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How Wholesale Rigid Gift Boxes Can Help Your Business in 2022

Rigid packaging boxes are known for bestowing a flawless outlook to packed products.

These boxes are actively in use by industries such as jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and stationery.

However, these boxes can be personalized to make perfect for any product. 

The main aim is to provide custom product packaging that looks top quality and is specially crafted for the product.

In this blog post, we will cover the highly converting structural designs of rigid gift boxes which you can also get on a discount at wholesale rates.

Inspirational Design Ideas

While deciding to get custom luxury rigid boxes, you have the opportunity to get creative. 

It’s possible to create several structural designs of these boxes. In consultation with your packaging supplier, you can mix and match a lot of previously made designs.

This enables you to create these boxes in a unique manner, that has never been seen before. 

Getting creative with the structural design of these boxes has a lot to do with the expertise of your packaging supplier. 

The packaging provider should be well experienced in making wholesale rigid boxes. They should possess the advanced machinery and expertise to create these boxes innovatively.

See What Edge Rigid Boxes Provide Your Product

  • Rigid boxes have a smooth texture by virtue of the rigid stock.
  • These boxes ooze a high-end packaging appeal to complement the product inside.
  • These boxes look even better when minimalistic printing is used. This way, you indirectly save printing costs.
  • Customers love to use wholesale rigid boxes as gift packaging.
  • These boxes induce a luxury product perception and make the higher price tag seem justified.
  • Rigid gift boxes are purposefully used for expensive products that need to be presented in the limelight.
  • These boxes come in several different structural designs, and each design is timeless.
  • Rigid boxes just never get old – as the rigid packaging is always evergreen.

No matter the design, rigid cardboard boxes are meant for luxury product perception. 

However, structural designing paves the way to making unique rigid packaging.

Let’s dive into the various design inspirations for these boxes.

Collapsible Setup Boxes

Collapsible or foldable rigid packaging goes a step further in terms of bringing convenience for retailers and customers.

This packaging is shipped flat and takes up much less product dimensional space. This is why it costs less to ship these boxes as they take up minimum dimensional space.

The retailers can quickly assembly such rigid boxes for packing the product. Moreover, these boxes are hassle-free to store and can be placed in bulk inside storerooms.

This way, retailers prefer using these boxes for the time, space, and costs they can save on.

From the customer’s point of view, convenience comes in terms of portability and handiness.

These boxes are often handy, and can easily be managed. Customers can simply collapse open such boxes and place in their suitcases while traveling.

Two-Piece Rigid Boxes

These boxes are the epitome of luxuriousness. These boxes can be further categorized into two types.

One is the shoulder two-piece, and the other is the sleeve and tray two-piece style.

Both of the designs have a unique appeal and uplift the high-quality perception around products.

Both styles have friction closure, which means products do not slip out of the packaging.

Also, these boxes have distinct looks and have unique styling to offer. 

Shoulder Style

The shoulder-styled two-piece rigid boxes consist of three main components for a novel look and functionality.

These boxes feature a base that holds the product, a top detachable lid, and a neck in between.

These boxes make possible a silent opening due to friction motion. Customers always get impressed with these boxes and love to purchase products packed in them.

Quite often, customers use such wholesale rigid boxes as gift packaging to enthrall the near and dear.

Sleeve Style

On the other hand, we have the sleeve and tray rigid packaging boxes that feature two main components. 

One is the tray that holds the product, and the other one is the sleeve that slides over the tray.

Upon opening and closing, these boxes make a sheathing sound.

Accessing the product in these boxes always feels special and luxurious.

To triple-fold the appeal, these boxes can also feature a beautiful pull-ribbon or a pretty drawer-like handle for accessing the product.

Hinged Lid

The hinged lid design has two closing steps.

The upper flap of such rigid cardboard boxes has two curves on top that allow the panel to hinge downwards elegantly.

Magnetic Closure

Custom product packaging with magnetic closure is always rigid. Such setup packaging has a class apart, as it features two ticking magnets. One on the lid and the other on the front panel of the box.

This packaging creates a clicking sound every time you close or open it. Such packaging is loved to be kept as a souvenir by customers.

Concluding the Discussion on Advantages

The above design types of wholesale rigid gift boxes give you a clear idea of what makes them a popular packaging solution. But it also comes to choosing a packaging supplier that understands your product and is capable of creating unique rigid cardboard boxes accordingly.

The Product Boxes is your one-stop packaging solutions provider with vast customization possibilities – helping you create bespoke rigid packaging. Our experts have years of expertise and the requisite industry knowledge to deliver you the best. 

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

  • Is there a minimum quantity of orders? No, there is no minimum quantity order. However, you can save a lot on large quantity orders!
  • Do you offer rush production? Yes, you can have the order delivered earlier than usual. 
  • How do I track my order? For tracking, you can email us, and your order’s status will be shared within an hour.
  • Can I provide my own artwork for printing? Yes, you can. We will also provide a free review of your artwork.

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