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Pump Up Your Packaging Game With These 12 Box Design Ideas

You might not have realized it, but if you ship or display your items in a cardboard box, you’re already ahead of the competition. That’s right; people really love cardboard these days.

According to Ipsos:

  • Three-quarters of surveyors said they would rather buy products whose packaging is paper or cardboard.
  • Furthermore, two-thirds of the Ipsos participants claimed that merchandise with those materials seems luxurious or high quality.

Lastly, WestRock discovered that 66% percent of their study takers attempted something unfamiliar due to attractive packaging

In other words, don’t forget about the importance of box design! This blog post will discuss creative box design ideas and more, so let’s get started!

Make a Design Plan for Your Box

Now that you comprehend the vital functions of a box, it’s time to generate a design plan. Asking yourself these questions will assist you in formulating your plan for creating best packaging boxes:

Make a Design Plan for Your Box

Who Is Your Target Audience?

You probably have an optimum customer in mind when you sell products or services. Who are you trying to attract? Consider the demographics of your target market, for example, the ages of your customers, their income level, where they live geographically, and what is important to them.

Your product packaging directly reflects your brand, so it is important to ensure that the two are cohesive. This is particularly essential if you target a specific demographic, such as millennials or eco-conscious customers.

What Are You Selling?

The size, shape, and thickness of boxes vary, so to find the perfect one (or one), you should clearly understand what items will go inside.

The weight and size of your items will greatly impact the type of box you choose. For example, heavier objects might need to go in reinforced boxes, while lighter, smaller things can be packed into thinner carton boxes.

Another thing you must think about is if the items are delicate. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a stained glass piece in an un-sturdy, unpadded box. Just like that, it would be counterproductive to get double-wall corrugated boxes if all you ever pack are socks.

Though it may be tough for some companies to get away with using only one size box because they sell products of many sizes and shapes, you should consider whether more than one product can fit in the same box. Even if you only sell one type of product, multiple units could be packed together in the same container.

Not only do boxes play a role in your marketing strategy, but you also want to be consistent with their design across all your channels. This includes everything from your website and social media accounts to the retail packaging of your product. Think about it – sometimes, a box is a customer’s first interaction with what you’re selling. Therefore, it’s important that the design correctly reflects both you and your products to achieve optimal results.

Understand Some Basic Design Rules

While you certainly don’t want your box packaging design to be a clone of another company, there’s nothing wrong with learning from what has worked (and not worked) for others. With that in mind, here are a few tried and true design tips to help you get started:

Typography Is An Art – Treat It Like One!

You’ve likely seen a box with no words on it before. They aren’t too common, but they do exist. Most product boxes include some form of typography – the arrangement of letters and words. This can include things like font size and style choices.

Typography Is An Art – Treat It Like One!

Although it may be tempting to get experimental with your font selections, bear in mind that you want your text to be both attractively displayed and easy to read. Refrain from going overboard by incorporating too many disparate fonts, as this will only appear cluttered and obscure your message. Remember, creative box packaging relies heavily on legible typography!

Color Matters

Colour is a vital tool in marketing your products – studies have revealed that it can increase brand recognition by 80%, and 85% of shoppers say that color was one of the main reasons they bought a particular product. So by choosing the right colors for your branding, packaging, and advertising, you could see boosted sales and increased customer loyalty.

Some colors are icons in and of themselves. For example, the rich blue associated with Tiffany & Co. is so iconic that the mere mention of the color automatically brings to mind thoughts of luxury. In fact, “Tiffany Blue” is a trademarked color belonging to the company.

Remember that not every company has a signature color, but established brands know that particular colors represent specific moods. Therefore, you’ll want the colors of your box to radiate the feeling you’re going for. 

As general advice, choose darker colors if you’d rather display a more composed, professional image; lighter colors and pastels give off the illusion of cleanliness and youthfulness and be used for cute box packaging ideas or select bright, bold hues to grab attention.

Keep Things To A Minimum

Having a focal point is key. Too many fonts, colors, and random graphics will only clutter your page and confuse your reader. You want your design elements to work together, not against each other. Leave some space so that everything isn’t crammed together.

Although design rules are not always black and white, it is crucial to see things from your customer’s perspectives. Get to know your target market and what aesthetic will speak to them. Meeting your customers’ needs should be at the forefront of any business – including box design!

Always Pay Attention to Quality

Consider the material of your packaging. Although it might be cheaper to use low-quality paper, does that send the best message for your product?

No, if you want to make a lasting impression. Consider the items you are selling and market your boxes to match the quality of those goods. Individuals who spend a lot on something anticipate receiving it in an incredible box.

If your budget allows, use high-resolution graphics for a clean look. Blurry or pixelated images can give off the wrong impression.

Getting Professional Help Is Always A Good Idea

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask a friend or family member for their opinion on your design, or hire a professional. Box templates (known as dielines) can usually be found online, and many designers fit any budget and would be happy to help you create an eye-catching box design.

If you need support designing your boxes, the graphic designers at The Product Boxes are more than happy to help. We’ll work with you to create a look that perfectly represents your brand and appeals to your target audience. Contact us today for a free quote on your custom box packaging needs.

12 Box Design Ideas You Can Adapt for Your Packaging

Now that you have a plan and some basic design knowledge, it’s time to get creative. Check out these eye-catching box design ideas for inspiration.

