what is a dieline

What is a Dieline? How dieline makes flawless packaging?

Dieline is defined as the basic layout of design and packaging. The designing experts utilize this method to create a pattern that shows the markings of cutting and folding a packaging box. This layout is made to ensure that the physical package is completed perfectly. In other words, we can call it a map for packaging boxes. Dielines for boxes create a highlight so that the designers visualize the exact design for your packaging.

It is a flat construction of the overall package that guides how to fold the boxes correctly. It highlights essential aspects like fold, bleed, crease, and cut lines. This blueprint allows the die-cut and printing machines to know exactly where to work. The use of packaging dieline templates makes the packaging process convenient. It ensures that the boxes have a perfect finish.

Dielines for boxes

How to create a successful dieline packaging?

To create a successful dieline packaging, you must keep the following in check.

Size of the box

It would help if you had an idea of the dimensions and size required for packaging a specific product. The packaging should be of the ideal size so that the product fits in perfectly. Choose a standard size so that your printing and die-cutting machines can work perfectly. As a packaging producer, you must make sure that the size is perfect for adding in all the details and brand logos of the product.

Material for packaging

The product owner’s choice regarding the packaging material matters a lot. But for proper dieline packaging, you must ensure that the packaging material is strong enough to support the product’s weight. You must keep in mind the shipment and safety requirements. Moreover, you also need to work with eco-friendly materials and create sturdy dieline packaging.

dieline packaging

What are the components of dielines?

There are various components of dielines for boxes, each of which has significance. 

  • Cut lines are a road map for the die-cutting machine. They instruct the machine where to cut the packaging boxes.
  • Fold lines make up the overall shape of your packaging box. They provide a guideline for where to fold and construct the particular package.
  • Glue tabs show where you should apply the adhesive and join the two parts of the box together.
  • Bleed lines are helpful to provide the space for accidental movement during printing or cutting to avoid any form of imperfectness in packaging.
  • Crease lines also provide the boundary for packaging.
  • Safety lines indicate the additional space left just in case to reverse or protect from harm during the packaging setup.

What is dieline in printing?

What is dieline in printing, and how is it used? We utilize Dieline printing to create custom packaging boxes, ensuring proper consistency. In artworks and graphics, experts use dielines to generate print plates. These print plates act as a layout for the printers. The printers work transferring your design onto the package. 

Dieline, in printing, creates original and customized designs according to every product. The print is made using print plates on materials like card stock, corrugated and rigid sheets. After the printing is completed, the die-cutting machines cut the die-cut boxes accordingly. 

How to create a dieline in illustrator?

An illustrator can help you create a perfect dieline for your packaging. Designers develop the designs as vector arts on computers. It is because computers work to describe lines mathematically. The graphic designer needs to be very careful in putting down the specifications to construct a dieline. It is better to have a hard copy of the prototype before finalizing the dieline.

dieline in illustrator

Using adobe illustrator, you can create the perfect dielines using any software. A prevalent graphic designing tool, InDesign is preferable for artwork. You can save it as a PDF file and open it with Adobe Illustrator. The following steps can help you out.

  1. Set the color mode to CMYK. Go to ‘File’, select the ‘document’ and choose the color mode as ‘CMYK’.
  2. If you opt to create a spot color Swatch, then go to ‘Windows’, select ‘swatch libraries’ and then ‘color books. 
  3. Select Pantone + Solid coated.
  4. Now your color Swatch window appears. Scroll down to see the color you want to add to the swatches. 

You cannot work with Adobe Photoshop to create dieline packaging designs. It is because your final work should be vector art. Vector art is based upon mathematical calculations and is easy for printers to understand. Vector images are better because you can change the size depending upon requirements. Furthermore, it ensures that you can easily print any pattern of any size.

It would help if you kept in mind that specifications are prime importance in creating the right packaging box size. Print a hard copy before selecting a final dieline for bulk printing and cutting. This method is all about is how to create a dieline in illustrator.

What are the essential requirements of dielines?

While generating a dieline for any type of product, you must fulfil these requirements. 

Leave space for safety requirements.

Some products like toys, candles, soaps, cigarettes etc., need safety instructions. When creating a dieline, make sure you leave space for printing essential safety requirements. The packaging company is bound to inform the customers if something is flammable, breakable, or has a choking hazard. 


Do not forget to add brand logos and labels. The designers should mention precisely where and how should the brand logos be printed. Dieline allows you to make customized boxes per the brands’ requirements.

Special manufacturer requirements

Manufacturers selling different colors, sizes, or shapes of products prefer to write some specific points to demonstrate their products separately. If your client wants to illustrate particular requirements, you must provide proper space on the package.

Ingredients or components table

Ingredients or components table is a requirement for every product. You must mention the dimensions of the table and the font size to ensure that it gets printed the right way. Moreover, FDA regulates you to print nutrition tables on food items.

Usage instructions

Almost all of the products require usage instructions. Manufacturers want you to print instructions about their products on how to use them and for the intended product. Furthermore, it leads to better customer engagement.

dieline in printing

What are the uses of dieline in printing?

Packaging dieline templates hold prime importance. The quality of your packaging is directly dependent upon the dieline. 

  • Firstly it gives you an idea of how the final product would look.
  • It marks the proper shape and dimensions to ensure smooth printing and die-cutting.
  • Dieline makes the whole process of printing packaging boxes professional and convenient.
  • It marks the space for printing brand logos, product descriptions, warnings, and packaging information.

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