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Top 10 Quotes To Inspire Your Custom Lotion Packaging

You might think that the title doesn’t really make sense because how can there be quotes about boxes, but guess what? We cleverly got ahold of 10 quotes about custom printed lotion packaging boxes that you haven’t heard before. So, without further ado, let’s dig into the interesting quotes that we have for you.

What Is A Box?

As per Wikipedia, a box is defined as a thick and resilient container used for storing different products. A box is certainly useful in protecting your products along with enhancing their lifetime. So, it can be said that a box is meant to safeguard what’s encased in it.

What Is Lotion Packaging?

Lotion packaging can be described as a box or packaging used to enclose lotions. It also helps boost the sales, multiplying the revenue, protecting the lotions, bringing in more customers, and enhancing your brand’s reputation in the market, a win-win situation.

An Insight Into Lotion Packaging:

Taking you back to the days when lotions weren’t such a common commodity because they are nothing less than a staple today.

The earliest evidence for lotions can be tracked to as far as 3000B.C when lotions were made of all-natural ingredients like animal fats, honey, and different essential oils. The ancient Egyptians considered lotions as requisites for skincare because they were pretty fond of taking care of their skin.

Just as the ancient Egyptians made lotions for the first time, they also made the first lotion bottles. The bottles weren’t plastic but wooden to keep the lotions safe from sunlight. Other than lotions, they used several other products like beeswax, olive oil, and mashed-up bread to keep their skin moisturized.

And obviously, with time and evolution, lotions have had an entire face-lift over the years.

The Need For Lotions & Lotion Packaging Today

As mentioned earlier, lotions are of utmost importance because they help keep the skin moisturized, but with time, the lotions have changed along with their packaging. Previously, lotions were made at homes with little to no shelf life, but today, the shelf life of every lotion is at least a year.

However, nowadays, lotions are made with preservatives that can add to the shelf life and make them last longer. Over the years, various skincare brands have emerged, bringing in their own lines of skin care products along with lotions making skincare a necessity.

In times like these where pollution has entirely shifted our lifestyles, it is vital to keep up with it. For that reason, using products like lotions help secure the skin from irritants caused by pollution. So, using a lotion with all the necessary attributes is essential because you never know what your skin is missing out on.

The Quotes:

Boxes have been a mandatory part of the packaging industry for decades, but why did no one think of quotes about boxes or for boxes? Well, it’s alright, because we did the job for you.

Here are 11 different quotes and a little something about them to make them more understandable.

1. There Is A Little Bit Magic In Every Box

Who would ever disagree with this quote?

Every box is curated for a new target audience with different materials, customizations, and styles, so it’s not wrong to say that there is a little bit of magic in every box, isn’t it?

Along with that, whenever you purchase a custom lotion box, it has innovation and all the new stuff, which is magic, of course. Imagine getting a new lotion but with the same stuff inside; how boring, no? this is why the packaging companies offer exclusivity for you.

2. Every Box Is A Book Of Ideas

Oh yes, it really is.

If you own a startup or a box-making business, at some point, you need some new ideas, and what’s better than buying from competitors? So, when you buy from a competitor, you don’t only see a box but a book with a plethora of ideas for you.

3. Enough Small Empty Boxes Thrown Into A Big Empty Box Fill It, Full

Adding in smaller freebies for customers is a great way of offering value for their purchases. You can put in some stickers, smaller boxes, or even colorful crepe paper just to give it a pop of color.

4. The Sharpest Tools In The Box Are Not Always The Best Tools For The Job

We often see subscription custom lotion packaging boxes with different products inside, either mask, hand creams, or a tiny perfume sample, just to give customers a range of products to try from because you never know what they need.

5. Without Inspiration, We Are All Like A Box Of Matches That Will Never Be Lit

As mentioned earlier, to make a box, you need some inspiration because, without inspiration, we are like a box of matches that will never be lit. So do you want your boxes to be of the same category? If not, make your personalized lotion boxes worthy of being the trendsetters.

6. A Box Without Hinges, Key Or Lid, Yet Golden Treasure Inside Is Hid

Have you ever seen a lotion box with a key, a hinge, or a lid?

Seeing a lotion box with a lid is possible but not with the other two things, but it still intrigues customers no matter what. Lotion packaging has all the perfect gifts for you inside.

7. Pay Attention Don’t Let Life Go By You, Fall In Love With The Back Of Your Lotion Boxes

A box with just the right amount of information is all that you need to pique your customers’ interests. So print ample useful information to make it easier for your customers.

8. We Will Make Our Products Work Out Of The Box

Who doesn’t like their boxes being state-of-the-art? Everyone does. Well, that is exactly why you also need to make your custom cosmetic boxes look mesmerizing enough to be bought.

9. Most People Don’t Even Know What Lotion They Buy, They Just Recognize The Box On The Shelf

We have all been guilty of this at some point in our life!

10. I Buy A Lot Of Lotions, Some Of Which I Never Take Out Of The Box!

Hoarding custom lotion boxes but never using them! Hmm, sounds like a typical woman.

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