Box Design Idea 1 – Narrate A Story

Studies show that customers are likelier to buy from businesses they have a personal connection with. You can introduce yourself and tell your story to develop rapport with potential customers. This will help them connect with you more personally, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when they need your product or service.

Organic breakfast cereal company Kashi needed a marketing edge, so in 2016 they introduced “stories” on the backs of their boxes. With full-color photographs and explanations of how the food was made and where it came from, these little vignettes highlighted real people involved in the process, such as farmers and millers.

Kashi smartly included a link to their website on the back of the cereal box, where curious consumers could watch a more comprehensive video clip about the topic.

Box Design Idea 2 – Use Patterns

You can experiment with different patterns on your product packaging to add visual interest. Some popular choices include chevrons, stripes, polka dots, and herringbone. You can use them alone or in combination with other pictures. This is great if you’re brainstorming for mailer box design ideas.

Box Design Idea

Box Design Idea 3 – Use All Available Space

When you brand your boxes with custom graphics, sayings, or information about your company, you’re getting more than just one side. You’re essentially branding the entirety of the box itself – talk about making a statement!

Lifestyle brand FabFitFun’s subscription box designs are so popular on Instagram and YouTube because they constantly experiment with new seasonal designs, utilizing bright colors and graphics to stand out. Not to mention, they use the entire box – inside and out!

Box Design Idea 4 – Keep it Simple

The Dutch company Slopes & Town sells sustainable accessories, such as belts and socks made from bamboo fibers and recycled plastic. They are very minimalistic with their mantra, which also extends to their eco-friendly packaging – usually made out of Kraft paper.

You can tell that they value customer satisfaction because everything comes in custom boxes without any excess wasted materials.

Box Design Idea 5 – Don’t Forget the Inner Sections

Not only does Tait Design Company’s Turbo Flyer come in a storage box that also serves as a carrying case, but all the pieces of the balsa airplane model kit fit snugly inside.

This means you can stow it away in your closet or take it to the park without worrying about losing any parts. So when you’re focusing on paper box packaging design, don’t forget about the inner sections. 

Box Design Idea 6 – Use an Interesting Shape

Although most boxes are cuboids for the practicality of transporting and storing them, there is no reason boxes cannot be any shape. Try experimenting with different shapes for your products.

Box Design Idea 7 – Remember Your Product

Keep your product in your mind when designing boxes and packaging. For example, Australian company Young Willow specializes in stylish, high-end baby gifts such as clothing, bibs, books, and little toys. Consequently, their box reflects this aesthetic with a sleek design.

A quick look at their website shows you the sophisticated image they are going for. You won’t find any flashy primary colors here – everything looks soft and subtle, including their boxes.

Add a Packaging Sleeve

Baby showers are a huge deal, and what better way to make the gift-giving experience more memorable for the mother-to-be than presenting your present in an exquisite box? Young Willow’s gift boxes are so lovely that they offer them as stand-alone items on their website.

The packaging boxes are available in many soft colors, such as lavender, green, and pink pastels. The name of the brand is embossed on top of the box. Upon opening it, you’ll notice that the inside continues with the same muted color scheme. This ensures that customers will want to hold onto the box instead of tossing it into the recycling bin.

Box Design Idea 8 – Add Some Fun

A little light-heartedness can go a long way, depending on what you’re selling. Thelma’s knows this and has fun with their cookie boxes. After all, who doesn’t love cookies? Especially when they come in such adorable packaging!

Instead of choosing the popular yet forgettable option of packing their cookies in a pink pastry box, they went for something more distinct – an oven box. Now THAT’S an experience the customers won’t soon forget.

Box Design Idea 9 – Go Bold

Mid-century modern design is iconic, in large part due to industrial designers Ray and Charles Eames. The brand received many awards for its work and its furniture displayed in some of the world’s most famous museums.

Much thought went into the customized boxes housing a product as simple as children’s building blocks.

The Eames House Blocks come in a sleek box that embodies the brand of the Eames – sophisticated yet understated. The geometric shapes, and red and black contrasts, give the packaging a clean and modern look.

Box Design Idea 10 – Make it Gift-Worthy

Not only is the tea inside Tea box’s beautiful, custom-designed boxes delicious, but the box often becomes part of the gift. In cultures where tea drinking is a ritual, Tea box brings this experience into people’s homes with an assortment of gorgeous gift boxes. For example, upon opening one beautifully illustrated box, you would find two gourmet blends of Indian tea in glass vials nestled inside. The luxurious and creative design elevates the experience for whoever receives it as a present.

Box Design Idea 11 – Use a Single Bright Color

You can use one powerful color to make a statement, as Kong Box does with its monthly dog toys and treats shipments. Brilliant red boxes full of goodies for your pup are impossible to miss – and you’ll find the same striking hue throughout their website.

Box Design Idea 12 – Add a Packaging Sleeve

Some companies cut packaging costs by using a sleeve instead of a box, which is common for items like bars of soap or pairs of socks. However, others make the sleeve part of their custom box design.

Unlike other essential oil companies using similar packaging, Mother E Essential Oils stands out by changing its packaging sleeves to show different nature scenes. This not only looks more appealing to customers, but it’s also easier and cheaper to switch out than redesigning the entire box.

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