Classy ways to Transform your Custom Pillow Boxes

We at TheProductBoxes provide you with incredible kraft pillow boxes at extraordinary costs with brilliant plan support. Our company is situated in the USA. However, our custom boxes are an ideal method for you to accomplish the objectives of the market. 

Also, we proffer magnificent boxes as indicated by you. Moreover, we have packaging specialists in our company to give you wonderful boxes according to your requirements.

Pillow packaging is an amazing style which can be utilized to encase your various kind of products. You can utilize pillow-style boxes for various kinds of occasions, such as for merry occasions like Christmas, birthday occasions, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. However, there is various kind of pillow packaging which we offer.

You can also select multi-shaded custom pillow boxes, which can be altered according to your choice. Moreover, you can show your great love by decorating your pillow packaging. The pillow style looks wonderful for special occasions. You can go on adding your logos to the pillow packaging. So, as an outcome, your pillow packaging will exhibit your brand image within the market.

Adopt these classy ways to transform your custom printed pillow boxes:

Look for the Sturdy Material

The material surely changes the outlook of the pillow packaging. Therefore, the material is the base of the box. So, always look for durable material. Our packaging company provides you elegant manufacturing techniques for manufacturing your pillow packaging. So, go for hiring our services. There are few popular materials which we offer:

Kraft Material

Kraft paper is a budget-friendly packaging material for every type of manufacturer out there. However, if you are manufacturing any kind of good, you can simply avail yourself of the kraft material for your pillow packaging. There is an assortment of styles, sizes, shapes, and themes in kraft material which you can select. The kraft pillow boxes protect various kinds of products during the shipping process. 

  • Kraft is an environment-friendly material that prevents corrosion.     
  • Poly-coated Kraft paper assists in protecting your inside product from oil, moisture, and any kind of dirt that might happen during shipping. 
  • It is the most affordable material which can be recycled easily.

You can also attain kraft pillow boxes wholesale to encase your various kind of products such as jewelry, cosmetic products, and other kinds of accessories.

Corrugated Material

Corrugated boxes are a perfectly affordable packaging option. They don’t need high work costs or any expensive equipment for their manufacturing process. Aside from that, corrugated packaging is very easy to reuse. As well as being flexible, corrugated packaging is a profoundly modest alternative for various companies. However, they don’t need a portion of the high labor costs or even costly machinery for manufacturing processes. Don’t worry about the high cost.

You will not have any concerns with corrugated kraft pillow packaging regarding the high financial burden as they are economical. However, they’re cheap because they are not difficult to manufacture, and furthermore, they utilize renewable resources while building as compared to other materials. 

Rigid Material

Rigid boxes are quite sturdy paper-based boxes involving of high-thickness about 2-3mm chipboard, wrapped by decorative specialty paper. Additionally, you can use this rigid material in manufacturing pillow gift boxes. The following are rigid materials that we offer:

  • Grey Board
  • Grey Board White Back
  • Medium-density fiberboard
  • High density-fiberboard

Moreover, there are two types of rigid boxes the one is partial finish, and the second is full finish. You can avail of any kind of finish by availing our services.

Cardstock Material

The cardstock material boxes are light in weight and cost-effective as well. It is advantageous to use it as it is solid and lightweight. Moreover, while encasing your various kind of products in corrugated kraft pillow packaging, you don’t need to fret about the protection. 

The cardstock material provides good protection from adverse effects of the climate. Moreover, it accepts the printing methods gracefully. But you cannot utilize this material box for international shipments. Thus, perfect for local shipments.

Go for Adding Creativity

The packaging experts influence perfectly by utilizing the advanced additional features and styles to enhance the outlook of your white pillow boxes. However, this adds an exquisite factor to your various products. Further, there is a wide range of inventive options and abilities and diverse coat styles which you can add to your pillow packaging:

  • Lustrously Glossy Coating
  • Matte Coating
  • UV Coating
  • Varnish
  • Metallic
  • Pearlescent Coating
  • Soft Touch Coating
  • AQ Coating

These all above coating adds an attractive flair to the pillow packaging. Moreover, you can go for adding following features on the pillow style boxes specific to the product content:

  • Multi-color Strips
  • Bows
  • Bands
  • Handles 
  • Floral Imprints
  • Attractive Captions
  • Nice beads

Therefore, by adopting these above features, you can improve the outlook of the pillow packaging to make them look unique and engaging. 

Don’t miss the Charm of Special Features.

You can encase any kind of category product within the kraft pillow boxes bulk. However, the following are some of the custom features which you can add to the pillow packaging:

Custom Inserts

The custom inserts shield your products from various climatic harms. 

Custom Structure

You can entirely alter the designs custom-made according to your specifications with the help of our retail packaging company.

Unlimited Accessories

There are limitless choices of custom accessories like handles and buttons for you to pick.


There is a limitless choice of textured and shaded paper for you to browse.

Leather / Wooden

You can also texture your boxes with fastidiously created leather pillow packaging with the help of your selected packaging experts.

Custom Ribbons

There is a wide choice of extravagant custom ribbons available in our company, which you can select for your pillow packaging. 

Why Choose Our Service?

We at TheProductBoxes offer selective coatings and designs that won’t just make your pillow packaging stand apart from lay on the racks yet, additionally, make the clients buy the boxes more.

You can also decide to give your own design to our experts as our experts are talented enough to implement your design as it is. Moreover, if you can’t choose a design on your own, then leave the design to our packaging experts. They are talented enough to provide you with elegant graphical themes and designs.

We provide unique mockups for you and send free box samples to allow you to see the style. However, once you like the proposed design and box style, we change it into a genuine box. So, wait no more and contact us today to place your pillow custom box order.

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