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Preserve Your Favorite Ice Creams In Custom Cone Sleeves For Delightful Experience

If you’re an ice cream lover, you might have heard about custom cone sleeves. Ice-cream Cone sleeves are a kind of packaging or wrapping to protect ice creams. These sleeves save the crispiness and freshness of ice cream cones. Not only this, but these cones are very helpful in protecting cones from moisture or melting. This way, one can enjoy their favorite ice cream without any mess.

Ice creams are a happy treat for us, and they instantly change our mood. These yummy cones satisfy people of all ages. Ice creams are also available in cups but having them in cones gives great joy to consumers. 

They are also used as a favorite dessert on various family events or get together. People love to have cones in every weather but especially in hot weather. However, it sounds very pleasing, but it comes with various problems.

Sticky hands and messy cones damage the whole experience for the people and always disturb their mood. But custom waffle cone sleeves have solved this issue. They are the great savior for ice cream lovers.  Now people do not have to eat soggy or melted ice creams and can enjoy their yummy treat to the fullest.  These sleeves are wrapped around the cone to offer them great protection.

These sleeves not only offer safety for cones, but they are excellent for your brand’s marketing. Therefore it is necessary to design them amazingly because it helps you build a positive image of your brand. TheProductBoxes is the number one packaging company in town that provides you with superior quality cone sleeves.

How Custom Cone Sleeves Are Useful For Your Business


Nowadays, there are various ice creams available in the market. They come in different flavors and sizes.  However, due to the increased competition in the market among numerous brands, it is essential for a brand to look for outshines.  

And the most effective way in which it can be done is by using custom waffle cone sleeves.  These cone sleeves are important for your brand due to several reasons. Let’s discuss some of them;


The main and primary purpose of cone sleeves is protection.  These sleeves are excellent for keeping ice creams safe from external damages. By using cone sleeves, you can not only deliver the products safely, but they increase your brand’s value in the eyes of consumers.

Nature-friendly properties make them ideal.

The custom cone sleeves are made with eco-friendly material. TheProductBoxes consider your concerns as our top responsibility. This is why we always invest in nature-friendly and safe inputs for ice cream cone paper sleeves

We use robust and recyclable materials such as Kraft and cardboard for custom cone sleeves. This will help you to advertise your brand appropriately and reach a potential audience in a positive manner.

Available in different shapes and sizes


The ice cream cones come in various sizes; thus, it is necessary to designs the custom sleeves accordingly. TheProductBoxes offer their customers with a variety of different cone sleeves of different sizes.  The size of the sleeves must perfectly fit with the ice cream cones because it gives a well-defined look to them. Also, it makes sure that the sleeves hold the cone properly.

Aesthetically Designed cone sleeves are the perfect treat for cone lovers

The emergence of new ice cream brands has increased the consumer’s demand, and they started to expect a lot from them.  This is why customizations are trending in the market. Consumers do not only look for a good quality product, but they want perfect packaging as well.

 Therefore, TheProductBoxes use various exciting customizations to make the waffle cone’s paper sleeves appealing and aesthetic. As a result, these beautifully designed sleeves increase the demand for your products in the market, helping you generate greater profits.

Profitable strategy for brand recognition

Nowadays, every brand is searching for a way to promote its brand and boost sales. However, it can be done perfectly with the help of packaging. In order to reach the maximum potential audience and increase your brand’s popularity, you have to make your products stand out from the rest. Thus, our outstanding sleeve boxes help you to promote your products in the best way possible.

Custom sleeves help to maintain cleanliness.

Another amazing feature of custom sleeves is that they maintain cleanliness while consumers are enjoying their favorite ice creams. TheProductBoxes provide their customers with durable sleeves which are strong enough to stop the ice cream from melting and dripping. These sleeves are an ideal solution for all these problems.

Use Of “Transparent Sheets” An Additional Way To Secure Your Custom Sleeves

We are aware that when the ice cream melts, it may damage the cone sleeve as well. Therefore TheProductBoxes provide you with another option to add a transparent sheet over the cone sleeves helps to protect them from any outside harm.


Furthermore, by using these transparent sheets, you can increase the strength and durability of custom printed cone sleeves, making them beneficial for a longer period. Besides that, they make the cone sleeves appear more impressive and stylish. 

Not only this, but it can also impact ice cream lovers significantly, which helps you in effective branding.

Use Different Printing Options For Attractive Custom Cone Sleeves

Along with the good quality, the beauty of the custom food packaging is necessary. The ice creams are always vibrant and give us a refreshing feel. Therefore, people tend to attract those ice cream sleeves that instantly grab their attention with their unique design and attractive appearance.

There’s high competition in the market due to the huge demand for ice creams; everyone wants to make their product look different yet prominent. TheProductBoxes provide you with various printing options to make your ice cream sleeves look mesmerizing. 

Printing the product boxes with interesting titles, captions, logos, or taglines will increase your company’s worth and sales and help people recognize your brand in many others. The printing methods we provide are;

  1. Digital printing
  2. Off/on set printing
  3. flexography

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