike other products, eggs do not need fancy packaging. A plain one is better as the box’s sole purpose is protection. Actually, it is not. The box is responsible for many other purposes. After protection, one of the essential features of the box is providing essential details about the product.

To find out what are some essential details the packaging must have, continue reading.

Mention Julian Date

Using fresh eggs is what customers think of the moment they buy eggs. So, how will they know if eggs are fresh? How will they find out the date they are delivered to the store? Not getting this information can make them uneasy, and they can switch to other options.

Printing Julian date on one side of the carton can help customers find out how fresh the product is. It is the time of the year when the eggs get packed in the packaging. It helps customers find out how many days it has been and the authenticity of products.

Print Sell-By Date

This data indicates that the product should not be sold after the date. This data helps retailers to sell eggs before the sell-by date arrives. So, they can sell the stock and avoid loss.

Add Plant Number On The Custom Food Packaging.

Most people do not look for it, but some do. Pant information helps customers know about the plant where eggs are packed. If eggs break out or get infected with bacteria, the plant code help find out where these eggs came from.

Add The Tag Of A Hormone-Free Egg.

Most people like to eat hormone-free eggs. For this reason, mentioning it on the box can help buyers find out if eggs are hormone-free or not.

Versatile Packaging Options To Pack Your Eggs Perfectly.

There are different packaging options to make egg cartons for sale. The packaging material is essential because it is responsible for the strength of the box. For this reason, make sure to use durable packaging. For transportation, partition packaging made of corrugated packaging is perfect for ensuring safety. Cardboard and kraft boxes are ideal for display and take away of eggs.

Why Custom-Made Egg Cartons?

Customization is the best option for egg cartons. It is so because it allows you to design the packaging according to your parameters. Custom egg carton printing helps you print all essential details and anything you want to print on the box. If you want to add colors to the box or be fancy in designing packaging, you can do all this with customization.

Where To Buy Egg Cartons Wholesale?

However, using a qualified company to get packaging with desired results is essential as your future is in their hand. The Product Boxes has been working in the line for ages and know every trick of designing boxes that can help generate revenues. Our materials, printing techniques, ad-ones, hence everything is up to the mark. We also provide prototypes to satisfy customers with the box model beforehand.

So, contact us now to know more about us or place an order for custom egg cartons.

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