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Unique Retail-Ready Custom Candle Boxes And Choosing Add-Ons For Them!

Candles are a luxury product meant to enhance the mood of any room. They add a magical presence by impacting the visual and the olfactory senses. As these products offer a premium experience, their packaging must offer the same. Custom candle boxes must provide a preview of the experience that the customers will have when lighting up the candles. 

Customizing the candle boxes can help you do that. However, understanding the different factors of retail-ready packaging will help you make incredible custom candle boxes for retail stores.

Retail Ready Packaging And Its Importance

When making retail-ready packaging, it is important to consider this packaging. Retail-ready boxes need to be able to attract customers from afar. Furthermore, they are made considering the display shelves. Hence, you should pay close attention to the retail shelf space too. 

The vast number of supermarket spaces around the world allows many brands to display their products. To stand out from the sea of competition, brands design their retail packaging to look unique. That being said, there are a few parameters that every retail packaging must follow.

These factors help provide a guideline to successful retail packaging solutions. They are as follows:

  • Retail packaging must be noticeable easily.
  • The customers shouldn’t require extra tools when opening retail boxes.
  • The packaging shape should be simple enough such that the employees can easily stock the retail shelves. Likewise, the customers should be able to take the boxes from the retail shelves with ease too.
  • The customers shouldn’t face much hassle when disposing of or recycling the retail boxes.

If you are a brand that is creating bulk orders or e-commerce packaging, the factors mentioned above will help you differentiate your packaging. For example, your e-commerce packaging doesn’t have to be eye-catching as it is not stacked next to your competitors’ products. 

How To Make Unique Custom Candle Boxes

Now that we know more about retail-ready packaging let’s move towards the different factors that help you create custom candle packaging that can bewilder the customers. 

There are many options in the packaging industry that can help you out. These might include anything from packaging materials with a smooth surface to the printing techniques and color models that help you decorate the packaging with custom prints. 

However, one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make distinct custom candle boxes is to incorporate add-ons into your packaging designs.

Let’s look at the different add-on options separately.

Add-Ons For Custom Candle Boxes

Add-ons are features that can help change the texture of your candle boxes. These look attractive and help you add unmatched exclusivity to the packaging. Thus, these extra features can be an ideal option to make custom candle packaging for retail shelves. 

You can choose from many different add-ons. We have listed some of the trendiest ones used in the packaging industry below.

  • Embossing/ Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Foil Stamping
  • Window Patching

Let’s see how these add-ons can add a spark to your custom candle boxes.


If you want to raise (emboss) or sink (deboss) the silhouette of any design onto the packaging, this add-on can help you out. It works by compressing the packaging material between two dies.

Furthermore, this add-on allows you to create a unique touchpoint on the packaging. Thus, it can help hook your customers’ attention when they run their fingers over your packaging. 

Spot UV

Unlike the UV finishing coat, spot UV affects a particular part of the boxes. It helps create a raised-ink effect by covering the printed colors with a cured fluid. The ultraviolet light helps cure the fluid per your design. 

Apart from creating a raised, smooth, clear surface, this add-on helps protect the printed colors against moisture and environmental wear and tear.

Foil Stamping

This add-on is also known as hot stamping. It helps you cover parts of the packaging with a thin foil. Thus, it can be an ideal option for brands looking to highlight specific edges of their design to make them pop out. 

The foil is attached to the surface using heat and pressure. Furthermore, some manufacturers offer the option of modifying the foil to exhibit eye-catching effects such as matte, glossy, holographic, and metallic.

Window Patching 

Customers greatly appreciate retail packaging that allows them to view the products inside the packaging before purchasing it. Window patching allows you to create such custom candle boxes. 

This add-on entails creating a die-cut and then covering that space with a clear plastic sheet. The transparency of this sheet allows customers to check the state of the products. At the same time, the strength of the sheet allows the packaging to remain intact. 

Add-ons can help take your retail candle packaging to the next level. Furthermore, using add-ons can help you create brand-exclusive designs. 

Moreover, you have the option to combine different add-ons in the same design. Thus, you can create various designs that can help cater to the products in your catalog.

Whether you are looking to create classy 2-piece candle boxes or wholesale candle boxes that make the customers turn their heads, incorporating add-ons is an effective way to make your packaging stand out.

If you are designing your next retail-ready custom candle packaging, it will help if you focus on some important questions. These questions can be related to the shelf space, your product’s packaging requirements, the custom prints, and of course, which add-ons you should use to make the packaging leagues above the rest of the competition. 

The Product Boxes understands the factors that go into making the best retail-ready packaging for your candles. So why not trust a packaging manufacturer that can help you create custom candle packaging valued by consumers and sought after by retailers? 

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