Incredible Custom Hair Extension Boxes To Escalate The Sale Of Your Hair Extensions

The Rapidly Spreading Trend Of Hair Extensions:

The trend of the length of the hair changes after a short time. Moreover, as you all know that women are obsessed with the adaptation of every new trend. Such as they also want to adopt the trend of hair transformation. 

Furthermore, if any woman has long hairs but wants to transform them into shorter ones without cutting them, then the best option is hair extensions.

Moreover, if any woman has short hair but wants to transform them into long ones, then the same solution means hair extension. Hair extensions are in high use.

Definite Protection Of Hair Extensions:

Now, if the discussion is about the safety of the hair extensions, then there should be such packaging that will keep them safe from getting damaged. The companies are making these hair extensions and searching for such a packaging brand that will help them find the best packaging solution for their hair extensions. 

Additionally, most companies are offering the best packaging options for the safety of hair extensions. The options include the Custom Hair Extension Boxes. This is the best option to keep your hair extensions secured. This packaging has all the compulsory features that hair extensions need, and the sellers look for their hair extensions.

Excellent Features Of The Hair Extension Boxes:

Custom Hair Extension Packaging boxes have incredible features that give safety to your hair extensions and help a lot in the high demand for your hair extensions. 

Moreover, these features include reliable manufacturing styles, innovative packaging styles, and impressive add-ons. These add-ons have different options like colors, foiling, embossing, debossing, and window patch. Additionally, the brands that are making the hair extensions can get profit through the help of these add-ons. 

Like, these add-ons will give an impressive look to the box. Additionally, the box is the first thing that the customer will see. Furthermore, the customer will be curious after noticing that the packaging is such impressive than how much the inside hair extensions will be. 

Therefore, these boxes help the hair extension brands to enjoy the best profit with the ultimate fame.

Promote The Brand With The Help Of Printings:

There is one more plus point of these Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale, and that is the printings. Indeed, printing is the best way to personalize the packaging. The hair extension brands can use it in two ways. 

One is to help out the customers by printing the use and the pros of the product, and the second thing is to promote the brand by printing the impressive stuff related to the brand. For printing purposes, there are different printing techniques with various rates. So, the choice is all of the packaging buyers which printing technique they want and can easily afford.

Customer’s Satisfaction A Reward For The Sellers:

The satisfaction of the customers matters a lot. Therefore, the packaging brands have a fully trained staff that will help you get to know more about the Cosmetic Boxes. The satisfied response matters a lot for them, and they take a satisfactory response as the reward.

Contributive Manufacturing Styles:

There are two main manufacturing styles of the boxes that are commonly in use in the boxes’ industry:

  • Gluing
  • Die-Cut


This process, as clear by the name, has the use of glue in it. Furthermore, this method is done in such a way that the adhesives are used to attach the flaps of the boxes. The boxes that are made from this process come in the assembled form. Their shipment is slightly difficult because there is a risk of the box collapsing.


This is the most helpful manufacturing style. This style makes assembling very easy. Moreover, this method is done with the help of creases and cuts on the flaps. The creased area of the flap gets into the cuts and gives the final assembled look to the box. These boxes come in non-assembled form, and you have to put in little effort to assemble the box.

Convincing Boxes Styles:

There are the following packaging styles of the boxes that are used for The Product Boxes:

  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Two-piece boxes

Tuck-end Boxes:

This is the style of the box that comes with the flaps and panel. Moreover, this type has four different types. These are reverse, straight, sealed, and auto-locked. These all are the same, but the setting of the flaps is different. Furthermore, this style has different flaps and panels that get together and give a final look.

Sleeve Boxes:

Besides, the sleeve box style consists of two parts. One is the part that carries the product, and the other one is the lid of the first one. Moreover, the two parts of the boxes separate in the slideway when you open the box.

Two-Piece Boxes:

Two-piece, as cleared by the name, has two parts. One part is the lid of the other part. In one part, you keep the thing and cover it with the help of the second part. Additionally, when you open the box, these two parts separate, and when you close the box, these two parts get together.

Impressive Add-Ons Detail:

The add-ons are following that you can use for your Custom Hair Extension Boxes:

  • Colors
  • Foiling


Colors have two schemes, and both of them have a huge range of pigmented colors. Furthermore, the two schemes are PMS and CMYK. 

These both are different in the range of the shades plus in the prices. The CMYK is light on a budget but has limited shades of colors. As compared to this, the PMS is heavy on the budget but has a vast range of shades.


This is the shimmery addition to the box. If you want to grasp the customers’ attention towards your boxes, the best choice is to add the foiling. This foiling has two different ranges, one is gold and the other one silver. 

These both are very helpful to divert the attention of the customers. Additionally, there is one more type of foiling that is recently added: the rose gold foiling.

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