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How do I create a box template? Top ways to create a box template easily

Whenever we think about packaging, it seems like only a box. But the time and energy required to create a specialized box template are unimaginable. It is more than just a box. A team of designers and printing experts work vigilantly to generate a unique package for multiple products. Those days are gone when the packaging was to cover the product. Now it is a proper marketing strategy. 

It is challenging for retailers and companies to have the proper packaging for all the products. Therefore, many companies have offered packaging services. Packaging is a way to communicate with buyers. The boxes tell them what’s inside. The brand logos and product information make these boxes different from the others. 

The packaging gives the products a unique identity. The desired shape, material, color, and style of the boxes not only create an apparent but a constructive difference. For instance, all the soaps are the same. The making process is similar. Then why do users go for alternative products? The reason behind it is the packaging and brand name. It convinces the buyers regarding the importance of one product over the other.

Variety of custom box templates

variety of custom box template

A custom box template exists in a variety of shapes and sizes. These templates create antiquity and boost your sales. 

We can generate thousands of boxes with some tinkering in the templates. The creation of any product box starts with a template. Remember that every company has a specific budget and requirements. The packaging box template should be compatible with the user’s needs.

How to make a box template?

Packaging templates are not so easy to deal with. They make a complex pattern. But, there are several methods you can use to create a box template. A simple way is dieline which allows you to create a 2D design and work on the directions to have a 3D model. Another approach is to make modifications to a pre-existing model. Thirdly, you can hire a package designing expert. The fourth way is to use the software available for creating a packaging template.

how to make a box template

Using online templates

There are many online templates available. You can pick one of them. However, there is a problem that someone else might be using the same. It does not create uniqueness. 

  • Die cut template is available online. All you need is to enter your dimensions. A free dieline appears in front of you. You can also choose a subscription plan which is reasonably economical.
  • Template maker gives you the blueprint for an irregular cardboard box template. Whatever the product is, you can have your particular box. 

online template

Hiring a packaging designer

There are many experienced designers in the industry. You can seek help from them. They create a unique packaging template within no time. However, you must give a chance to new talent for some fresh packaging ideas. They can boost your packaging company. 

These online platforms can help you hire a specialized person for the job.

Go with an agency

This method is suitable for people who are looking for massive packaging solutions. If you have a big budget, then this platform is preferable. A professional company can create an extravagant box template for you.


This platform has registered specialized packaging designers. You can ask them to show a sample template and hire someone professional. 



Behance, the software owned by Adobe, allows you to check out the different designer’s portfolios. You can see their works, expertise, and other details. Select someone who is offering the services you need.


Using a software

How to choose the best packaging design software? Converting a 2D design to a 3D model is undoubtedly very difficult. It requires careful work, and there is no room for error. But if you know technical work, it is preferable to use the software. With many software available, it is quite a difficult task. However, the following list can give you an idea. 


It provides all the services regarding packaging under one roof. The users can organize, develop and project cardboard box templates. It uses the product description, which minimizes the chance of error in designing and typing. Moreover, there are also exclusive communication tools. You can give access to your clients to view the templates. You can avail of the free trial before going for a subscription.


Illustrator and InDesign

This software is helpful if you want to work with multiple dimensions. They are the most potent designing tools by Adobe. Both are vector-based programs. However, they have a costly monthly subscription. They have a steep learning curve. You need to have a lot of technical knowledge to work with these. 

illustrator and indesign

Adobe Dimension

Adobe dimension creates 3D designs for boxes. Now you quickly form and edit realist images. You can choose from the mock templates, which is a time-saving option. Create computer-generated images instead of costly photo shoots. These are realistic 3D images. The best thing is that they can fix all sizes, shapes, and dimensions of the box without any changes in the quality. However, it still does not have many 3D-animation tools.

adobe dimension

Box it now

Boxitnow is an easy solution for those without a proper packaging background. It has the latest templates that you can modify according to your needs. You do not have to train for package designing. Box it now is suitable if you work at a low scale or are a newcomer to the packaging industry. Moreover, it has a drawback in that box template designs are very few.


The best part about Boxshot is that it has a lot of online tutorials. It has about 50 custom templates, but you can easily add your styles and shapes. Resultantly, you can create each box by sort uniquely. Download the files you have made. Also, designers can add relevant plug-ins. A monthly subscription is not much costly for this software. 


Kasemake Design Software

It is the best CAD packaging software and is a user-friendly option. Therefore, everyone can use it, either a beginner or an experienced designer. You can have 2D and 3d models. This software provides realistic packaging images. Plus, you can also make animated boxes. Multiple companies use it to make packaging. Freelancers widely use the software. Moreover, the premium organization and work saver options help to maintain a workflow. Kasemake has an attractive interface, and users can modify the toolbar conveniently. 


This software develops 3D models for packaging like corrugated and cardstock boxes. There are many templates available in the library. They are easily editable. 

Even a small change can create uniqueness in the packaging template. These templates are suitable for 3D models and designs. This software is helpful even for those who are not much experienced with designing. 



It is not impossible to create a box template. There are a variety of options, even if you are a beginner. You will find the exact template with your size and dimensions.

A little up gradation can change the outlook of the boxes. The packaging business is very profitable. There is a very high chance that you can make your mark in the market. A perfect template showcases your packaging entirely.

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